The Challenge Of Police Relations

As state law enforcement officials are poised to issue a decision soon regarding the police-involved May shooting death of 15-year-old Jayson Negron, Mayor Joe Ganim on Monday assembled a collection of clergy and community leaders with the “goal to come together to find what we can do as a community, as a city, to reduce violence in every neighborhood.” See video above courtesy of Steve Krauchick from Doing It Local.

Retired Police Lieutenant David Daniels, a key leader in the development of community policing programs, has returned as a consultant to improve police-neighborhood relations.



  1. OMG!!!! what a dog and pony show, this was nothing but a photo-op and a campaign ad for Mayor Ganim’s run for governor. This was a feel good meeting to show Ganim with two black females sitting next to him to show other blacks meeting with Ganim. There was a outcry from the public concerning Officer James Boulay who shot and killed 15-year-old Jayson Negron on May 9, and then a video surfaced of Bridgeport Police Officer Christina Arroyo repeatedly hitting 18-year-old Aaron Kearney, recent captain of Harding High School’s football team, following a minor traffic accident last Friday night. Arroyo said the suspect, who is black, was actively resisting arrest and she feared he had a concealed firearm. Mayor Joseph Ganim changes the concerns of the community to Communities Working for a Better Bridgeport Working for a United Bridgeport — Ganim said that it will “promote a dialogue to meet the challenges of violence and police-community relations.

    At no time did you hear the word black even mention, the issues are the actions of a few Bridgeport police officers towards young black and Puerto Rican young men. Where the leadership of Black Lives Matter in that meeting? What about the issue of gangs, drugs, education, there was nothing. I know that David Daniels is there to make change but there are a number of people who are looking for a job and position with the City.

    What job opportunity do these young black and Puerto Rican young men have to look forward too? How about making all candidates to hired by the City for the police and fire department to be City residents as a condition to be hired by the City. This could possible give some of these young black and Puerto Rican young men and women a start to life and to be apart of the solution to some of the issues in our City.

    1. Andy, you are showing your true color, you are a bigot, a racist and a asshole. You are saying that young black and Puerto Rican young men and women are not qualified because I’ve NEVER at anytime ever say that someone being hired from Bridgeport could be UNQUALIFIED.

        1. Andy, how many years were you a Provisional Lieutenant, getting paid as a Lieutenant even though you were only a firefighter and you were only in that position because it was given you, you didn’t pass any exam when you were GIVEN the position of Provisional Lieutenant but that was ok. That’s called “Affirmative Action” for white men like you, it’s white privilege

          1. Ron you know what you have written is bullshit. There were no more officers as they all had retired. You, Day and others had to keep the ball in the air so that you could get as many freebies as Judge Daly would allow you. You see Ron no matter how you try and no no you will always be a Judge Daly commando.
            When I made provisional I was the SENIOR Firefighter on all 4 shifts.Give it up Ron you will always be second class

          2. Andy, you were not qualified to be a Provisional Lieutenant, you had not pass any Lieutenant exam to get that position it was given to you by the fire chief in fact you got paid a received benefits by being a fake Lieutenant which gave a big advantage over all of firefighters who were given the position that you were given. The advantage you had Andy was you had the benefit to work as a Lieutenant and to see how and what a Lieutenant does where others didn’t have so when the Lieutenant exam was given you had a big advantage over everybody else, now that’s what you call white privilege. Andy, again it was GIVEN to you and you were NOT qualified.

          3. Ron let me explain this one more time. I was not the only provisional Lieutenant every fire company had 4 provesional Lieutenants and the contract spelled out how the provisional s were
            selected. All the provisional thank you, Day and the other Daly Commandos for keeping us in the positions longer than we should have been. BTW Ron I finished 40th on the test really fucking great for someone that was a provisional AH

  2. Police relations?? what are the beat cops supposed to do when they are being verbally assaulted and threatened by these poor misunderstood teenage drop outs. According to what I read the cops are being trained to turn the other cheek. That is bullshit.
    Lets get to the point these lazy bastards are up all night sleep all day and think the world owes them a living. Lets get the Revs into these area and get these deadbeats out of bed early. I will tell you this if I was a cop and you spit in my face you are getting your ass kicked I am not turning the other cheek and I dont expect the police to turn the other cheek either.

