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James Keyser has been tapped by the city GOP to run in the special election to fill the state rep seat vacated by Chris Caruso. From Marc Delmonico, GOP chairman:

Today, Marc P. Delmonico, Chairman of the Bridgeport Republican Party, is pleased to announce the endorsement of Mr. James Keyser to run for the 126th State Representative seat.

Mr. James Keyser, 33, of Henderson Street, Bridgeport has been endorsed by the Bridgeport Republican Party to run in the special election taking place on February 22, 2011.

James Keyser was born and raised in Norwalk, Connecticut, where he graduated from Brien McMahon High School in 1996. James continued his education at Norwalk Community College where he studied business administration and information technology. James went on to work at several Fairfield County based companies in various sales, supervisory and management roles. He is currently Optician at Spectacles, a small business in New Canaan. In 2008, James moved to Bridgeport, CT with his Fiancée, Lindsay Shapiro, a cardiac technologist with Bridgeport Hospital. They are set to wed in May of this year.

Keyser has been involved in the local conservative grass roots movement and is running on a platform comprised of job creation and balancing the budget in Connecticut.

“I believe the number one issue is job creation and employment to combat the poverty that exists in Bridgeport. Giving people personal prosperity enables individuals to take pride in themselves and the ability to care for their own affairs” Keyser said.

I am pleased to have James running for this seat. He will bring a much needed perspective to Hartford. The Democrats always think about “Alternative Revenue Sources” to balance the budget. As most of us know for governments, Alternative Revenue Sources means additional taxes and fees. James will have the business background to seek out cost savings and stop resting the over spending on the backs of the taxpayers. James’ views and hard work will help bring Connecticut back to being a competitive and employer friendly state it once was.



  1. It is good to see a Republican candidate that at least APPEARS to be genuinely concerned with the needs of Bridgeport residents. Job creation should remain the number one priority in Bridgeport, regardless of what party helps accomplish said job creation.

    Although I am too young to remember personally, I have heard both Republicans and Democrats praise Mary Moran for resolving Bridgeport’s fiscal insolvency in the late 1980s. Can anybody a little older shed some light on the “balanced budget” contemporary history of Bridgeport? (Preferably without nonsensical partisan rhetoric!)

    1. I don’t know of anyone who’d praise Mary Moran as mayor. Her failed bankruptcy killed our bond rating for years. She walked 60 minutes through Father Panik Village making our city look like a hellhole to the entire country. She was in way over her head. However, her failed bankruptcy did bring on the financial review board which monitored the city’s expenses and forced them to spend within their limits. Once the FRB left, spending got out of control again just like the good ol’ days. The problem with this city is the political cronies and sacred cows aka Testacrats. If a mayor could clean house of these people and support the many hard-working employees, things would begin to turn around. I don’t see that happening with the current crew.

      1. city hall,

        Yes sir/ma’am, I have only lived here for 2 years but I believe I can offer some perspective. I saw how Norwalk especially the Washington St and SoNo areas looked in the ’80s and that is what I see a lot of Bridgeport looking like today. I saw what Norwalk has become with proper leadership. Granted it is no “paradise,” yet there is evidence of moving forward. The principals I want to bring to Hartford are universal and not myopic to Bridgeport. I believe my ideas are right for the state as a whole. I appreciate your concern, but please understand I have Bridgeport’s best interests at heart. I welcome any feedback you may have for me–

        1. James, Bpt politics is ugly and has been for as long as I can remember and I’ve lived here my entire life. No one gets elected who is not backed by Mario and the DTC and then that person is beholding to Mario forever. If he dares vote on anything that is not to Mario’s liking, then he won’t be backed in the next election. Very rarely does someone get elected who doesn’t have the DTC support. This situation has done irreparable harm to the city. I wish you a lot of luck but I just don’t see it happening. But good luck anyway.

      2. So, currently Democratic elected officials don’t live in the district they represent. It sounds like the Republicans have to get their Video Tapes and Private Eyes out.

  2. *** Good luck to the GOP candidate, you’ve got some work to do! *** And as for Mary Moran, it depends whom you talk to concerning her time as Mayor. I felt her cry for help ideas (bankruptcy) brought national attention to decaying urban cities like Bpt. which it ended up helping after she was gone! As far as the city budget is concerned, it’s never really balanced because of so many projections like overtime, emergencies & snow removal expenses, State budget cuts, assumed developments, etc. … also far too many hidden pots of gold hidden for admin. needs & wants! *** SOS ***

    1. See, Mojo was a capable City Councilman. Yet his district threw him under the bus to make room for family members of his district leader. They replaced him with one who doesn’t live in the district and will say yes to anything the district leader Mitchell Robles (yes I named you again) wants. Am I incorrect Mojo?

  3. Hi James, nice to have joined us here. Don’t worry about living here just two years. The Democrats don’t worry when their own currently elected officials don’t or have never lived in the district–trust me there are a few as I write. Your endorsed Democratic opponent is Rev. Charlie Stallworth of East End Baptist Church, so forget about the Black vote here. I am a Republican and member of the Town Committee. I have Democrats who are longtime friends, one is Mark Trojanowski who I will be assisting. As far as I’m concerned this race is between James Keyser and Mark Trojanowski. Beside, the more Democrats running, the better for you. But you need to hit the ground running every day. Don’t expect the RTC members of that district to be out there as needed. I’m a straightforward guy and I call it as is see it and seen it in the past. Let me know how I can assist you.


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