“The Fillmore” Music Brand Coming To Bridgeport

Bridgeport’s music scene trumpeted another high note on Wednesday when entertainment entrepreneur Howard Saffan announced a joint venture to build a new concert hall adjacent to the amphitheater and arena under “The Fillmore” brand that revolutionized the music industry.

Saffan, creator of the Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater, is joining forces with concert promoter Live Nation and the Oak View Group to create a destination trifecta.

Fillmore venues bring a differing market brand than the amphitheater and arena in both size and artist interest. Saffan says the project will be built without government subsidy.

Saffan and Live Nation will also host later this month the second annual Sound On Sound music festival at Seaside Park.

More from Andrew DaRosa, CT Post:

The Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater, Live Nation and the Oak View Group have entered a private partnership to bring “The Fillmore” brand of venues to the Park City, according to Howard Saffan, President of the Hartford HealthCare Amphitheater.

The Fillmore, originally a historic San Francisco music venue famously linked to the counterculture movement, has locations throughout the country including Philadelphia; Detroit; Denver; Charlotte, North Carolina; New Orleans; Minneapolis and Silver Spring, Maryland. The Fillmore brand has been operated by Live Nation since the mid-2000s.

“Live Nation decided to explore bringing a Fillmore to Connecticut and we interjected ourselves a bit and said, ‘Why not Bridgeport?'” Saffan said.

The new venue, which is slated to open in 2025, will be located on the grassy area between the Hartford HealthCare Amphitheater and Total Mortgage Arena. The capacity of the venue will be approximately 3,000 for standing-room concerts. Saffan aims to host between 150 and 200 shows per year at the new venue, with 350 events being held between all three venues yearly.

…”This is our legacy,” Saffan said. “Look how we’ve changed the landscape of Bridgeport by doing this. I mean, can you imagine when you put a Fillmore in here?”

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  1. Interesting timing by the post on this announcement huh Lennie that nobody else heard about.

    Anybody hear of this supposed deal before this announcement? Any agreements to building a permanent structure on leased city land? (Hello contract committee member Newton?).

    Much ado about nothing, yet another election year, congress st bridge, theater construction, ice skating rink, casino, luxury movie theater etc announcement.

    1. RUMOR MILL:

      Dateline: Filmore East, NYC, March, 1970
      Lennie’s band — Lennie and the Newsmakers
      opened for Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs & Englishmrns tour
      Their only hit “beating the dealine” made them radio favorites
      but they were never able to escape the cult status they enjoyed in metro Bridgeport.

    1. Hmm. Maybe the CC should see if contracts were entered into and signed without permission? I’m sure the total surpasses the 25k required for mandated approval. Or if under any ordinances regarding sale or lease of land were bypassed?

      Hope to see a thorough accounting and protection of city assets, not another free 25 tickets for Joe Ganim and city officials.

    1. Lol, while Joe was tanking at last nights debate, he actually mentioned that someday we would have a hotel coming back to Bridgeport. Unfortunately it sounded similar to several other broken promises.

  2. Fellow Bridgeport observers and voters.
    Q. When do plans affecting the folks of Bridgeport show up on the front page of the CT Post without City Council and Office of Planning and Development voices joining the “good news” of a genuine project send-up.
    A. Pre-election, without time to check on the details, only to register emotions?
    Q. $40,000,000 is cost to develop is stated, but what is land use value that has been assumed and return to City overall, assuming State support? What percentage returns to City? Enough to cover OT for traffic concerns for what may a concert 5 or 6 days per week from the multiple venues?
    A. To be researched in full form to the public…..assumed
    Q. How does “outsider” Howard Saffan benefit currently from active site? What will be his beneift from proposed development? More importantly, what is return (in and to the CITY) beyond cost of covering events, and debt repay, and a few downtown restaurant taxpayers being full each night with traffic tie-ups, to the City resident who cannot partake of this “entertainment”? How many workers will become employed by this form of “development” and earn compensation to buy a home in the City, educate children in public schools, and be able to retire with dignity and financial independence?
    A. Time will tell.


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