  3. I met Dave Daniels a few times as I recall he told me he worked out of Community Service he said nothing about Community Policing. I think the paper got this one wrong or was misinformed.

    I hope Dave gets the support and like minded Officers he needs to pull this off but it is nothing new. They tried community policing back in the early 90’s but it too went away.

    Promises made when you are running for office is one thing keeping that promise is another issue.

    There is an outcry over the shooting of Jason Negron and the actions of Officer Arroyo. The police response was from what the situation dictated. I doubt these Officers woke up that day and were looking to shoot or grapple with a citizen the first chance they got.

    Doesn’t anyone ask why these people put themselves in that position in the first place? A minor behind the wheel of a car or some obsident, recalcitrant youth with a suspended driver’s license. At some point the onus is on the person who knocked over the first domino that set the chain of events in motion.

    Where is the outcry over the other shootings and homicides SINCE Negron was killed? Who speaks for those victims doesn’t their lives matter too?

    It seems there is only an outcry and protest if the cop has shot someone or if brutality is suspected. The race card is often the first club out of the bag. There is the rush to judgment before all the facts are known.

    Cops have a hard job and it’s even harder when the decisions they make are questioned by people who were not there. If people are going to post video show the whole event and not the part you only want people to see.

    Walk a mile in their shoes or anyone else’s for that matter before the rush to judgement. You have to give first responders credit to do what they do. Cops who run toward gunfire and firemen who run into a burning building.

    1. A society breaks down when those who are hired to protect and serve the public become the judge and jury with criminal action that they decide that they want to impose their authority.

  4. Here is the problem, the families of these violent people generally are 1 parent families. The parent in many cases is overwhelmed or have given up. The kids have no guidance and no discipline and no one to tell them what is right and what is wrong. There is no one around them to tell them NO.
    The lure of the gang life is strong the money is good and they don’t have to work .
    Lets take some of the do gooder money and put it into job training facilities for boys and girls who have left school. Its time to do something

  5. Butthead you’re on point with Ron on race bating. You can add TBK “The Angry African- American Community”
    Ron you do know Christina Arroyo is a Latino woman officer?

    WTF did I just read Ron? Where’s the Black Lives Matter. The only white people I seen in the video were Joe and the FBI agent who locked in up. It seems all those black lives sitting in the room don’t matter. SMH

    Perez did say the department was getting body and dash cams for its officers, right? For the lucky few who will become officers under you “fight” The cams will serve and have a greater impact on the city, the police department, and the communities they serve. It will force the department to focus on having, training, vetting and hiring stronger and more qualified officers. It will give citizens support to their claim of excessive force. (To be honest in the case of Cristina I don’t even consider that excessive force. I stubbed my toe harder then she hit him. However she has some issues. Girl you need talk to someone about what bother you. You’re way to pretty to be angry. Vaginas don’t come and sizes)

    I will not get into the yin & yang of policing. There is a blue line “culture” that got played. Clearly it lost its way that’s on a path of self destructions. One day we are all going to die and wake up to the reality of existence. They are not in a happy place. Good luck people, Merry Christmas.

  6. It seems the community only gets upset wen a young black man is gunned down by the police. The response is usually “He was a good by!” even if the victim was a scumbag drug dealer. When a young black man is gunned down by another young black man the only reaction is a wall of flickering candles at a curbside memorial. Even if the victim was a scumbag drug dealer.

    I guess that means it’s okay for young black men to shoot each other but the police department cannot defend themselves.

  7. Derek you usually give cogent fairly intelligent responses on OIB, but you suddenly became Andy and Robert. The fact is there have been many marches and forums over the years that dealt when the concern of Black on Black crime. Just because one Black kills another doesn’t give the police carte Blanche to do the same.

    Blacks are saying that anyone that kills another Black should go to jail, but my son who had never done anything shouldn’t be treated like a drug dealing scumbag just because we are forced to live in certain neighborhood’s. Every young Black should be afforded the same respect that you as a white person takes for granted. Get up off your high horse because America doesn’t need another John Wayne coming to save it from the scourge of the Black people.

