Taylor Made–School Board Member Seeks Mulligan For Apartment Ruled Illegal

In golf when you slice a ball into the woods a second chance at a good shot is called a mulligan. Board of Education member Chris Taylor is seeking multiple mulligans to remain in an illegal apartment in an industrial zone.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

The school board’s Chris Taylor wants to make his illegal apartment legal.

Taylor in mid-May was told by city officials to cease-and-desist living in the second floor office space of his East End recycling business on Davenport Street.

Taylor at the time said he was willing to move. But in an interview Thursday, Taylor said he has since decided to try for a zoning variance to continue living in a light industrial zone.

“I got so much money in the place, where am I gonna go?” Taylor told Hearst Connecticut Media. “It’s a great neighborhood.”

Taylor would have to receive approvals from both the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Full story here.



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      Let’s address that, of course at first it seems clever, like ooooh, sick burn. But Dr. Frankenstein was a scientist that was brilliant and created a monster. This monster is mistakenly referred to ask “Frankenstein” when in fact “Frankenstein” is the genius in which created said living monster. If Maria is the daughter of Dr. Frankenstein, she’d be the daughter of a smart man. Which I’m sure is true but I don’t know her enough to speak to that.

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            For example, I don’t know Maria, the issues she has passion about I usually don’t agree with, but I RESPECT that she’s so driven to do better. Say what you will about Maria, but every time she’s in the headlines, it’s never for personal gain, it’s always because factually she’s always been right! She doesn’t like bullshit and I respect that. I don’t agree but I understand.

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  1. What other city would allow a person to sit on its board that requires the individual to domicile in that city even though they know he doesn’t live there? How does Bridgeport move forward in the best interest of its residents and the city when it continually break the rules that govern said city?

    When are the residents of Bridgeport going to demand accountability from the Mayor and its leaders? This is an affront to what is decent, what is moral and what is just yet it continues to be done by those that were elected to fight for its best interest. I don’t know Chris Taylor and he may be a nice guy, but the fact is he doesn’t live in Bridgeport and he should be fulfilling his civic duties in the city where he does live, not asking for help in breaking the rules so that he can continue to break the rules. Mayor Ganim, City Council and the BBOE stop this madness and fulfill the obligation that the residents of this proud city placed in you when they took time out of their busy lives to vote for your sorry asses.

    1. This is representative of the criminal mentality that prevails in Bridgeport politics. “My apartment is illegal? Oh well, I’ll just hire the law firm of Dewey Cheatham & Howe PC to make it legal. It’s a great neighborhood, I love the smell of industry and stagnant water…”

  2. You are correct Donald & Derek. But we have seen nothing from both the Democratic and Republican Town Chairmen. No move whatsoever to get involved.
    We have definitely not seen a definitive move from the mayor. Why should we? He is a good vote on the BOE.
    It is up to us. You, me and anybody who gives a damn about Bridgeport. We have a good candidate in Marilyn Moore. Get involved. Make it happen. Or else it will never end.

  3. no one cares what the committee chairs have to say, Bob. Neither gives a shit about the people of the city of Bridgeport. It’s all about power. Michael Garrett is beholden to failed GOP economic policies that were proven to be failures back when Reagan was president. Political ideology only garners support from one-issue voters.


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