Tahu The River Otter Wins Zoo Vote By A Whisker

Photo by Mel Bradley

Despite drop boxes loaded with fish, word is Tahu The River Otter played by the rules to capture the mayoralty of Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo, wining by a whisker, according to this news release.

To celebrate Tahu feasted on eels, crabs, snails and frogs with a resplendent supply of Fiji water

From the Zoo:

The election to decide Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo’s next mayor was neck and neck for the last two days between Tahu the River Otter and Alli the Eastern Box Turtle, and at the end it came down to a difference of just 15 votes. Once all votes were counted, Tahu the River Otter was declared the Mayor of the Zoo—by a whisker.  The mother of four thanked her supporters and promised to be a mayor for all the animals. 

Insisting that she’ll test the waters before issuing new edicts, Tahu the North American River Otter (Lutra canadensis)  said she was honored to be chosen and complimented the other candidates on running a clean campaign: Alli the Box Turtle, Major Tom the Narragansett Turkey, Daisy the Prairie Dog, and Ella the Howler Monkey. The four candidates have all conceded the race. The Rainforest Party issued a statement on behalf of the current mayor, Rhubarb the Two-Toed Sloth,  promising allegiance to Tahu and a smooth transfer of power. As the second-place winner, Alli the Box Turtle will serve as Deputy Mayor and will step in if Tahu is unable to fulfill her duties through the duration of her term.

The highly contested race was decided by online votes, with the public voting for the candidate of their choice by making a one-dollar donation for each vote. 

“We’re all behind Tahu as our new mayor, but the real winner of this election is the Zoo,” said Zoo Director Gregg Dancho. “We thank everyone who voted for their generosity in supporting this fundraiser. Details regarding Tahu’s swearing-in ceremony will be available soon.”

The winning Mayor will hold a 12-month term. All donations to the ballot box will be used to support the Zoo’s mission of conservation, education, research, and fun. 


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