Tarot Readers And Fortune Tellers Downtown

Former City Councilman Keith Cougar Rodgerson always throws a unique party. Here’s his latest for Thursday night at Baldwin Plaza Downtown, the Thirde Annual Downtown Renaissance Faire, 5:00 to 9:30. Bands: Rock crusaders BLUDRUM, Dubstep DJ Humble Dinosaur and the Bruce Miller Folk Trio. Movie on the Green: DRAGONSLAYER. Web: www.facebook.com/pages/Downtown-Bridgeport-Renaissance-Faire/199873686751306

Serf Pillory

Giant chess

Live jousting

Centaur Rides

Gypsy Troupes

October Maypole

Fire and belly dancers

Folk music open mike

Tarot Readers and Fortunetellers

Come see the Downtown Excalibur

Help build the Downtown Stonehenge

Costume making competition by Gallery 305K

Live swordfighting exhibitions by the Knights of Gore

Sidewalk mural competition by City Lights Gallery…major prizes! + a ton more…for kids and adults alike.

From the DCC: the folks that brought you the Burning Ham Festival, Park City Noise 1-7, the Downtown Amateur Wrestling League and Hillbilly BBQ, the Downtown Experimental Animation Festival, The Luis Bunuel Tapas BBQ, the Downtown Japanimation Festival, Halfway to Hal’s Birthday/Robot Expo 2009, the tornado and inclement-weather wreaked Burning Clam Festival, the Downtown Idiotarod, the World’s First Drum Machine Circle, the Downtown Michael Jackson Funeral and Chalk Memorial, Bollywood Thursdays, the Fiji Mermaid Parade, Downtown Skatefest, Downtown Reggaefests 1 and 2; Jeff Coleman Appreciation Day, the Downtown Punk Rock Picnic, the Downtown Free Jazz Festival, the Oktoberfest in July Werner Hertzog Film Festival, the original Downtown Stonehenge, the Downtown Street Arts and Breakdancing Fest, and dozens of other free and volunteer movies, concerts, parties, and “happenings” over the last seven years in Bridgeport.



    1. Let’s see if there is no June 30, 2011 financial report to provide to the public (until we are into 2012 and the auditor tells the taxpayers), maybe Karnak can tell us how he sees a $150,000 surplus instead of the projected $2 Million-plus deficits projected previously?
      And if you believe everything Karnak says does that make you a “magical thinker?” Is that the nature of our “shape shifter” Mayor who resides in the Annex?
      Enjoying tapas while a Hillbilly band, featuring a belly dancer mermaid break-dances to reggae jazz! Isn’t that just the type of Bridgeport circus we need to get our minds off of serious City business? Thanks to Keith, PT Barnum can rest in Mountain Grove instead of re-appearing to provide strange and wonderful public entertainment.


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