The 2007 Mayoral Primary Results

Some OIB readers have requested the precinct-by-precinct results from the 2007 Democratic mayoral primary between Bill Finch and Chris Caruso. Finch won 4537 to 4267. The turnout was 25 percent. The Democratic registration is up from four years ago when about 8800 Dems cast a ballot. If the September 13 turnout hits 25 percent that would represent roughly 10,500 voters. Local election officials are reviewing more than 3,000 petition signatures submitted by Mary-Jane Foster for ballot approval. Signatures from five percent of registered Dems must be certified for Foster to appear on the ballot against Finch. See 2007 results below:

Turnout Bill Finch Chris Caruso
130-1 Black Rock 659 318 317
130-2 Longfellow 304 185 108
131-1 City Hall 246 126 94
131-2 Roosevelt 361 206 117
132-1 Bassick 303 155 123
132-2 Central 461 210 214
133-1 Central 570 314 227
133-2 Blackham 171 89 73
134-1 Winthrop 875 419 424
134-2 Blackham 476 228 231
135-1 Park City 281 87 187
135-2 Wilbur Cross 587 230 342
135-3 Hallen 239 128 105
135-4 Read 210 62 143
136-1 St Paul’s/Beardsley 180 82 83
136-2 Columbus 99 52 39
136-3 Read 141 63 66
137-1 Marin 504 293 161
137-2 Bridge Academy 338 155 150
138-1 JFK 442 212 209
138-2 Thomas Hooker 472 218 232
139-1 Harding 394 201 171
139-2 Dunbar 492 230 235
AB 274 216
Total 8805 4263 4051


      1. Yes. And when I opened my folder there were two of those “Xeroxed” ballots. I took them to the moderator who said, “Oh no, not again!!!” It’s not the people who vote who have the power. It’s the people who control and count the vote who have the power!!! MJF needs at least 2 qualified, verbal, aggressive poll watchers to be at each voting place to monitor and report ANY irregularities IMMEDIATELY to the proper authorities before the flies and leeches in the Finch/Mario administration can take over and deny.

    1. Amen to that, charlie. Absentee–just like the Finch administration. Corruption begins when people turn a blind eye. Whether it’s absentee ballots or discriminatory remarks to pick up the minority vote. The administration needs to start using common sense and fill positions with the right person, not based on race or gender. Backdoor favors have to stop. Discipline and loyalty to the people of Bridgeport needs to be a priority. The simple life lessons we teach our children seem to escape the so-called educated administrators who say they have Bridgeport’s best interests at heart. Semper Fi to the people and the City of Bridgeport!!!

    1. You’re wrong. The absentee ballots are easy to manipulate. All you need is access to the senior residences around the city. You have the application for the absentee ballots sent to the residence, have the crony on site fill them out and have the age-onset demented residents sign. When the ballot arrives you just fill it out and have it signed again. This can also be done with various cemeteries where cronies and family members have relatives buried and do the same thing. There are no official controls here.

  1. Black Rock numbers will be very different this year. Finch only won by one vote in 2007 despite Danny Roach’s best efforts. I think MJ will win big in that district. I think she’ll win big at Winthrop too. They went with Caruso last time and Fabrizi lived right up the street. Caruso won at Blackham too. The North End people are pretty disgusted–more so than 2007. I see a victory for MJ!

  2. This will be an interesting primary. Black Rock will be a flip precinct that voted for Finch but will not vote Finch this year. A precinct that might switch and vote for Finch is Wilbur Cross. Mary-Jane has to work hard in Marin precinct, a Finch stronghold!!! Also if she is to beat Finch she needs to beat him with wide margins in places Caruso did such as Park City!!! She will have to do better at Central 133-1 than Caruso did. She must do good with the black community like Caruso did because if you notice Caruso won some of the most Democratic precincts in the city such as Wilbur Cross and Dunbar which are solid black precincts. She will need a better turnout at Dunbar school, 492 votes is pathetic when you compare it to the 2,292 voters who came out and voted for Obama at that precinct. One precinct to watch out for is Marin, this will tell if he still will run strong or not. This was a precinct he won in a landslide and that is a heavy heavy Latino precinct

  3. The Bridgeport Kid, yes but will that just substitute the numbers at Park City, Read and Wilbur Cross? Foster will not win those precincts with the margin Caruso did. Secondly you say West End but honestly I think Longfellow will be a toss up.


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