Ted Kennedy Jr. Among Surrogates Stepping Up For Marilyn Moore

Blumenthal, Perez, Moore
State Senator Marilyn Moore, right, shares a moment with U.S. Senator Dick Blumenthal and Police Chief AJ Perez at Black Rock Day Sunday.

Surrogate support is a key ingredient to winning primaries, be it phone calls, knocking on doors or lending the prestige of a name or organization. Marilyn Moore and Ted Kennedy Jr. entered the State Senate together following election in November 2014. For his part, Kennedy says Moore deserves reelection as she faces an August Democratic primary from Bridgeport City Council President Tom McCarthy. “I’m puzzled why anyone in the party would be against her,” says Kennedy. “She’s done an incredible job.”

Ted Kennedy Jr
Ted Kennedy Jr is backing Moore.

Connecticut’s 22nd State Senate District covers an eclectic mix of voter demographics from the north and western portions of Bridgeport, all of Trumbull and a piece of Monroe.

Moore won the seat two years ago defeating three-term incumbent Anthony Musto in a primary running largely as an independent-minded reformer. And it’s a persona she continues to relish. She does not suck up to the local party establishment. McCarthy, like Musto two years ago, received the endorsement last month from city and suburban party insiders alike. Moore received enough party support at the convention to qualify for a primary. Two years ago Moore defeated Musto in a close race running up large pluralities in Bridgeport to offset Musto’s suburban base, on her way to a general election victory.

There’s an altered dynamic in this race: McCarthy is a stronger campaigner than Musto, but Moore now enjoys the power of incumbency and with that a higher profile in the suburbs to elevate prestige with voters.

Moore, veterans
Moore at a Trumbull veterans event.

Some Trumbull pols assert Moore is a one-dimensional Bridgeport candidate despite her spending numerous hours meeting and hosting suburban events particularly focused on senior citizens, veterans, transportation and education issues. Ironically, Moore contends, she has been criticized by Democratic party insiders for building bipartisan support even if it means working with Trumbull’s Republican First Selectman Tim Herbst who has a rocky relationship with Trumbull Dems. “I’m a senator who works for and with all the people,” Moore reasons. “Isn’t that why I was elected?”

While common issues exist in all three towns in the district, one Bridgeport-based action the Moore campaign will drive home to electors is her vote for uniform statewide car taxes, an initiative of Senate President Martin Looney who supports Moore. That means Bridgeport car owners will pay a tax rate of 37 mils, the most any Connecticut auto owner can pay, but representing a tax cut for residents of Connecticut’s largest city. Meanwhile, the mil rate on real estate and personal property, proposed by Mayor Joe Ganim and approved by the City Council, will increase to 54 for the budget year starting July 1 in a revaluation year.

Two months from the primary, Kennedy will be among the list of surrogates the Moore campaign plans to leverage to buoy its retail campaign operation. Kennedy is a health care lawyer who has led passage of legislation on an assortment of issues involving the environment, mental health, addiction services and consumer protection. Moore, chair of the Human Services Committee, and Kennedy have worked together on a number of those issues.

Lindsay Farrell
Lindsay Farrell

The Connecticut Working Families Party, with an emerging influence in city elections helping to elect school board members and also State Senator Ed Gomes running on the WFP line in a special election last year, has not yet issued an official endorsement in the race but the organization’s Executive Director Lindsay Farrell says “It’s been fantastic working with Senator Moore on our agenda of building an economy that works for everyone. Whether it’s breast cancer screenings, paid family leave, or fair chance employment legislation, Marilyn has been incredibly effective in the legislature, and at a time when most politicians are just dragging their feet.”

Gary Winfield
State Senator Gary Winfield

Both Moore and McCarthy continue to build their respective campaign infrastructures while trying to qualify for Connecticut’s Citizens Election Program of publicly funded races that will avail more than $100k to spend in a primary. Moore recently named New Haven State Senator Gary Winfield as her campaign manager. The campaign will have a headquarters opening soon on north Main Street. The winner of the August 9 primary will face Republican Elaine Hammers in the general election.



