“The Democrats Are On The Top Line”–“The Democrats Are On The Second Line”–Well Yeah, It’s A Primary

Democratic-endorsed Christina Ayala, facing an Aug. 14 primary challenge in Connecticut’s 128th State Assembly District from journalist and community activist Angel Reyes, has qualified for a $25,000 grant under Connecticut’s public financing system. Christina Ayala is trying to win the seat currently occupied by her cousin Andres Ayala who’s challenging Ernie Newton and Ed Gomes in a State Senate primary. The ballot dynamic in this district that includes the East Side, the Hollow and portion of the West Side may well decide the election fate of the Ayala cousins.

As the endorsed candidate Christina Ayala will appear on the top line following U.S. Senate candidate Chris Murphy and Newton on the ballot. Andres, who is popular in the district, will appear on line two following Murphy challenger Susan Bysiewicz. Some Democratic voters tend not to line split opting to vote for the endorsed line so this places a premium on Andres’ campaign to remind voters he’s on the second line. And it could simply be stated as “The Democrats are on line two.” Technically it’s not inaccurate.

This also requires Christina’s campaign to punctuate her ballot spot for voters who support her cousin. Maybe Christina’s reminder will be “Vote the endorsed Democrats top line.” Or maybe the cousins could get together and hand out palm cards with their respective ovals filled in. Or maybe it will be every cousin for themself.

Would not shock if operatives for both campaigns told voters “The Republicans are on the top line” or “The Republicans are on the second line.” They wouldn’t do that, would they?

Then there’s Ed Gomes by himself on line C. Don’t forget about me!!!



  1. Knowing the history of the East politicians you can be sure it will be everyone is on their own. Christina will be telling people to vote the top line and her cousin will be telling everyone to vote line 2. It will be a circus.

  2. I could make some comment about how “You can’t say Ayala without saying Democrat in Bridgeport,” but some people might think I was being sarcastic and that would hurt my feelings.


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