1. Hallelujah! The people of the state of Alabama had two choices:

    Roy Moore, the 70-year-old GOP nominee who was twice ousted as state Supreme Court chief justice after flouting federal law. Roy Moore, a chicken hawk that was barred from shopping mall in Gadsden, Alabama, for checking the fresh and tender young ‘uns. Roy Moore, an “evangelical” Christian whose views on abortion, homosexuality, Muslims and the Confederacy are decidedly  anti Christian. 

    Or Democrat Doug Jones, 63, best known for prosecuting two Ku Klux Klansmen who killed four black girls in a 1963 church bombing. Doug Jones, the man that secured a grand jury indictment against Eric Robert Rudolph for the bombing of an abortion clinic that killed a police officer and blinded a nurse. Doug Jones, the former U.S. Attorney that testified before Congress on the importance of re-examining crimes of the Civil Rights Era.

    The choice was a challenger for the deep red voters of Alabama: “Do I vote for a pervert or a Democrat?”

      1. Andy,

        Every candidate for public office that Trump endorsed has crashed and burned at the polls. He quacked for Luther Strange; Roy Moore won that primary. Then Trump enorsed Moore, the homophobic chicken hawk. Moore lost.

        Donald Trump was very popular in Alabama. The God-fearing evangelical neo Confederates loved him. But now, after threatening to cut off their healthcare benefits, raise their taxes and start a war with Kim Jong Un, his approval rating in the Cotton State is about 48%.

        Nice work if you can get it…

  2. Before you start to pat the voters on the back be cognizant of the fact that Jones only won by 10,000 votes. A large segment of Alabama voters still voted for a pedophile. A large segment of Alabama voters are homophobic and bigoted by voting for Moore. A large segment of Alabama voters still support a misogynist president.

    This vote in Alabama still shows that a large segment of voters still think that to make America great again means turning the clock on America back to the 19th century.

    1. 10,000 votes is respectable margin, Don.. It is troubling Roy Moore was able to muster any votes but we’re talking about Alabama. Roy Moore is a self appointed “christian warrior.” He was removed from the chief judgeship of the state supreme court for defying federal court orders, once for refusing to remove a statue of the ten commandments from the lobby of the Alabama Supreme Court and the second time for instructing state officials to defy the SCOTUS order allowing same sex marriage. What a good Christian he is: as a thirtysomething assistant district attorney in Etowa County cruising a shopping mall in Gadsden, Alabama, looking to pick up nubile teenage girls.

      Trump’s endorsement was the final straw for at least 10,000 voters. Donald Trump, accused by more than two dozen women of sexual improprieties, who was caught on audio bragging about grabbing women by their crotch, endosed a chicken hawk with “We need his vote to make America great again!”

  3. David Walker and all of the other Republican candidates who are also running to become the governor of Connecticut have not waking up yet, they still think that 45 will help and support them but they are not following the election results from last month or yesterday in Alabama.

    Democrats won the governor’s mansions in Virginia and New Jersey. They also flipped a massive number of seats in the Virginia House of Delegates, and Maine voted to expand Medicaid. And voters elected a slew of women and minorities along with several transgender candidates to government offices around the nation.

    African Americans made up 29 percent of all Alabama voters, and they broke for Jones by a 96 percent-to-4 percent margin essentially matching Barack Obama’s performance with African Americans in the state in 2012. The black female voters voted 98% for Jones and 2% for somebody else, 98 to 2 with a larger turnout than what Obama got. The same thing happen last month in Virginia and New Jersey. Connecticut will see the same type of voting for governor in 2018 governors race without even knowing who the two candidates will be. The Trump backlash is in full effect. I’ve been suggesting to Dave Walker that he needed to reach out to black voters right here in Bridgeport but he can’t find the time because Walker and the other Republican candidates don’t want and respect the black voter and same voters will come out and vote and show their dislike of 45.

      1. Derek, it’s not about dislike of 45 but the facts that 45 has hurt blacks with his policies like health care (ACA) voter suppression, criminal reform system, the support of the All-right organization are just a reasons why black voters have turned out in large numbers and the failure of the Republicans to speak out against 45’s action. Just like 45 doesn’t meet and sit down with blacks the same thing is true with David Walker and all of the Republican candidates running for governor in Connecticut.

          1. 45 has NO black high profile female on his top staff or in his administration, in fact 45 has only one black high profile in his administration, Ben Carson.

          2. Neither Omarosa nor Ben Carson is qualified to do anything in the White House. Pardon me for saying but both of them were “token” hires in a cynical effort to make the administration appear inclusive.

