Two Arrested For North End Homicide

From public safety spokesman Kevin Coughlin:

Today, the Bridgeport Police Department announced the arrest of suspects — Mohamad Rahim (DOB: 5/30/91) of Jackson St in Ansonia and Jeremy Bratz (DOB: 4/12/90) of St. Michaels St. of Stratford — in connection with a recent homicide.

Click here for the mugshots of Rahim and Bratz:

The investigation revealed that the suspects approached Duhaney Watson at a gas station near the corner of Main St. and North Ave. at about 3:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 27, 2015.

The suspects confronted Mr. Watson, and for the purposes of purchasing heroin from him, proceeded to get in their car with him to transport to the point of purchase.

Once at the point of purchase — Mr. Watson’s home at 159 Charles St. — Mr. Rahim pulled a gun on him, and demanded that Mr. Watson hand over the drugs.

When Mr. Watson refused to hand the drugs over to him, Mr. Rahim shot the victim in the face.

Mr. Rahim then took an estimated $700 worth of heroin, ran out of the house, and got into the vehicle where Mr. Bratz was waiting for Mr. Rahim to drive away from the point of purchase.

The suspects drove to Ansonia, Conn., where they ditched the vehicle and had Mr. Rahim’s girlfriend — Cheryl Crencki — report the car stolen to police.

Mr. Rahim and Mr. Bratz have each confessed to their roles in the murder.

Since the arrest, Mr. Watson’s family expressed their gratitude to the Bridgeport Police Department for finding justice for the family.

Mr. Rahim and Mr. Bratz have been charged with felony murder and robbery, and they are both being held on $1,000,000 bond each.

Background: On September 27, 2015 at 8:20 a.m., firefighters and medical personnel responded to a call about a party found unresponsive near the corner of Charles St. and Main St.

Upon arrival, responders found one black male, Duhaney Watson, deceased from a gunshot wound.

Police officers and detectives were dispatched to the location and secured the crime scene.


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