The Lioness Roars

Kate Rivera with daughters at Bassick High School

Statement from Kate Rivera:

We WON at the polls. The people of the 130th district chose me to represent them in Hartford. Thank you Bridgeport for your support and faith in me and our grassroots movement and to the absolute hardest working campaign team. The Bridgeport Democratic Machine has highlighted the corruption it perpetrates on Bridgeport by silencing the voice of the people through an implausible number of absentee ballots. When the number of absentee ballots for a candidate is more than the number of voters who showed up at the polls in real life for the same candidate it should immediately trigger an investigation. I asked the Registrar of Voters to do supervised absentee balloting last week at 10 identified locations and she refused. Are we going to continue to allow this blatant disrespect for our City & democracy? Asking for thousands of my friends.



  1. Kate, many agree. The question becomes how many people will get off their sofas to do something about it.

    We need more Marias and Kates.

    This summer is the time to get off our sofas and change the trajectory of this city.

  2. We do not have to accept it. I follow ABs in my district very closely. I repeatedly file complaints with the SEEC when I believe AB fraud has occurred.

    It puts those who are corrupt and unethical on notice that someone is watching.

    1. I appreciate that Maria,however,by the results election after election,it doesn’t seem like Mario gives a shit who is watching,I mean he has cops picking up AB’S,a network of helpers delivering,filling out,and picking up.His team goes to the same buildings election after election,and it is obvious the registar of voters is a willing participant.So you can watch all you want,all you’re going to see is him manipulating elections time after time.

  3. You’re correct Harvey, Mario doesn’t give a damn about Maria or anyone else filling a complaint SEEC because a slap of the wrist or a ceremonial $500 fine for manipulating the AB process isn’t a deterrent. When Mario sent the police to pickup AB’S he told Bridgeport fluck you and that I’m going to do what I want to. Until someone goes to jail or at the very least the threat of jail time, Mario and Mayor Ganim will continue flaunt their disregard for the election process.

  4. What the hell is a $500 fine when the benefits outweigh the $500 fine, the benefits of control and owning that elected official. The DTC and friends of the party will pay those fines so there is no fear in violating the law. Honesty in Bridgeport elections is a real joke. Just like the current President of the United States refuses to speak out and take action against Russia involvement in American elections it’s the same way in Bridgeport, Mayor Ganim and Mario Testa will NEVER speak out about voter fraud, in fact NEVER will the City Council, Only In Bridgeport.

  5. At least one of the City Council is whining about paying too much for sidewalk repairs. Election fraud ought to and should be at the top of the Council’s agenda, not being overcharged for concrete. Hey man, there’s a Home Depot in Bridgeport…

        1. Lennie, thanks, I’m aware of those numbers but I wanted all of AB count to compare the percentages. Combining absentee ballots, Felipe 466, Rivera 343, Ayala 72, Diaz 67, Parrow 39, Lennie that’s a large number of AB for Felipe of his 466 total votes, Ayala and Diaz have both been elected officials and they understand very clearly about AB. Lennie, something doesn’t seem right with those numbers but this is Bridgeport, Only In Bridgeport.

  6. Kate Rivera has a bright future ahead of her in Bridgeport. I look forward to meeting her in the near future to reinforce her potential in many ways. I had no place in this election since my district comprised only a small part of the 132nd. If I had, I would have supported Hector Diaz, for many reasons that are mine alone, however, the results are in, the bad guys won again, but there will be another time soon. For those of us who have won and lost while pursueing an elected position, it’s the losses that bring the most benefit. There is a way to outsmart the perennial, political devils. It takes honest strategy, committed volunteers, and a willingness to report the crooks as soon as their nefarious actions are detected. I did that, it works. Hold your head high Katie, I’ll be there the next time. I’m proud of my over four decades in public service, and for those who think I may not have “the juice”, I dare you to underestimate me.

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