    1. TBK cogent fairly intelligent responses, PLEASE!

      Don’t put me in your racist category with TBK and Butthead, you racist. I have my own brand of racism, on one hand I hate all you mother fuckers, good luck, and on the other hand, I love all you cock suckers, good job and good luck, Merry Christmas.

      By the way 50% were black, 25% were white, and the other 25% were Latino setting at that round table, (give or take). And you talked about blacks not being represented. You actually asked where were the Black Lives Matter leadership, Ron where are they? There not there because there more about stirring racial tensions. That’s why I call you a racist because you doing the same just by bring them up. Hey Ron was any of the NAACP leadership there? You negated every black person in that room to the Black Live Matter. Good Job.

      Take a picture it will last longer.

          1. I was born here, in the United States of America. You came here looking for a better life. I have one already.

  8. TBK Black Lives matters is only concerned about blacks shot by cops , they say nothing of the thousands of black men killed by other black men. many of Bridgeport murders in the last 5 years were black on black murders. I dont know the percentage but I bet its close to 100% yet we are talking about training our cops in conflict resolution.

        1. Kid you are fucking kidding right. they are out and out scum bags with the exception of Trump. you can add Bill clinton and jfk to that list along with most other high ranking politicians

          1. Donald Trump is a scumbag, Andy. He’s a pathological liar, brags about being a pathological liar. A lie is still a lie no matter how many times it is told. Just ask Tawana Brawley. If trump is innocent of collusion with the Russians why is he so angry in his denisl? Why is Trump hinting that he may fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller? Why are his GOP allies on the Hill casting aspersions on the character of Mueller’s associates?

            For the record, Robert Mueller is a graduate of Princeton University (BA), New York University (MA) and the University of Virginia (JD). He served as a captain in the United States Marine Corp. 1968-1971, Unit H Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal w/ Combat “V”, Purple Heart Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (2) w/ Combat “V”, Combat Action Ribbon and the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross. Mr. Mueller served as United States Attorney for the Northern District of California, United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, United States Deputy Attorney General (Acting) and United States Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division. He was also considered for a federal judgeship. 

            By contrast Donald Trump, a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and a reality television personality, was excused from military service for bone spurs in his feet.

          2. There are no comparisons to Bill Clinton and JFK. Clinton was impeached for Monica Lewinsky polishing his rocket. Kennedy has been dead for fifty-four years. You can put that one to bed.

            Al Franken is a sitting Senator. He resigned in the wake of allegations allegations of sexual misconduct.

            Roy Moore was a candidate for the U.S. Senate. He has a reputation as a chicken hawk which doesn’t jibe with his alleged evangelical beliefs. He was Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court u til he was removed, TWICE, for flouting federal court rulings. He was endorsed by Donald Trump, a draft-dodging rich kid, has a well-known history of sexual misconduct. He even bragged about “grabbing ’em by the pussy.” Trump’s first choice, Luther Strange, lost the primary. (Dean Jones won by 10,000 votes. The 20,000 write in ballots for anyone but Moore were also a factor.) 

            And what about the staunchly conservative homophobic Representative who was caught on tape smoking grass in a motel room with a teenage boy?

      1. Don these are TBK’s cogent fairly intelligent responses? PLEASE! You mean cogent “racist” responses and there only “COGENT when he’s attacking white because you‘re racist. But if TBK dears to deviate from your racist view point that’s pleasing to your ears, he sounds like myself or Butthead. However Andy’s a racist, but even a broken clock is right two times a day.

        Hey Godless Liberal loser, what about Bill Cosby or R Kelly, etc. I shouldn’t call you a Godless Liberal. It’s an insult to other Godless Liberals, You just a LOSER.