  1. Well my guess is T McCarthy has little if any sense of the racially tinged decision he has made to take on a competent, capable and compassionate African American woman just because his nose is out of joint that he had to step away from the “trough” of money, perks and privileges his life as both council person and city employee, with Labor Relations yet, was able to wallow in.
    The city of Bridgeport is elevated by the State Senate service of Marilyn Moore.
    Have you no shame or guilt in degrading the political process in this manner, Mr. McCarthy?

    1. Carolanne Curry, good for you! Taking on your boss Joe Ganim and the Democratic chair Mario Testa. I give you credit for that! The fact you live in Westport and McCarthy got the endorsement from the DTC, shameful? Your Boss is supporting him. Joe probably looks at you like a real asset. The good news–you and Maria Pereira can canvass together! You just added another interesting dimension to this race. Good for you!!!

      1. “The fact you live in Westport and McCarthy got the endorsement from the DTC, shameful? Your boss is supporting him.”

        When was that endorsement announced? Putting words in the Mayor’s mouth now? Filter filter filter.

        1. Frank the Cabana Boy, are you just pretending to be dumber than a box of rocks? You must be important to be incognito yet naïve as though you were on another planet. Really??? Filter, Filter, Filter? Duh!!!
          Putting words in the Mayor’s mouth? lolololololololololololol.

        1. Actually Lisa, I am a loyalist. I may not agree with my boss or the people responsible for giving me a job as an out of city employee when that has been an issue, I would never go out of my way to insult the opposition knowing the reality. I would not be vocal. She got a job in this administration and does not live here. Though I do appreciate you are supporting Marilyn and her comments work for you, it was a bad move and embarrassing. Just saying!

          1. Frank Gyure, I am curious. Whom do you think my boss is? And furthermore what does that have to do with this blog and this conversation? Just curious.

          2. I don’t know who your boss is. That is why I am asking you. In terms of what this has to do with this blog, I submit the following quote. “Actually Lisa, I am a loyalist. I may not agree with my boss or the people responsible for giving me a job as an out of city employee when that has been an issue.” Do you recognize that quote? THAT WAS YOU!!! So YOU are the one brought up the issue of WHO’S THE BOSS.

      2. Steve, you are truly amazing to others as well as in your own eyes when you open your mouth and speak the truth ABOUT POWER. Carolanne Curry has no independence or freedom of speech once you take employment with the City or have a member who does. You are owned by the system, and that is how MACHINES work.
        Speaking TRUTH TO POWER is important in the City of Bridgeport as it is everywhere justice and fairness fails to be routinely observed, and where those with the POWER fail in OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST governance. But those are not concerns of Steve Auerbach commonly, are they Steve? Rather you like the way MACHINES function and how they require GREASE and OBEDIENCE to function? Time will tell.

        1. Gee JML, I am on the Town Committee. So far, I haven’t had anyone twisting my arm or asking me to do anything against my will. All I get is an invitation to fundraisers because everyone knows the Auerbach’s are loaded. Other than that, not a peep! Everyone said John Gomes made it against the City Hall law to be on this blog, yet there is Carolanne. BTW, I have no problem with Carolanne supporting Marilyn Moore, just to be clear. I have no problem with the majority on this blog supporting Moore. I voted for her two years ago. I am more into the General election. Local politics have become a little too dull for me.

    2. She is good for the district, she is good for the State, there is not a logically justifiable reason to replace her. I stress logic because any reason that does not logically suit the greater good and the realistic demographic of this city, district and state is just another vindictive narcissistic power grab based in subjective perceptions of being ignored or ripped off.

      My opinion stated without malice, name-calling or creating inflammatory fictitious scenarios.

        1. Is it too much to ask that you respect ALL parties, yourself, and your candidate, your fellow DTC members, Moore, Mario Testa, Mayor Ganim and anyone else who may be refraining from posting here to avoid your spiteful rejoinders, by posting like an adult with an adult intellect?

          1. Zena Lu thinks opinion equals logic. Read the text to identify the twisted mind of the lunatic within.

    3. Carolanne Curry, you said, “Well my guess is T McCarthy has little if any sense of the racially tinged decision he has made to take on a competent, capable and compassionate African American woman,” well that mindset also goes to Mario Testa who is backing McCarthy and to Mayor Joe Ganim who was elected because of black voters and he’s showing he doesn’t care.

    4. By her own admission, carolanne curry is guessing. T McCarthy is not making a racially tinged decision to challenge Moore. He’s exercising his political choice. In regards to the city charter, he’s putting politics before money.