      2. The blacks in this country for the most part vote democratic and look how far they have come under the democrats.Still no job training still on welfare and still at the bottom of all ethnic groups.. Thats where you liberal democrats have come, from the bottom to the bottom keep voting democratic

        1. Andy Democrats are still fight the Republicans for proper ID for blacks to vote. Every election Democrats battle the Republicans over voter ID laws. Hey Dems instead of fight the Republicans about voter ID laws get them an ID to vote. Black people if you didn’t get a proper ID’s in fifty years from the Dems to vote for them, forget about a job or education.

          Ron skip the black angle for a half a second. Who would be better for the City of Bridgeport a Bridgeport Republican governor that moved and lives here or a Democrat for Stamford? Like Moore’s and Gomes’ vote and support for a casino in East Windsor and not Bridgeport. It’s against the City of Bridgeport and its” residents.


        2. Andy,

          The Republican Party supported a chicken hawk for the U.S. Senate over a former federal prosecutor because Der Fuhrer needs the vote to pass a tax bill that benefits the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. Trump’s so-called “agenda” was repudiated in New Jersey, Virginia and Alabama.

          45 is the worst POTUS since Warren G. Harding.

    1. Ron when did the Republicans ever get more the 10% of the black vote, post the Civil Rights Act with King? Blacks supported Robert Byrd and he was a grand master of the KKK. (I think) Just like whites are supporting a pedophile solely based on party.

      TBK you mean gibberish facts. PS you need to be an asshole to know an asshole, Good Job 🙂

          1. And you are a stupid asshole, in the Biblical sense. That won’t make anyone go “hmmm…”

          2. Well was he in the KKK? Simple question. Hillary liked him.
            PS I told Felicia you said bye. She said, ” BTK WHO! 🙂 Please Answer the KKK question.

          3. He was one of the longest sitting Senators, a former member and Grand wizard of the KKK. If you ask Ron he is part of the discussion. Slavery is over in America but Day and Ron bring up our history on the subject in almost every post. And if they can’t or want to bring up the discussion on the matter or see the fact Democrats elected a KKK for over 50 years yet blame black advancement solely on I the Republicans while almost every major Democrat run city Blacks are underserved in Jobs education, ownership they don’t expect things to change too quickly. That’s the problem with you Godlessliberals you like facts and science until it goes against you view and then you’re a stupid asshole. Like policing I will not get into the yin and yang of politics. As hippy Jesus once said “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Good luck people, Merry Christmas.


          4. You are Felicia. But then you are a stupid asshole with no knowledge of American popular culture so it is no surprise the reference went right over your pointed little head.

    1. Well who knew there was a cut off date to reach out to voters? Walker didn’t run for office his first 4 years in CT. When he ran the only other time, it was a Republican primary. Again he’s in a Republican Primary. Your state, one of 14 out of 50 has a Closed Primary. Walker has begun meeting with an speaking with black groups and organizations through the state. My next question is, in CT what is it black voters want that’s different from Latino or white voters? Safe neighbors, good jobs, good schools, equal opportunities to succeed and knowing their tax dollars are well managed? CT sends far more tax dollars to the Federal government than is returned to the state. That would be due to your Democrat Congressman and Senators. Your Democrat Governor got into a very public and major tiff with then Governor Pence, now the Vice President. Imagine how much that’s helped your elected federal officials. For years you have claimed Walker is someone you don’t support. You have done everything you can to close the black door in Walkers face if he even gets close to the front yard gate. On this blog you said you would go listen to him if he ever spoke at the center at PT, he was invited, he spoke – you were invited by many people, and did not show. Ron, I completely understand as a Union Democrat your job is to paint any Republican with a broad negative brush, and you’ve done a darn good job of it for years, without even meeting the man and giving him the opportunity to hear and discuss your concerns. Did you ever stop to think perhaps those blacks in the Bridgeport community aren’t talking to you about him because they already know your position on him without meeting him? I could be wrong about that, would not be the first time, and certainly not the last. I have no hope or desire to change your mind or position, however too many people read this blog for me to not occasionally rebutt your position and argue some points. Alabama- what a victory. To be crystal clear, the black vote saved all of us. And with that, I wish you and yours a very blessed and Merry Christmas.

