The Heart Of Jan Williams

Jan Williams is special: to me, to the city, to the waterfront oasis she created with her father Kaye enjoyed by thousands, Captain’s Cove Seaport.

If her dad is a champion of renewal, Jan’s contributions are measured in her enthusiasm, generosity, and a warrior’s spirit to get things done for organizations such as Swim Across The Sound. And always an ability to appreciate the little things in life on behalf of friends.

Last summer as I organized an OIB party at the Cove, Jan had been in the hospital. When I arrived at the Cove, I was handed a note and a check from Jan. I just got home and heard about your party, she wrote. Have a great time and apply the check to advertising the Cove on the blog! Talk soon.

I’d been working with Jan and her brother Bruce to help pull the pieces together for a book manuscript she has about her dad’s rich life on the water. Often, she said, fighting the cancer invading her body, I just want to hang in long enough for everything to be together for the book. Jan was always about putting everyone else ahead of her immediate needs. Everything is together now.

Jan Williams passed away today, this Valentine’s Day. A beautiful heart, she’ll always be. Our best to her husband Robbie, brother Bruce, sister Jill and her father Kaye, and extended circle of family and friends.



  1. My heart saddened just reading Lennie’s first sentence. By the end I was crying.

    It would seem like it was sunny even when it was cloudy if Jan Williams were anywhere near. Always upbeat, always positive about life, her family and especially her beloved Bridgeport.

    It is so unnatural for a parent to bury a child. So unnatural, so sad and so so unfair. Jan will be missed but her positive spirit will never really be gone.

    My love and prayers to the Williams family.

  2. Jan Williams, a beautiful heart indeed. Words well chosen, Lennie.

    I’ve known Jan for most of my life, and for all of hers. She was a person whose kindness, commitment and caring made Black Rock (and Bridgeport) a better place to be.

    Few people have the ability, or the desire, to do what Jan did for others. But she set a wonderful example for all of us to follow.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Jan and to the entire Williams family

  3. *** Sad news on a day that people in general celebrate “LOVE”. But in that mortal sadness too, there is a sense of relief that all pain & suffering has ended, to a woman that always seemed so full of life! *** Because divine love is universal, pure & from the giver of light, in our hearts we truly know that she will never be alone in despair again. *** Condolences to the Williams family. ***

  4. It is sad to hear of the passing of Jan Williams. I had met her not that long ago for a very brief moment. In that short period of time, it was evident to me that she was a fighter and was looking well beyond the troubles of the day and wasn’t going to allow her situation to define her or limit her aspirations. God bless her and the Williams family.

  5. I am really upset about this, she was my neighbor and she was always so nice to me, like she would always give me extra candy on Halloween, or something on my birthday. I knew she was dying but now it’s nice to know that she’s not suffering anymore …


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