Terron Jones New Public Information Officer

From left; Director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security Scott Appleby,  Mayor Joe Ganim and Terron Jones with emergency preparedness kits in September. Photo: Brian A. Pounds / Hearst Connecticut Media.

Mayor Joe Ganim has appointed city resident Terron Jones who most recently worked in the Emergency Operations Center as public information officer handling media relations for police and fire and disseminating emergency-related information to the community.

“Terron is the ideal person to serve the City of Bridgeport in this role,” said Mayor Ganim in a prepared statement. “He has extensive knowledge of the city’s emergency preparedness and public safety operations.”

Jones replaces Av Harris who is transitioning back to the full-time position as director of legislative affairs with the start of the General Assembly session next month.

“I look forward to the opportunity to assist in communications between our first responders, media partners and community members,” said Jones. “I am passionate about public safety and am humbled to serve my city in this role.”



  1. Frank, is it possible that the young man just may be qualified for the position that he filled? Every appointment of a Black isn’t about placating or kissing the ass of the Black community, sometimes it’s about the best person who happens to be a city resident getting the job.

    Do you know this thing man or are aware of his background dealing with public safety? Probably not. Black’s aren’t going to automatically support Mayor Ganim because a Brother got a job in his administration. Just saying Frank.

    1. My distrust of Ganim/Testa is such that I don’t trust one single thing that they do. Both of them only work on the premise of what is good for “themselves.” That is their basic and integral calculation. Terron Jones may indeed be a fine individual. I am not worried about Terron Jones. I am worried about Ganim/Testa and whether or not they will use Brother Jones for their own benefit.

  2. How demeaning to Terron to be reduced to a black trophy for Mayor Ganim . Enough of this crap already. This man is a very smart man and a professional. Give Mayor Ganim credit for acknowledging talent. I can not believe anyone believes that this man got this position because he was Black and it would bode well for the Mayor. To be honest , African American talent is very very well represented in City Hall. Most are professionals and serve the taxpayers well. Mayor Ganim made a wise choice with Terron . Good luck to him.

      1. Ron Mackey . I have 40 years of experience as a Senior Planner , Master Scheduler and manager of Pep Boys and Home Depot . I have Hired, trained and fired 100’s of associates. I think my qualifications are pretty impressive. I am well read, well informed, well traveled and I live in Bridgeport and pay taxes here. I have owned many properties and have never been a slumlord. I am at home in every corner of this city. I think I am well qualified for my job and if there were a test I am certain I would do very well without extra points for being a city resident. Thank you for inquiring . Perhaps you thought my career was a substitute teacher like Marshall Marcus and Tom White. Though it was an enjoyable detour and many Principals in the Bridgeport School system encouraged me to get yet another degree. It just wasn’t meant to be. 🙂

  3. OK Steve. Enlighten us all. Give us his academic credentials. His work experience prior to getting this job. His lack of a political background.
    I’m serious. I don’t know a thing about him as I am sure most of us readers do. You seem to know everything so fill us in.

    1. Bob Walsh- Can we just stick with encouraging Marilyn Moore to run for office. I made a comment- This is lennie Grimaldi’s Blog- let him give you Terrons credentials. Let him do the investigating. I just congratulated him. I have worked with him and I think Ganim made a great choice. What are your credentials for any comment you post? You live in Branford. You have been kicked to the curb years ago, You supported Bob Keeley and have never commented on his demise. All you can do is kiss Moore’s ass and insult the Mayor. I would encourage Marilyn Moore to run. She is entitled to her dream. I do not think anyone will have a problem that they just put her in office and then she is running for another office. Nobody should hold anyone back on their dreams and aspirations . Bob Walsh, I have said it once and I will say it again. You are like a cancer in this city . You love too spread negativity and misery . You are no longer a Bridgeporter and your attempt to ruin every positive story or project happening in this city will not reach anyone beyond this blog. Dave Kooris did a great job in the past administration. Ganim has done an amazing job making sure the sky did not fall and the projects have come to fruition. I give Ganim credit for attempting to keep Kooris on. Bob Walsh- I do not know everything . I do believe the best is yet to come in the city of Bridgeport and if that kills you – well so be it!

        1. Frank I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. “I got squished Senator Moore” How so? What does that have to do with Terron Jones?? Do you just jump on bandwagons and make them your own? When you talk about Mario and the Town Committee , you are talking about 90 people , most elected and most do not have their hands out. Unless you have first hand experience, you should refrain from your comments.

          1. Steve..you got involved with the Democrats for Deecken. You may not want to admit. But your comments here on OIB suggested that Democrats should vote for Deecken. Now,I can do a lot of copy and paste but yyou seemed to be in the circle of Democrats for Deecken. Election results showed you got squished. Anthony Paoletto get squished too.

    2. Bob,

      He has his BA from Southern. He got his masters in public planning (it may be in public admin; I do know he has a MS). He worked for the City of Los Angeles for a number of years in their OEM Department shortly after completing his masters. He came back home and has been flourishing ever since.

  4. Bobby the love for Mayor Ganim is deep seated in the love for a city job. Follow me my brother down the road of yesterday and ya boy STEVIE’S comments about Joe.

    I am dead set against another Ganim Administration riddled with corruption, greed and Mario Testa. I felt after 11 years of Ganim the people have had enough. I figured after he destroyed the reputation of the city, the city had enough. I figured it took two administrations to wipe away the black eye given to us by Ganim, the people would have learned. They did not. We have two weeks to educate. Joe Ganim has done an amazing job while enjoying $500 bottles of wine, fancy clothes, home enhancements, cash in his pocket to let the little sycophants of Bridgeport think he was one of them–he isn’t a snob, just a wealthy suburbanite who hasn’t paid a dime in taxes to Bridgeport for 15 years. He will meet and greet anyone but always go home to the comfort of his Easton home. Personally, I do not care. I am supporting Foster for the Future of our city.

  5. Yawn!

    Thank you for making me a Superstar of the blog. Every Post always comes down to me because you acknowledge that people acknowledge every word I say . Thank you. So, Here I am and there you are . So of us move forward and some are just stuck in the past. In the words of the late President George H.W. Bush, May his memory be forever a blessing to all who knew him. “Read My Lips, No New Taxes” ! We may often regret comments we made. I know I have apologized for mine when warranted. I always do.

    1. Well Ron, Maybe comic relief to you and that gives me joy to put a smile on your face. Your comments do not give anyone joy and I appreciate the Superstar status that is clear on this blog. I thank you for putting me there and so does Lennie. 🙂

      1. Steve, I hope that you are not posting on City time and the taxpayers money again but since you are such a big ass kisser to Mario and Ganim they just might give you a day off without pay for violating City policy about internet during business hours.

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