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 Sunday October 21, 2018

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Tom Ganim To Deliver Turkeys To The Needy

November 16th, 2017 · 12 Comments · News and Events

Bridgeport attorney Tom Ganim will deliver 200 turkeys on Saturday to the needy in advance of Thanksgiving. He will donate 50 turkeys to St. Mary’s Church, 25 Sherman Street on Bridgeport’s East Side, as well as an additional 150 turkeys to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission, 1069 Connecticut Ave., which will then distribute them at the Webster Bank Arena.

“As we approach the holidays, it is time to remember those who may be facing financial difficulties and struggling to make ends meet,” says Ganim whose law offices are located on Main Street in Bridgeport’s North End.

“I will personally pass out these turkeys with the hope that this small gesture will make Thanksgiving Day a bit better for other families.”



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  • The Bridgeport Kid

    This turkey brought to you by pro bono.

  • Joel Gonzalez

    Breaking News:

    The Ganim Law Firm has delivered a box of Thanksgiving goodies, including a Nine (9) pound Turkey to The Bridgeport Kid. We’ve been informed that included in the box are tickets to a dance club where The Bridgeport Kid’s favorite music artist will perform his latest hit song. Here is the artist and the song:


  • Ron Mackey

    A turkey giving away a turkey.

  • Lisa Parziale

    Lennie Really???? Since when does an act or gesture of kindness get posted on OIB? I think that’s nice, but do you have any idea how many others are doing the same? Not only on holidays, but all year long. I was taught that generosity, sharing, charitable acts, etc, when given from the heart are usually anonymous. If you’re looking for print, Keeley and Phillips are back in Court today questioning the validity of the SHU students ballot addresses. The outcome will not affect the outcome of the election, but may stop this practice in the future. Now this is news that will lighten the minds of the honest politicians.

  • Jeff Kohut

    I think that the Galiformes Species Protection Act of 1975, and the blood-relatives/families of the donated turkeys may have a class action lawsuit here, in terms of violations of natural rights, family income loss, emotional suffering, and species discrimination under federal and state statue. I believe that the Zayas Law firm has been retained by the Fowler Family Foundation to pursue an injunction barring this donation pending a federal ruling on the violation of the 1985 Fouling of the non-migratory Fowl Act of 1975. This could go as far the Supreme Court and could have wide-ranging impacts on Turkey Stuffing as well as Bridgeport Absentee Ballot Stuffing… No doubt our brilliant CT AG Jepsen and US AG Sessions will be involved in preparations for Supreme Court actions here… No doubt, feathers will fly!

  • Bob

    Sounds like a scene from Denzel Washington’s movie “American Gangster” where he gives away turkeys during the holidays to keep the inhabitants happy and think highly of him.
    The turkey that should be given away is Tom’s brother, Little Joe.

  • Donald Day

    Lennie, I must agree with Lisa’s observations regarding the why of this post. Most people are taught that doing good is its own reward, why not Joe?

    • LennieGrimaldi

      DD, this is not about Joe. His brother is a lawyer who’s not at all involved in city government. I publish these types of articles to remind people that if they have friends/relatives in need they can contact the various agencies involved. I’ve done this on many occasions involving others, including uniformed services, trying to help the community. The Connecticut Post also published an item about it.

      • Ron Mackey

        Lennie, for years Donald Day would volunteer to deliver Thanksgiving food baskets (box) for the City’s Office of Disability to those in need. Don would pickup food from the food bank and drop bring it to City Hall and help pack those boxes then deliver them to those in need. I had would help but nowhere near the time and work of Don. Plus the Firebird Society would also make a financial donation toward those Thanksgiving food baskets.

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