Testing And Selection Process Timeline For Entry Level Police Exam

From Civil Service Office:
The following timeline outlines the steps in the various phases in the examination process for entry level police officer. This is meant only to be a general overview and the Civil Service office reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary.

Recruitment for Entry Level Police Officer
April – June 3, 2018

— Open house(s)
— CT Post advertising
— Job fairs/school visits

Announcement and Application Submission Period
April 23, 2018 – June 3, 2018

— CHIP testing at Central High School (May 26, 2018)
— Submit application online at PoliceApp.com
— Must pay fee to complete registration process
— Must have Cooper’s test certification card
Application deadline: Sunday 6/3/18 at 11:59 p.m.

Written Examination
June 23, 2018

— Exam Orientation – 1-2 weeks before
— Location: Fairchild Wheeler Inter-District Magnet High School
— Pass point: 75 or above (raw score)
— Written scoring to be completed by 7/5/18
— Result letters to candidates to be mailed by 7/6/18

Oral Examination
week of July 16, 2018

— Candidate invitations to be mailed by 7/6/18
— Oral scoring to be completed by 7/30/18

Certification of Results
August 1, 2018

— Initial ranked employment list posted
— 30-day review period begins 8/1/18; ends 8/30/18
— OIA Background check (8 wks. minimum begins)

Conditional Job Offers Issued
September 1, 2018

— Top 50 names on list
— Physical exam/drug screen/cardiac stress test (10/1/2018 – 11/30/18)
— Polygraph examination (9/1/2018 – 10/1/18)
— Psychological evaluation (10/1/2018 – 11/1/18)

Civil Service Commission certifies list
August 7, 2018

— Appeals on medical/background/poly failures (September – December 2018)

Appointment as probationary Police Officers
Tentatively: December 2018

— Academy begins



  1. Make no mistake about it. The City of Bridgeport is making an all out effort. Promotions are everywhere. Minority and Female participation is encouraged.

    Bridgeport Police Department Recruitment Drive

    For information Contact Officer Johanna Angelo

    (475) 319-0208

    (475) 319-0209


  2. How about some reporting and official information as to the process and requirements to be Chief of Police. I thought we went through two rounds of police classes. Where are they? Where are ALL the BPT police officers. There have been some very notable negative situations;eg a police officer clocking in and getting paid for being at home. I cast no questions of every police officer. But,through today,there is no INDEPENDENT civilian control of the Bridgeport Police department and they are not held accountable to the People of Bridgeport. The “Mayor”(whomever that is has far too much control and influence so this creates a politicized Police Dept). The Bridgeport Police Commission has the powers of a eunuch. I believe that “most” police officers want to do their job without the politicizing but that is not what is happening in Bridgeport. If anything,the City Council should implement some type of budget freeze and the City Council should be getting in-time info about Police budgets,overtimes,retirements,staffing etc. We have a broken Public Safety situation in The City of Bridgeport.

    1. I just walked by The Geraldine Claytor Magnet Academy where there was some type of Little-League game going on. I am not exactly sure what was the official association. There was a BPT Police officer present. The officer was out of the BPT Police cruiser which was there. I walked by this BPT police officer twice and each this officer was looking at a cell phone. The license plate on the cruiser was BPT-605.4/26/2018 about 5pm. The questions are;was the police officer here on official duty(public safety during a “Little=League” game. If not,was the officer off the clock and,if so.why was the wearing of uniform and use of official BPT POlice cruiser available to this officer. The biggest question;Who can answer these questions

      1. Frank, really, it’s called “community policing” the system of allocating police officers to particular areas so that they become familiar with the local residents.

      2. *** I rather have a cop take a break watching kids play for a while till called, off shift but not running back to clock-out, etc.. Better than hiding at a bar or secluded area in the park or under a highway under-pass. Cops need a break sometimes too, after dealing with people @ their worst, emergency’s or traffic accidents, etc… Their human too, besize who you gonna-call if your in need of help? ***

  3. Once again, the efforts to increase the applicant pool of black candidates will not help with those candidates getting hired because David Dunn has already put into motion a system a testing company that has NO record of successfully of hiring blacks. Rev. Stallworth is being setup for failure because all one has to do is to look over Clients Served by Randi Frank HR Consulting the company that is giving this exam. What is this company’s record in giving non-discriminatory exams with the makeup of Bridgeport and what cities have they had good success in hiring people of color.
    There is nothing about Randi Frank HR Consulting dealing with diversity in hiring from their exams. Her clients are all small towns and cities and none of them have the racial makeup of Bridgeport. David Dunn has been doing this for years hiring companies just like this one because there cost is much lower because they are dealing with a different type of population. What is this company’s record in giving non-discriminatory exams with the makeup of Bridgeport and what cities have they had good success in hiring people of color, none.

    1. Well Ron,

      There’s a system in place to correct the problem you see. It’s called civil court. Put you money where your mouth is, hire an attorney to petition the court for a redress of grievances. Bitching about it on OIB ain’t gonna change a thing.

      All of your points are valid. Joe Ganim is not going to his ways unless forced to by a judge’s ruling.

  4. Derek, you’re usually sharp on the issues, but you’ve dropped the ball in telling Brother Mackey that redress for this can be solved in Civil Court. The fact is this is a race issue that involves the lack of Black’s being hired which would create a disparate impact which would be a violation of the UNIFORM GUIDELINES ON EMPLOYEE SELECTION PROCEDURES as defined by the EEOC.

    Keeping this in mind one would need to go to Federal court for redress in the forum of a Class action lawsuit which Brother Mackey, you and I don’t have the financial resources to institute this lawsuit even if we pooled all of our resources for the next year. Any questions?

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