To The Max–Lamont Nominates Medina To State Judgeship

Attorney and Bridgeport resident Max Medina, former long-time president of the Board of Education, is among 15 jurists Governor Ned Lamont is recommending appointment to the state bench, his first nominations since becoming governor in January 2019.

Medina is a partner at Bridgeport-based Zeldes, Needle & Cooper where he has worked since 1984 concentrating in areas of bankruptcy and commercial law. Fluent in Spanish, Medina has provided extensive pro bono legal services to moderate and low-income families.

He earned his undergraduate degree from Harvard University and law degree from New York University School of Law.

In 2003 Medina was a Democratic candidate for mayor in a large field. Party-backed John Fabrizi emerged as the winner in a tight race. Medina is not part of the Democratic party establishment, preferring to take on the city’s power structure. He’s a favorite among Democratic progressives.

His independence from the municipal party apparatus has led to his appointment as a court monitor overseeing compliance of municipal elections.

Lamont nominated 15 jurists, among 50 vacant positions, to be approved by the legislature.

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  1. In all seriousness, I couldn’t thank of anyone more deserving. He will not bend the rules but will show a significant amount compassion and empathy when called upon.
    It’s too bad Senator Gomes could not see this day. Even worse, is that he no longer was in the Senate and on the Judiciary Committee.
    He would not let another Senator say a bad word about his good friend Max. Or else he be inviting them outside to continue that conversation.

  2. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Medina. It’s a great nomination. I’ve had some one on one time and he is as humble as they come and always left me with something to think about. He just has a way of connecting with people

  3. Congratulations, Judge-to-be, Max Medina!!
    OIB has provided too many cameo articles subsequent to the deaths of some respected Bridgeport actors in the past year. The cameos were legitimate, but the passing of folks who were human and had acted with integrity and for social justice, left us often wishing for times past.
    Your nomination and community respect today are indications that trust and respect are due going forward. Perhaps you can enlist folks of good will and civic spirit by focusing on areas where public behavior has been kept “secret, to protect the guilty” or “opaque, to shield poor governance process”? Time will tell.


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