Trump Flatterer J.R. Romano Quits State GOP Chairmanship

Trump sycophant J.R. Romano has stepped down as chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party six months before his term ends.

Most Republican candidates found digging a toe-hold during Romano’s tenure was met by cement. Many legislative incumbents collapsed under the weight of Trumpism and Romano’s unapologetic rejoinders on the president’s behalf in moderate Connecticut.

Several leading Republicans called for Romano’s resignation following arrest of Congressional candidate Thomas Gilmer over an alleged domestic assault that Republican insiders apparently knew about for months.

Then in November stiff party losses in the state legislature followed with Trump leading the ticket.

Romano’s a cocksure operative who catered to the Trump narrative the past four years that played well in parts of Connecticut such as The Valley geographic area but cratered in larger region Fairfield County loathe to the demagoguery where Republicans lost traditionally safe seats to Democrats.

Romano wrote in an email to party regulars:

“After much personal reflection, I am officially resigning my chairmanship. The decision is what’s best for the organization to move forward. It is time for a new voice to be heard from the Connecticut Republicans.”



      1. Denis, thats no problem, 45 was a Democrat and he took over the Republican Party.and Joel will be great wth helping to expand the membership for the Republican Party.

      1. It was really sad watching Chris Shays change his true cord believes as he became a big time follower of Newt Gingrich so he needed to be voted out. I was a big supporter of Chris Shays until he made that changed.

        Joel, here’s your big chance to be in leadership and provide advice on how the Republican Party can expand its membership, Joel your true values are those of the Republican Party.

  1. I have mixed feelings about JR leaving. He is a likable person and has many good qualities. I don’t fault him for supporting Trump. A problem is that many other Republicans failed to reasonably support Trump with him. In addition, there are too many state Republicans who fail to support the party causes both with advocacy and finances. Too many of the party are silent and fail to get past and deal with internal issues. I wish JR well.

    John Slater has some good qualities. However, before he should be considered for other State GOP office, he has some housecleaning to do with respect to the Bridgeport RTC. I refer to,

    – His failure to support disclosure of records for the 2017 Lincoln Day Dinner where there are unanswered discrepancies in the reported attendance which suggest that there may have been undisclosed complementary tickets given out to support John’s candidacy at that time to be the State GOP Vice Chairman,

    – His ordering and paying $750 for a table at a fundraiser using RTC funds where he did not have prior RTC approval and he failed to disclose that the organizer was a bank cliend of his, and

    – His pledger remorse where he had pledged $250 for a local church fundraiser, then thereafter regreted it and he then without prior disclosure to the RTC and approval, paid his personal pledge with RTC funds.

    I raised these issues, first with the RTC, with no responsive action, and then to the SEEC. The SEEC danced around the first one without squarely addressing the first, and then declined to address the next two with comment that they didn’t raise issues of state election law. Go figure! Well, they all continue to raise substantial legal and ethical issues. I’ve made multiple attempts to have the RTC address them. Without reasonable responses, I present them here!

  2. *** The best thing that can happen to the Ct. state republican party is Trump losing & this Ct. trump “lap-dog” stepping down. The entire republican party needs to re-invent itself cause Trump & “lap-dogs” that supported him have really weaken & labeled the entire party as a ignorant racist, power hungry, fascism minded, flag waving political party that’s not for all the people but for a chosen few. *** TIME FOR AMERICA TO WAKE-UP FROM THIS 4-YEAR, NIGHT-MARE! ***

    1. BINGO!!!!!!! Mojo, what is really sad is the fact that Connecticut Republican Party said NOTHING during the past 5 years from the time that 45 was running for President and the 4 years as President they just gt along to go along, they saw NOTHING and they didn’t hear anything wrong,

  3. *** The usual GOP, “heads in the sand” approach that many republicans used. See no-evil, hear no-evil & speak no-evil about the party! This type of fascism political thinking & approach can become very dangerous to the core of the democracy that american’s seem to take for granted in this day & age. A need for a refresher course for elementary, high school & pre-college students on the U.S constitution & American government & its 5-purposes of government is much needed in all schools in america to help understand just what this country has, that others don’t & we take for granted. *** TODAY IS MLK’s BIRTHDAY, WITH MLK-DAY BEING CELEBRATED THIS COMING, JAN. 18th 2021 *** WHICH MAKES ME WONDER ON JUST WHAT WOULD AMERICAN GREATS SAY ABOUT THE YEARS “2017 to 2021” SO FAR. LIKE LINCOLN, FDR, JFK, MLK, JOHN HENRY, HARRIET TUBMAN, MOLLY PITCHER, JOHN BROWN, DANIEL BOONE, DAVY CROCKETT, ETC…..***


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