The CT Post’s Journalistic Scarlett Letter – Sucker Shots Ganim Close To Primary

Hugh Bailey, CT Post Editorial Page Editor, sucker shot number one.

Sucker shots, depending which side you’re on, are dangerous close to elections. Voters rely on certain institutions for fairness when navigating choices, without lies and innuendo. Remember knucklehead FBI Director James Comey barbecuing Hillary Clinton close to the 2016 election? It aided Donald Trump’s election. There was no justice in Comey’s decision which he later lamented.

Same goes for news outlets that posture fairness but ignore it when it really counts.

The Connecticut Post news department, from reporter Brian Lockhart to Editorial Page Editor Hugh Bailey, and various unindicted co-conspirators, tattoo a Scarlett Letter for journalistic adultery.

None own the courage to say in retrospect we got it wrong. That’s because in their “we’re-smart-you’re stupid” minds nothing else matters.

Brian Lockhart has lied to readers. He has lied to me.

Brian Lockhart, sucker shot number two.

Hugh Bailey has lied to readers repeatedly on his platform, just makes it up without doing his homework.

Why? Because they’re flaccid to admit the truth of their hatred, a preconceived notion of someone’s past without examining the alternatives.

“My god, we cannot do that, what would our readers think.”

Don’t ever think a news organization is anything different than the politicians they claim to check. Just a different animal.

Wendy Metcalfe, chief editor, unindicted co-conspirator.



    1. Antonio- I was going to make some comments as soon as I saw this piece but decided, nah, maybe I’ll get banned again 😂 😂 🤣 🤣
      And then I saw your comment….. and…………..yeah, we’re on the same thought pattern.
      (That’s why some of us are not here much any more). Enough said. 🖕

  1. Lenni,
    Could not agree more strongly with your CT Post opinion piece. It will never appear in the Ct. Post.
    While I still am a paid subscriber, I continue to bitch about the sanctimonious posturing of Hugh Bailey on all issues; affordable housing, education, climate, race, policing, etc. That, coupled with not a lot of non-wire service content makes it difficult to pay the $16 a month.
    As I’ve said before, Bring Back the Bridgeport Light!

  2. Good for you Lennie!
    Now if you could only get the Post to publish some conservative columnists on an ongoing basis, it would make the print subs fee a little more palatable.


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