        # Why wait for the door to hit me on the ass. SMH

    1. We ought to be concerned with improving the quality of life for everyone that lives here. Officer Arroyo tuned up a mouthy, insolent punk. We all live in Bridgeport and know what happens to individuals that show disrespect to the cops. It ain’t pretty but hey, given the level of scum they have to deal with…

      A few decades ago there was a scandal in the New Haven PD. They had a squad that wore black, rode around in a black van looking for drug dealers. Instead of making arrests the squad would chase down the dealers, beat the shit out if them and toss the dope down the drain. Not exactly legal but effective. Then the ACLU took notice and fuspcked it all up.

  9. Andy, what is your fixation with black-on-black crime? You repeatedly bring it up as if black people aren’t aware of violence in our communities. Contrary to what you apparently hypothesize at the secret, global white-people meetings after you share banana-bread recipes and Pinterest posts, black people aren’t home cabbage-patching and clanking together Champagne glasses filled with grape Kool-Aid every time another black man falls victim to a violent crime by someone of the same race.

    There’s no such thing as ‘black-on-black’ crime. Yes, from 1976 to 2005, 94 percent of black victims were killed by black offenders, but that racial exclusivity was also true for white victims of violent crime–86 percent were killed by white offenders. May I suggest that you keep your posts to something that you remotely understand or know because like Trump you know nothing about Blacks.

    By Matthew Cella and Alan Neuhauser |Sept. 29, 2016

    “Black-on-Black and White-on-White Killings”

    The vast majority of homicide victims are killed by people of their own race. People tend to kill who they know. “You hurt people who are a lot like you. That’s how it works,” says David Kennedy, a professor and director of the National Network for Safe Communities at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City.

    Among the roughly 6,000 cases in which the race of the victim and the offender were known, the number of blacks killed by blacks rose to 2,380 last year, an increase of about 8 percent from 2014.
    However, the share of black-on-black homicides as a proportion of black people killed actually fell by just under 1 percentage point, to 89.3 percent. This undoubtedly fractional decrease – which marked the third straight year of incremental reductions – still meant that for the first time since the start of the 21st century, the percentage of black victims killed by another black person stood below 90 percent of the total of black people killed.

    Often less discussed – to the consternation of experts and columnists – is the phenomenon of white-on-white homicides. The number of white people killed by other whites rose 3.5 percent to 2,574 victims in 2015.

    White-on-white killings as a percentage of all homicides involving a white victim also fell, to 81.3 percent, marking the lowest share of such killings since 2001.

    The margins are small, fluctuating by less than 3 percentage points in the last 15 years: Since 2001, the share of black-on-black and white-on-white homicides as a proportion of those killed of each race peaked at 91.9 and 84.2 percent, respectively.

  11. And your point is there’s no racism between Killings. Mostly domestic violence are between partners. Now we have established that, how do we get Blacks to stop killing other Black, Whites to stop killing other Whites, and spouses to stop beating and killing their spouses. Good luck with that too. Merry Christmas.

  12. C’mon Derek, what you’re saying is that young Blacks should acquiesce their 1st amendment rights of freedom of speech because some white cop might be offended by what he has to say. You know as well as I do that not only the 1st amendment of the constitution, but the US Supreme Court upheld the right to use profanity at a police without violating your 1st amendment rights.

    The problem is that white men in general and white cops specifically don’t like nor appreciate a young black talking to them in a manner that they find offensive and to hell with your 1st amendment rights. The next problem you have is they bring these young white boys from the suburbs who has never been around Blacks and they bring with them their anti-black biases and bigotry into Bridgeport policing and these young brothers aren’t having it and contrary to popular belief these young brothers are quite aware of their rights. See you guys want Blacks to give up their 1st amendment rights yet you’ll fight like hell to maintain your 2nd amendment rights, RIGHT?

    1. keep your first amendment rights and when you take it to far and get a smack tough shit. You have freedom of speech rights to a point. If you yell fire in a crowded theater and there is no fire you can be arrested. If you shoot your mouth off when you get to the right location you get your ass kicked.
      You and Mackey are detrimental to the black race just as you were in the FD thats we you both left with no respect even fro the black firefighters.Day you should stay in Ansonia with the mountain people and Mackey if you can move your fat ass take a walk

    2. The first amendment dies not allow for assault with a deadly weapon. In the past two weeks severl gunshot victims have been dropped off at Saint Vincent’s Medical Center. When the cops showed up the victims puckered up tighter than an asshole, wouldn’t cooperate with the authorities. Imagine that, the victims of gun violence don’t want their assailants brought to justice.

