The Ego Meter, One Week Left, Bridgeport’s A Player–And Who’s Paying For Barack Visit?

Give me a show of hands. Are you excited? Do you care about the election?

In one week a lot of charges, counter-charges, flame-throwing advertisements, ugly allegations will be settled. GOP US Senate candidate Linda McMahon will spend $50 million against Democrat Dick Blumenthal, not exactly a political pauper himself. Good grief, Linda will spend more dough than the entire police budget to protect the state’s largest city. Shows ya what kind of wealth we have in Fairfield County.

What’s the point? Does McMahon really think she’d make a difference in Washington or is it all about ego? Of course it’s about ego. It’s also about ego for Dick. What’s wrong with ego?

Well, the president of the United State is scheduled to visit Bridgeport Saturday to appeal to the egos of roughly 43,000 registered Dems and 20,000 unaffiliated voters in the city and the great state beyond (I don’t think he’ll win over the 4700 registered Republicans in the city) on behalf of Dem candidates. How many will vote? In Bridgeport 30 percent, 35 percent, maybe a smidge more?

I love voting. Gives me an excuse to condemn the bastards or lavish love. Bridgeport Democratic operatives were worried that a lethargic city turnout would crater their candidates, but with Barack’s scheduled visit on Saturday there’s a spring in their step. Hey, who’s paying for this visit anyway? Costs a small fortune for a presidential visit.

How do you size up these races?

Governor: Democrat Dan Malloy, Republican Tom Foley

US Senate: Democrat Dick Blumenthal, Republican Linda McMahon

US House: Democrat Jim Himes, Republican Dan Debicella

State Senate: Democrat Anthony Musto, Republican David Pia



  1. Yeah I’m pumped and Barrack will juice turnout, I think 40% if we are lucky. I was correct in 2008 and I was the closest blogger with the numbers! Blumie by 10 to 12 points. Malloy by 8 to 9 points even though latest poll had Malloy double points ahead. Himes wins between 3 to 5 points. Imbecilla is no Shays so we can flip towns like Westport and Weston to Himes pick up. Imbecilla is right wing and the district is moderate. Another thing too is Malloy Factor in Stamford I think Himes will blow Imbecilla out in Stamford!!!

  2. Off topic, but I was at the BOE meeting last night and boy did Ben Barnes take a beating on Bodine while lackey Jorge Garcia sat cowering in a corner. Bellinger and Crossin didn’t even bother to show up. Can’t stand the heat much? They thought they were going to shove this deal down our throats but when the going gets tough, they don’t show up!

  3. That’s messed up, how can the BOE prez not show up to an important meeting? Crossin neither? If what is said on here is true and he benefits from this deal, then his buddy mayor Moonbeam must benefit somehow and no wonder he stays uninvolved.
    Barnes is heading north with Malloy, and forget about the BOE puppets who are being used like a dirty dishtowel and have to realize it (maybe).

    Bad deal for us taxpayers, kudos to Maria Pereira and Simmons and Baraka.

  4. Anytime the POTUS comes to your city it is an honor and celebration. National Press, Secret Service and a national audience with their eyes on Bridgeport.

    I don’t care what party is in charge, it is an epic event that we should be proud to host.

  5. Countdown is ill-conceived.
    She only wants the city to have a developer like Sal DiNardo or Ernie T or maybe David D’Adario create a custom-built office tower that the city will enter into a long-term lease.
    The difference between countdown’s plan and the Board of Ed’s is that Countdown’s will be far more expensive, leave the city with far more excess property that no one wants (she and Finch want to turn City Hall into an affordable housing complex complex) but her plan will please the people she feels need to be taken care of and will be built downtown at the taxpayers expense to be able to claim that development is taking place.


    I think it is pathetic that Joe Ganim has formed a business that will provide guidance and counseling to white-collar convicted criminals who are about to begin incarceration. I want to see an abrupt end to municipal corruption. That is apparently not going to ever happen. Until Joey can get his ticket back, he expects there will be enough municipal shitheads that will need his services so much so that he and his brother Georgie will earn a decent living honorably by telling newly minted inmates how to screw the system. Atta Boy, Joey!!!

  7. Dear stillstanding, do you know what percentage of her wealth Linda has spent on humanitarian causes? Do you know how much ANY candidate has spent of their own money on humanitarian causes? The declaration of independence says we are all CREATED equal, it doesn’t mean that someone who is wealthy has to give it away. That only encourage more people to do nothing and look for a handout. Dick Blumenthal’s family owns the Empire State building, where is their wealth? Malloy comes from modest means yet made over $250K in 2009 while mayor. What investments is he hiding? I’m trying to stay independent but some of these comments are just not thought through.

  8. I sure hope Charlie Carroll gets off his FAT ASS and has public facilities clean our damned streets prior to Obama’s visit! I’m embarrassed already by what all these out-of-town visitors will see.


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