  2. Marilyn Moore needs to get boots on the ground and she needs to do that now. With a fair number of volunteers it will be easy to tie McCarthy to the mil rate, tie McCarthy to Dennis Bradley and tell Bridgeport parents about Dennis Bradley and what an embarrassing fiasco that is, and McCarthy’s patron Mario Testa was responsible for the Dennis Bradley fiasco. Moore can tell Trumbull Democrats McCarthy is a crooked Bridgeport political crony and tie him to the WPCA. If she gets the people to get that message out she actually may embarrass McCarthy. Moore did reach out to me on Black Rick Day but we did not meet. I hope we will meet.

    1. After Dennis Bradley unilaterally decided the process the Board would utilize to fill a vacancy, authorized expenditures to contact our BOE attorney and run an ad in the CT Post for the vacancy, and called a 5:00 special meeting for Monday to interview candidates, and did so without and discussion or vote of the other seven BOE members, he did not arrive in the parking lot until just about 5:30 pm.

      All seven of us were there and we requested Joe Larcheveque to call the meeting to order which he did. We then took roll call.

      I then immediately made a motion to adjourn which was seconded. We went straight to a vote which voted in favor 4 to 3.

      Dennis Bradley has no respect for democracy, his colleagues, or the valuable time of our staff.

  3. “I’m puzzled why anyone in the party would be against her. She’s done an incredible job.”–State Senator Ted Kennedy, Jr.

    This will become a key question in the minds of primary Democratic voters in the 22nd district come the August 9th primary.

    Why would anyone in the party be against State Senator Moore?

    Who better to ask than those who voted at Testo’s in May for McCarthy to give him their party-insider endorsement over Senator Moore?

    And so, I asked my City Council person, Scott Burns, about his support of McCarthy against State Senator Marilyn Moore. He wrote back in an e-mail:

    “I am supporting Tom McCarthy [for State Senate in the 22nd District]. One of the things I’ve learned in my [first] few months on Council is that the ability to work through the levels of government is important, and I have had a successful relationship with our state representative [Steve Stafstrom]. It’s really not about me, but the fact that the Senator is unfamiliar with two of the City Council reps in her district speaks to the fact that she has not done enough to know the concerns of our district.

    “Having worked with Tom these last few months, I am confident he will work hard and be responsive to the priorities of our district.”

    That’s from freshman Councilman Scott Burns, new co-chair of the Budget and Appropriations Committee of the Bridgeport City Council–a supposed legislative “check” on the ruinous financial management of our city, which Tom McCarthy has overseen for eight years as head of the legislative branch of our government, the City Council. The city had a $20 million budget hole this year–I guess to McCarthy’s utter surprise. Then, the City Council unanimously passed a budget that increases our mil rate 29% and flat-funds the public schools. (Our mil rate increase may be a Guinness World Record; I’m looking into it. I’ll let you know.)

    Meanwhile, State Senator Marilyn Moore has been working diligently to represent our diverse district in Hartford on a host of important issues, and concurrently directs the Witness Project, which serves minority women in our area to improve their access to cancer screening, life-saving treatments, and long-term follow-up. But that’s not good enough for some, evidently. They can’t endorse her because she’s doesn’t call them out of a crowded room by their name. She is not buddy buddy enough with them, I guess.

    Is “buddy buddy” getting the job done? Are we electing a State Senator or a used-car lot greeter?

    Finally, the “state representative” Scott Burns alludes to, Steve Stafstrom, wrote to me that he is supporting State Senator Moore and that she “has contributed to the success of the” [Bridgeport delegation]–“a delegation that is working very well together in Hartford right now.”

    Think maybe Steve Stafstrom and Ted Kennedy, Jr. know more about what’s happening in Hartford and the job that State Senator Moore is doing there, than almost anyone who voted for McCarthy at Testo’s?

    1. Welcome to Bridgeport, Ted. It’s what’s right for the individual politicians and not what’s right for the public. Self-service over public service. An anti-Kennedy practice, no wonder why it is foreign to him.

