The Straitjacket Of Standardized Testing

Chris Tienken, a professor of Education Administration at Seton Hall University in the College of Education and Human Services, has spent years analyzing the national school reform landscape including the Common Core State Standards Initiative, a hot topic in the education community in Connecticut and locally in Bridgeport. In this video Tienken shares observations and insight based on his research. Grab a cup of joe.


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  1. On a dreary overcast day like today, this is worth watching. All the hype about the United States lagging behind other countries is a myth perpetuated by “deformers” and “profiteers.” The standardized testing industry is raking in billions due to Common Core and the Wall Street executives, millionaires and billionaires who perpetuate the lies that drive standardized testing. It is a moneymaking scheme, nothing else. This video provided wonderful evidence to support the emphasis on standardized testing is a farce.


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