This Way To The John–Gomes Scores Potty Points On Behalf Of Female Angler

John Gomes with angler who wants to go potty.

If nothing else, opponent John Gomes has gone to school on Mayor Joe Ganim’s retail politicking hoping his tour de force leads to a royal flush.

In 2015, during the campaign that returned him to the mayoralty, Ganim often showed off his skill at scoring people points. There was a hole in a fence leading to the crime-plagued Trumbull Gardens housing project. Ganim did some handy patchwork to close the gap. It didn’t matter that the desperados broke through the fence again, Ganim had made a point: I got your back.

Ganim, Trumbull Gardens fence
2015: Ganim fixed a fence at Trumbull Gardens to deter perps. The patch job didn’t last long, but to residents he was doing something.

Every time incumbent Bill Finch talked about the lower crime rate in the face of another shooting, Ganim talked about conducting a vigil.

Gomes opens door to relief.

Gomes was often at Ganim’s side cheering him on. Gomes had worked for Finch and was shown the door. Gomes worked for Ganim and the same thing happened.

Gomes with champagne
2015: John Gomes celebrates with Ganim supporters election night.

Fast forward to 2023 and now Ganim’s former chief administrative officer has pounced on an opportunity in an attempt to pull off some Ganim magic. He’s crowing about the installation of a  porta potty at the fishing pier leading to Pleasure Beach after a female angler complained of no place to do her business.

Gomes featured her on his Facebook page.

“I’m gonna work with you until we get a porta potty there.”

No word on who was first to christen the new throne.



  1. Gomes is flattering Ganim.
    It’ll be difficult to copy the incumbent’s tactics and still win the primary.
    In other words, you can’t do what your opponent does and say I’m better.

  2. Ganim’s been in real estate his whole life.
    Here’s the rub:
    Mayor Ganim has just proved his ability to buy a house — invest thousands — and walk away with a profit.
    What about Bridgeport?
    Why isn’t the Mayor leading a Park City Renaissance based on his recent wise investments?
    If ever there was a property that could benefit from remodeling, it’s Bridgeport.
    Whatever happened to service before self?


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