      1. Jennifer, the cut off date to reach out to black voters was 8 years ago, 7 years ago, 6 years ago 5 years ago, 4 years ago, 3 years ago, last year and now this year. If all of these wonderful ideas you listed are good for the black community here in Bridgeport then why haven’t Walker sat down with the different black communities, organizations, churches and at the same time have voter registration drive to encourage blacks to vote and maybe vote for him. Jennifer if Dave Walker can find time to run around the state talking with voters then why not here in his city? After Walker lost four years ago he should have started going around Bridgeport and having listening sessions with black voters so that could get to know who David Walker is. Jennifer you will a big voter turnout of black women in Connecticut for the 2018 election.

        1. Considering the demographics of America and the majority rules, the white population is within about 10years of no longer being the majority. I hope every black and Hispanic eligible voter in America understands this, engages in the election process and gets out to vote. There is nothing the Democrats or Republicans fear more than an engaged and educated voter. The parties lose contact of who they want to be the candidate and thus elected and puts the real power of the ballots into the people’s hands. I hope Alabama was that wake up call to party leaders. I for one am sick to death of these angry white men and women who were promised all their lives they would rule America, and now that the reality is sinking in we have the Trumps, Moore’s and Clinton’s of America highjacking any party they can to wield what they can. Walker had no intention of running for office again. He was approached by many influential business leaders across the state to run for office. He’s not a career politician, did you know he refused his Federal Pension? America is waking and realizing merit matters in elected officials. Walker has extraordinarily qualifications and merit.

      2. Jennifer, trust me, why would the black community know anything about Dave Walker? As for Republicans, Stew McKinney, Chris Shays, Jodi Tell are just a few Republicans that I’ve voted for. The late Jack Kemp and baseball Hall of Famer and resident of Connecticut were two Republicans that I greatly admire. Jennifer, why hasn’t Dave Walker spoken out against 45 new tax cut Bill or anything 45 has said and done about his lies?

        1. The bill isn’t final yet, Dave is a facts and numbers geek, until the budget is passed it’s all speculation. Ron, the reality is Federal money is needed to help bail out CT. Clinton was the first Democrat president Walker worked with. Remember that scandal, the lies that president told and the impeachment? I’ve never hear Walker say a negative thing about Clinton over that. It’s not his style. And just between you and me, and no one else, who would have the time to do anything productive if one spent all their time refuting politicians lies these days? Since Walker won’t be voting on federal policy, but trying to run your state into solvency under the Administration, other than pandering for votes, what’s the point? Look at Washington state, fighting and protecting net netruality in their state without going after Trump as a person.

        2. Ron,

          Little Joe Ganim promised to make everything all better. After two years of broken promises the African-American community in Bridgeport is angry, pissed off at Little Joe. The unemployed blue collar workers that voted for Trump are angry too, for similar reasons. Make America great again? When did our nation stop being great?

          1. I’ll say when Godless Liberal removed our nation flag form campuses and burn it because the view the nation a oppression. TBK asked “anger African-American community in Black Rock Bridgeport” if Grand Wizard KKK member Senator Robert Byrd made good on his promises while in the Senate for 50 plus?


          2. Whatever? You rant and rave about Trump being endorsed by David Duke but whatever to a member of the KKK Democrat Senator of 50 years. OK


          3. Whatever, Roberta. You’ll give yourself a nosebleed if you don’t calm down. Wipe the spittle from your mouth. You look like a rabid poodle.

          1. Tu n’es rien d’autre qu’un bouffon pour l’amusement, manque d’intelligence ou socialement rédemptrice de qualités.

          1. Your mother must be oroud, she raised a perfectly stupod asshole. Should have drowned you at birth.

          2. Considering, were I was, a stupid asshole is an improvement. Why so much anger in you? For a Godless liberal you’re pretty shallow. I always though Godless Liberals encourage intellect debates. But all you do is call me a stupid asshole. They must be proud of you.

          3. Why am I as a fucking know it all for my views and opinion over your views and opinions? Is that Whore a chick with a dick and does “she” do anal? Hey your a Godless Liberal. Why do Guys like anal so much? They do know what comes out of that HO. , Thank you Jusus. 🙂

    1. You spend a lot of time on You Tube, too much.

      The other contributors ignore your posts, Mr. Peabody. I enjoy toying with you. Eventually I will grow bored nd ignore you.

      1. How do you know if the other contributors ignore my post? If you says so. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Mr. Darwin. 🙂

        You got to “LOVE” science.

        Good Day

        1. No one elseresponds to your bullshit posts, Roberta. You’re a pest. Too bad there’s no blocking feature on OIB. If there was you’d be invisible to everyone.

          Merry Christmas, you worthless little turd.

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