Time For A Brew, A Reluctant Voter Shares Thoughts About ‘Sad Day’

OIB reader Tricia McMann, like a number of voters loathing the election season, will hold her nose, cast a ballot and then do the only sensible thing under the circumstances, drink “a cold beer.” Stay thirsty, OIB friends.

In 22 days, millions of Americans will vote for the nation’s next president. However, all I can think is “Boy, what a sad day this will be.” At least that’s how I feel. I will vote but I will vote only because I feel as an American it is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, as I vote, I will do my best to keep depressing thoughts such as “I am choosing the lesser of two evils” as far away as possible from the left side of my brain.

Gone are the days of wanting to vote. The excitement and exhilaration that came with choosing a leader that you were proud of. A leader that represented this great country with pride and integrity. A leader that was classy, well spoken, fair minded, open-minded and educated. A leader like Ronald Reagan, a man who changed the political horizon by piloting a time that inscribed smaller government, tax cuts, and strong defense. A man who was unafraid to compromise or take advice from others. A man whose optimism and humor helped him portray a brighter future for Americans. A leader that loved and respected his wife and idolized other great leaders such as Franklin D. Roosevelt. Now doesn’t that speak volumes.

In a nutshell, you wanted to vote for this person. You were excited to vote for this person. You went to the polling booth with an eager skip in your step. You anticipated the great changes that were about to take place. Everyone had high hopes and big dreams. It didn’t matter what political party you represented because you were voting for a leader who represented the people, the American people.

Fast forward to 2016 with 22 days ticking like a bad alarm clock you cannot turn off or even put on snooze. We all know, unfortunately, too much about each candidate. I cannot even go out to dinner without hearing about which political party is corrupt, vile, narcissistic, dishonest, crooked or perverted. Words that would have never been used to represent a candidate back in the good ol’ days. I find myself getting sucked in and defending a party that I am no longer even proud of. I leave feeling empty, frustrated, annoyed and anxious about what the future holds for me and my children.

Here’s how I look at it. On November 9th, one unqualified or undeserving candidate is going to be very pleased, the next four years is futile and we will see no major changes to life as we currently know it. People will still live paycheck to paycheck, Congress will resume bickering over irrelevant issues and I will continue to scratch my head over how the tone of the election ever got to be so demeaning and divisive.

I will reluctantly vote. But after I do, I will go have a cold beer somewhere, an actual American tradition that I can count on to not sour anytime soon. I will close my eyes, take a deep breath and desperately try not to think “Boy, what a sad day this is.”



  1. We live in the greatest country on the planet, be grateful we have the right to choose whom we want to vote for. Yes, this is a record-breaker, but we’ll survive it. Thank God in Bridgeport we know how to survive. So go vote or not; it’ll be over in three weeks.

  2. There are some beautiful parts of this earth I have experienced in travel and some wonderful human beings. But for a variety of reasons I am always happy when I come home from a trip.The memories gathered allow me to understand why we can reasonably say the US is a great country, but sometimes those same memories keep me wondering how we might come to address the entire world in a more enlightened way as do a few other lands and people.

    Remember, the Presidential election is only one part of the choices available to voters this year. Make sure the folks who are closer to home are competent, trusted and accessible to you. They may end up being more important to you in the next two years than others you feel at the moment are more important. Time will tell.

    1. Not quite, Ron. Just looking for someone who can make the much-needed changes while doing it with composure and class. But since you brought it up, maybe I will order a sandwich with my beer and think of you while I enjoy it.

  3. I will still stand proud and happy when I cast my vote for the people I hope will represent and support what is in the best interest of the citizens of the United States of America.
    I don’t think there is anyone who has not said, “I am sick and tired of politicians and what they have done to our country.”

    It’s my opinion there are basically two choices for President of the Unites States, one represents Globalization and the other represents Nationalization. Everything else we hear the candidates say or do will not impact these two options.

    The MAJORITY vote will determine the direction our country will be going and we all will have to live with it for at least four years.


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