    3. Au contraire, Donald. Cops don’t take shit from punks of any color, size, shape or class. Just ask any SHU student picked up in Fairfield for disorderly conduct or public intoxication.

  13. Andy, allow me to act like you for a second, you were a dickhead on the fire department and you’re still a dickhead. I have but one regret in my whole life and that is letting George talk me into not kicking your punk bigoted ass. The only thing you know about the Black community is that we don’t like it when you wear your KKK HOOD. Go get drunk again, I heard you’re a nicer dickhead when you’re drunk.

    1. Donald George saved your life. You are a loud mouth bully that likes to intimidate people. I will guarantee if you had fucked with me then you would have gotten the ass kicking of a lifetime. I dont think I am tough I know it. Your claim to fame is you helped a few black firefighters pass the entry exam. Did you tell them how yyou were afraid to file an application because the white guys would beat you up. From what I here you are tough when it comes to woen firefighters. One last thing peckerhead. My balls are tougher than you

      1. Andy, you were nothing but a blow heart walking around acting like somebody was afraid of you, You were able to bully those white firefighters but you dam sure didn’t talk the kind of shit that you put on OIB. Andy, most of the white firefighters didn’t like you but they didn’t really want to come out and say it to others but they would talk to us because they knew that we didn’t give a dam about you.

    2. Don, the first day that we were in training and were taken on tour of fire headquarters we were all in the watch desk area and Fardy came in and walked out slamming door behind. The guys started saying who the hell this guy thinks he is, it George Bryant who it was Andy Fardy and that he knew him from Harding High School. It was Chief James Navigen who told us on day one that he didn’t want us to get involve with anything that has to do with race and if something came up for us to bring to him right away and that he would handle it. We learn to respect and to trust him. But Fardy push things to far when you were getting ready to kick Fardy’s ass and George all of us who knew you before you became a firefighter you were ready to go to jail even if you did get in a fight with Fardy because that’s what would happen after you kicked his ass, George knew this and didn’t want that to happen to you.

      1. Mackey that never happened and you know it. Did you run out oof truthful answer and now resort to fiction. Macey you and Day are Marshmallows. I was so racist why did I spend all that time training you how to survive ata fire. Ron you and day are useless human beings and a disgrace to the black race.

  14. Andrew C Fardy // Dec 19, 2017 at 11:51 am

    “I will tell you this if I was a cop and you spit in my face you are getting your ass kicked I am not turning the other cheek and I dont expect the police to turn the other cheek either.”

    Andy, those are your words now and that was your mindset on the fire department, you had to go around and talk shit about how bad you were and you wanted everybody to know that you were the one guy who wouldn’t back down to the federal court, Judge Daly, now doesn’t that sound let 45? Andy, there were two firefighters of color who were going to kick your ass off duty, in fact one of could have whipped anybody in the fire department and the other firefighter was wanted to cut you up with his knife we had a hard time talking this guy out of getting you. Earl Pettway told Donald Day and myself that you and Rooney were both racist.

    1. First off you are a lying sack of shit. Earl Pettway never saif I was a racist. Is that why he fixed my appliances and had lunch at my house. You should never mention Earl Pettway He waas a man wwhile you and Day are shitheads. The black FF that wanted to cut me up would have been surprised because if you bring a knife to a gun fight who wins dumb ass. As far AS THE TOUGHEST GUY IN THE FIRE HOUSE WANTING TO KICK MY ASS THAT IS BULLSHIT OR HE WAS AFRAID JUST LIKE YOU AND DAY WERE.

