This Cop Case Is Ugly

A number of high-profile lawyers have defendants in the police cover-up leading to a termination and suspensions. From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

A veteran police lieutenant was fired and four other officers were suspended up to a year without pay for conspiring to cover-up a drunk-driving hit-and-run crash involving one of the officers.

In a situation that can only be described as sordid, police officials said Lt. Christine Burns, a member of the police force for 13 years, conspired with three officers who worked under her in the midnight shift to cover up the crash involving her lover, Officer Peter Billings, whom she also supervised.

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  1. What’s going on in the PD? Just a while ago a female police officer assigned to investigate fires is arrested for hiring a person to burn her car, now this.
    You mean to tell me the higher-ups in the PD were unaware that this female LT and a patrolmen were lovers? Don’t you think one or both should have been transferred? I read the Post article which is longer than what is posted here and it stated that the LT and a few male officer were referred to as her boys.
    I personally think they all should have been fired not just the LT. They all conspired to commit multiple crimes. Harsh but necessary. What else have they been up to? This sounds like a rogue group within the PD. 99.9% of the police officer are good guys and do a good job.

    1. *** T/C it’s more like 90% good, 5% bad & 5% questionable, no? Let’s wait for all the facts on this one before it’s swept under the Police Commission’s rug! *** SOS ***

  2. And you wonder why people in urban cities do not like cops; they are the biggest crooks in urban areas. Urban cities to me hire the most unqualified cops period. This is a big deal. If they can cover up such a serious crime what else could Bpt cops be capable of? Isn’t this a felony? I’m a 100% supporter of cops but not nasty ones. Bpt cops have always had a sour image in my mind. If the Bpt police dept want to clean up their image look no further than Fairfield cops they are some of the most well trained cops I have seen and always used them to show the difference between Bridgeport cops and Fairfield cops. Bridgeport cops are rude and take forever to come to a call. TC you talking about Fairfield PD right? Because Bpt is like 80%.

      1. The only thing Don said that I’m doubtful about is that the cops in other places are different.

        It’s probably true that most cops, individually, are good people at heart (Don’s 80% seems like a good guess), but the job also attracts those who seek authority and respect when their character merits neither. Those poisonous characters–along with the “team blue!” attitude that makes the department turn a blind eye towards abusive activities–diminishes the trustworthiness of police everywhere in the system.

        If the police wanted to clean up their image, they’d identify that 20% (and another 10% of well-meaning idiots for good measure) and dispatch them to the private sector, where they can bag groceries or take fast-food orders instead of carrying a gun and enforcing our laws.

  3. Let’s start with the Police Commission. If Finch is so outraged he should be calling on all members to resign effective immediately. But that’s not what is happening here. No, Finch is hiding behind the commission. Let them take the hit and then he criticizes their vote.
    Then let’s go to the City Attorney’s office. They provide the legal advice to the commissioners. I believe many times their advice is slanted towards avoiding future litigation. They are more concerned about protecting the city than protecting the public.
    Next let’s go to the acting chief. Not such a good job acting. Are we to believe that he made an impassioned plea to kick them all off the force and that the commissioners ignored him? I doubt that very much.
    And that brings us back to Finch. Watch him appoint the acting chief permanent. Watch him reappoint all of the commissioners. Watch him not appoint independent legal counsel to the board. And then watch him say there is nothing he can do about this.
    The Finch Watch is on.

    1. “Then let’s go to the City Attorney’s office. They provide the legal advice to the commissioners. I believe many times their advice is slanted towards avoiding future litigation.”

      If you’re serious, then that’s somewhat high praise. If their strategy minimizes their billable hours, I don’t think you’ll find that’s very common.

      1. Mike, that was a great use of our limited police force. While TC’s neighborhood is being ignored, the entire SET team and then some ascend on the Cape Verdean Club to embarrass John Gomes.

  4. There are a few boards and commissions that there is no problem getting people to serve on and the Police Board is one of them.
    The politicians, Finch and all that came before him, do not want active and forceful commissioners. Basically they want smooth running no bumps in the road commissioners. Look there have been a lot of things wrong with the Police Commissioners. They have done absolutely nothing to rein in the out-of-control sick leave and people on extended sick and injury leave. Get the people in that are on extended 100% pay injury or sick leave and after a doctor’s consultation retire them at a fair percentage. Right now these people are taking up spots that should be filled by healthy police officers.

  5. Ernie. Get it right for once. The police commission is a civilian board. Also, people should know not to pass judgment without knowing what really happened. The newspaper as usual is wrong in many aspects of this case. Some that were punished had little to no involvement at all. The commission got this one right.


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