    2. Pete,
      It sounds like Scott had his feelings hurt. “It’s really not about me.” Oh yes it is. He expected the State Senator to come running to him because he was the new council rep in Black Rock. Did he and his council partner reach out to the good senator and ask for a sit-down? Apparently not.
      “One of the things I’ve learned in my [first] few months on Council is that the ability to work through the levels of government is important.” Then why didn’t Tom McCarthy schedule a council/legislative caucus if he is so familiar with working through all levels of government? We used to have these back when I was on the council.
      Seems like Scott and Marcus have a lot in common. Not that Black Lady from Bridgeport.

      1. Bob,
        I don’t know you and you don’t know me. You have no business putting words in my mouth. I have never referred to Marilyn Moore as ‘that Black Lady from Bridgeport.’ Both candidates are from Bridgeport. I don’t care about race or gender. I voted for Senator Moore in the general election and if she beats McCarthy will campaign for her to beat Hammers, that White Lady from Trumbull.
        In 2014 I had no problem supporting Denise Nappier, that Black Lady from Hartford and NOT Tim Herbst, that white male from Trumbull.

        Despite your warped mind, not everyone makes decisions based on race.

  4. Pete, I am going to walk with Marilyn and Ed’s literature. I am definitely going to use quite a few points in your letter.

    We have to work together to defeat their challengers.

  5. On a side note, my phone started ringing tonight because Stallworth, Wanda Geter, Councilman Castillo, Anthony and Nessah walked Nob Hill and Eastwood condominiums again. They had just walked it on Memorial Day weekend.

    In one house where I registered two of the three votes, the young man spoke with Wanda Geter and Stallworth. He told them he would definitely vote for Stallworth. I asked him if they asked for his phone number. He said they did and so he gave them a fake number.

    I had two other voters call me and told me there was a “gang” of Stallworth canvassers flooding Nob Hill. He said “don’t they know they are wasting their time?”

    Wanda even knocked on one of my DTC member’s doors and his neighbor across the hall whom he registered. After they left, he said to her “we are not voting for him. He has done nothing for us.” Loyalty.

    1. Wanda Geter and Stallworth walked Nob Hill. That’s great. Wanda is one hell of a campaigner and that’s my old neighborhood. I think it is great Anthony and Nessah are walking. It will keep them in the public eye when they run for re-election. Maria, you will have a lot of explaining to do to all those people in the Thomas Hooker area that you had vote for Joe Ganim to just have him destroyed less than a week into his historic win. It seems the 138th has the most exciting drama going on. I have not heard one negative word about Anthony and Nessah. Not one. I heard their walk was extremely effective. I wonder if they know you have an amazing campaign headquarters with a very impressive war room? I have to admit, it is far superior to what Finch, Foster and Ganim had. The fact you are focused should give the opposition pause. Oh yeah, they had some heavy hitters walking and I am impressed even if you make it like your constituents gave the wrong phone numbers–what does that say about them?

  6. When 7 of 27 comments so far are from Steve Auerbach, it means:

    1) School is out, it’s not mealtime, and he has time on his hands.

    2) Steve is excited about the subject, perhaps titillated is even a better word, about political support and canvassing by women.

    3) He has something to say in support of his candidate Tom McCarthy regarding his record in our Bridgeport ‘legislature’ that provides strong evidence of how he would operate in the State legislature.

    And the answers are:
    A) 1
    B) 2
    C) 1 & 2
    D) None of the above. Time will tell.

  7. Here’s a little something that will put a smile on the faces of a lot of members of the OIB community.
    Last year, one of our new favorite bloggers Marshall Marcus ran for the Town Council in Trumbull. On the trumbulldemocrats.org website Marshall talks about good government.

    One of his promises to do if elected was:
    “I will also strive to make the Town Council a true deliberative body, and not just an arm of the administration.”
    What kind of BS is this or is it just more of the same what’s good for Trumbull is not good for Bridgeport? Puppet McCarthy, his choice for State Senate, was a part of the administration as well as a member of the City Council. Marshall doesn’t see the conflict unless you live in Trumbull and deserve “a true deliberative body.” In Bridgeport you deserve what you are stuck with.
    Also I noticed Marshall is/was on the Town Committee AND ran for council. So he should have no problem grabbing as much power as possible a la Tommy Mac; his hero.
    Nice job, Marshall. Once again you show your true colors.