  15. Just so people can understand what is going on between DayMackie and myself. Day and Mackey were given jobs on the Bridgeport Fire Department by Judge Daly. This was the result of a law suit filed by a group of minorities,
    Daly awarded this group a certain number of jobs and back pay that amounted to thousands of dollars. this first group had many people with social problems from active drug use to language problems and we even had a guy dealing with illegal guns.
    The next group was good and presented no problems with assimilating ito the fire houses and working with the white firefighters.
    Of course there were exceptions to the rule and Mackey and Day along with Morales raised hell made up incidents , disrupted meetings of the fire board and created or tried to creative havoc in the ranks.Eventually they were given directives to stop what they were doing.
    These 2 did not do one positive thing for minority firefighters they will claim they did but they did not. They come on this blog going after me because I was an officer in the Bridgeport Firefighters for merit employment.They dont know me, they dont know what I did for black and hispanic kids by running a league that was 75 % minority
    Have you noticed they both write essays at the same time they must be like little girls and talk on the phone about what they ill write. Ge assured these 2 were cowards and spent there time outside when the fire was inside.

  16. Andy you are having delusions of grandeur,
    a false impression of one’s own importance. Earl certainly said you and Rooney were racists and he meant it too. As far as him fixing your appliances, he got paid for a service that he provided to your stinking ass and that should not have been taken as he was your friend because he loathed you.

    The fact is no one liked you in the BFD except the racists that were on the job. Not one Black or Puerto Rican could stand you and that went without exception. It wouldn’t surprise me if your own family despised you as well. That fire department stuff was over 35 years ago so do yourself a favor and let it go. Mackey and I passed the lieutenant exam while you were given a lieutenant’s position because you were white. I passed the captains exam while you never could pass one. Let it go punk because you were inferior to us in every way and our careers bore that out.

    1. Day like I said you were an outside firefighter. Asfar as you making LT and Captain that was because testing procedures were changed and they went to Orals. Day you could not pass a real captains test. I got paid at a deputy chiefs rate as a fire investigator which is a job you were 2 dumb to handle.
      Earl Pettway was a mans man and you should not even mention his name. Because Earl got paid for work he did at my house you make him sound it sound like I made Earl do the work. What about the times we had lunch at my house. Earl was a gentlemen and you and Mackey are cowards and shit birds. BTW day if you were the black ff that wanted to cut me up I wish you had tried but you see I dont think you had the balls, just like Mackey you both are members of the NBAA club no balls at all

  17. Andy, you’ve never passed any exam, in fact every job that you had in the BFD wad given to you. White boy affirmative action. Lieutenant, given to you, fire inspector, given to you. Entry level, given to you. You
    are the classic shit bag white boy, he wants everything given to him and still think he’s better than every black person.

    Earl thought you were a bigoted bastard who want worthy of his consideration and the only reason he came to your house wad to fix your appliances for MONEY. If MONEY wasn’t involved he would have spit on you. Ask his wife to show you the book he started to write and see for yourself how much he thought of you and your bigoted ass. He thought you were a piece of shit as did every Black and Puerto Rican on the BFD.

    I never needed a knife to kick your ass punk and if you keep talking I’ll come to your home and bust your old feeble ass myself.

  18. Hey big mouth come to my house any time you want it will be a long ride home for you. Let me clear something up shithead I passed the LT test and finished first in the oral portion and had a final placement of 40th on the list.
    Lets get back to the threat you have made here to bust my feeble ass yourself. You dont have the balls to come here. Whats happened did the truth get to you? BTW do you know the name of the fire captain seen snorting coke at Newfield Park while in uniform?

  19. Day you and Mackie have a lot of opinions on Earl Pettway and what he thought. He was a member of BFFME, he was a union member and he thought the firebirds were doing more to harm race relations than to improve them, Did Earl face discrimination and did he have a hang mans noose at his locker? Yes he did. he called out the guys at 6-8’s and after that the shit stopped and Earl became the favorite of all firefighters. Earl Pettway and I spent hours discussing life and the FD in general. I WILL SAY THIS WITH MY HAND ON A BIBLE.EARL PETTWAY DID NOT LIKE DAY OR MACKEY, hE THOUGH YOU 2 WERE A DETRIMENT TO THE MINORITIES COMING ON THE JOB.
    I will not write anything more on this blog concerning you 2 racists as of now you dont exist. Happy Holidays


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