Teenager Shot In Trumbull Gardens

Trumbull Gardens teen
Crime scene Trumbull Gardens. Photo courtesy of Doing It Local.

A 15-year-old male Wednesday afternoon suffered a gunshot wound to the back of the neck in Trumbull Gardens, the scene of intense violence the past few months. Public safety spokesman Kevin Coughlin announced that police responded to a report of shots fired at Trumbull Avenue.

The victim, a black male, was transported to St. Vincent’s Medical Center in a private vehicle. He was listed in critical but stable condition, according to Coughlin.

Anyone with information regarding this incident should contact the Bridgeport Police Department at (203) 581-5201.



  1. Hey, masters of the universe (of Bridgeport political campaigns and their keepers and funders in Hartford and Greenwich)!

    Please, wake up and do something about this horrible string of shootings.

    The little people who are being shot

  2. Mr. Spain, it is becoming an epidemic. We’d be clamoring for a cure if people, no, children were dying from a disease. Sadly there is a cure, we need to get police on the street. There should be rallies held at our local high schools speaking with and not at the teens. If the administration weren’t so concerned with their jobs and this election, a remedy would have been instituted already.

  3. No one will say it but I will. The killings and shootings will not stop until the people living in the affected areas say they give a damn and will get information to the police. In many shootings the shooter is known to the person shot and to the victim’s friends.
    We can put 1000 cops on the street and we will not stop this genocide. Without information, the police will not solve any of these murders. Pure and Simple.

  4. *** Time to get involved in helping stop the violence in Bpt. Looking the other way is nothing more than getting a temporary free pass from getting shot during an incident. Next time it might be you or a family member or friend who gets the bullet! Wake Up people, you deserve better than this type of living. *** Make A Difference ***


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