    1. Bob, Marshall Marcus thought he could come on OIB and give us some bullshit and it wouldn’t be questioned. This guy is a real loser and he’s just what Trumbull needs, somebody who thinks Tom McCarthy did great things in Bridgeport with his leadership and now Marshall wants to bring that same type of leadership to Trumbull. The same leadership Tom gave us with 20 million dollars in the red is what Marshall will bring to Trumbull.

      1. Ron,
        I don’t hold public office. I don’t form or vote on the town budget, how could I bring a deficit to Trumbull? You lie when you state I think Tom McCarthy brought great things to Bridgeport. I have passed no comments on his performance in your city government.

        Attacking me, a non-candidate will not help Marilyn Moore win the primary. You need to convince voters whom to vote for.

        I never met you, but for you to constantly lie and put words in my mouth I never uttered shows you to be a despicable person.


        I have been very explicit, I believe McCarthy can get a larger slice of the state pie for Trumbull than Moore has done. That’s what I want in a Sate Senator. We are stuck with three Republican State Representatives in Trumbull and therefore they bring little home.

        If he is elected and doesn’t perform thusly, I won’t support reelection. Anything else you say about my reasoning is a figment of your imagination.

        1. Marshall, you said “I have been very explicit, I believe McCarthy can get a larger slice of the state pie for Trumbull than Moore has done,” once again, what do you base that on please?

          Marshall, you also stated, “I don’t hold public office. I don’t form or vote on the town budget, how could I bring a deficit to Trumbull?” If you get elected Marshall, if.

          Let’s try this again Marshall, what facts do you have to back up your support for Tom McCarthy? I see no reason the voters in Trumbull would ever vote for you because you talk and say nothing.

          1. Ron,
            I am not running for office in Trumbull or anywhere else. So much for ‘if you get elected.’ I ran for office once. The Republicans won. I have no current plans to run in 2017.

        2. Marshall, how did this workout for you in 2015?

          Marshall D. Marcus

          DISTRICT 3 Candidate

          • Project for the Greater Good, Founder and Chairman, 2014-present; projects include Red Cross Blood Drive, Back to School Jackets-Hats-Gloves-Scarves drive in conjunction with Bridgeport Rescue Mission
          • Marcus Management; providing management consulting and trust administration services to privately-held businesses and families, 1992-present
          • Planetree Steering Committee, Birmingham Health Center, 2013-2015
          • Certified Guardian ad Litem representing children under the Connecticut Department of Children and Families care in the Juvenile and Probate Courts, 2013-present
          • Licensed foster parent with the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, 2010-2014
          • Commissioner, Town of Hamden, representative to the New Haven, West Haven, Hamden Cable Advisory Council, 1992-2000
          • Hamden Condominium Council Board Member, 1990-1994
          • Bikur Cholim Sheveth Achim Synagogue, New Haven, President, 1992-1994
          • B.Sc. Management Science University of New Haven
          • Juris Doctor Massachusetts School of Law at Andover
          • Married to Barby Marcus; parents of two Trumbull High School graduates; one working in the private yacht industry in Europe and one attending college

          1. Ron,
            You need to get a life. I already posted I ran once for office and lost. Your fixation on me is sick. Instead of wasting time searching for information about one person who is voting for someone you don’t like, you could be trying to convince others to vote for your candidate.

          2. Marshall, as you can read on OIB, NOBODY agrees with you about Tom McCarthy, NOBODY. I see why the voters in Trumbull didn’t vote for you. Marshall, read all your post.

    2. Bob,
      How many times do I have to post that if you don’t like how McCarthy acts in Bpt government, don’t reelect him? I don’t like rubber stamp councils whether in Trumbull or Bridgeport. I’m consistent about that. I don’t vote in Bpt, thus have no say in who is on your council.
      BTW, I was not a member of the TDTC when I was chosen to run for office. I was elected to fill a vacancy after our July 2015 nominating convention. I have been a member of the TDTC for less than 12 months.

  8. Why Bob Walsh is my least favorite former Bridgeport pol: He used to brag about not using his city councilman allowance but now he’s abusing his blogospheric stipend.

  9. Marshal Marcus, over the last couple of weeks you have heard a lot of opinions and information about Thomas McCarthy. Do you still believe Thomas McCarthy is the best person to represent the best interests of the people of Trumbull???


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