Taco Loco! A Super Bowl Contest, It’s Fun And Free

So whose pigskin are you supporting on Sunday? I’m a long-suffering New York Jets and Cleveland Browns fan, but if I must endure a Super Bowl without my team, it might as well be the Giants and Pats. Who could forget Eli firing the ball downfield four years ago as he was losing his shirt? Well, in our OIB Super Bowl contest there’s no shirt to lose, it’s free. Our genial friend Miguel Tomasio from Taco Loco www.tacoloco.com and Tom Kelly, proprietor of Driving Miss Daisy Car Service, will provide the following gift certificates:

First Quarter Score Prize, $25.00 Gift Certificate to Taco Loco

Halftime Score Prize, $50.00 Gift Certificate to Taco Loco

Third Quarter Score Prize, $25 Gift Certificate to Taco Loco

Final Score Prize, Round Trip Certificate to any New York Area Airport from Driving Miss Daisy Car Service, 203-522-0710.

Here’s how it works

Taco Loco and Driving Miss Daisy Car Service have teamed up for this exciting Super Bowl Box Promotion. Click and Eat for the Patriots or Giants at Taco Loco! Follow your favorite pols at Only in Bridgeport! Let Driving Miss Daisy Car Service take you to the airport or to the Piggly Wiggly!


Once all squares have been selected the pool commissioner will use our random number generator to automatically select the numbers for each team. Once the final numbers are drawn they will be displayed along the top of the board and down the left side.

The winning square for each quarter of the game is determined by locating the square that matches the last digit of each team’s score at the time. For example, if the NFC champion wins 24 to 7, then the winning square would be in NFC row 4 and AFC column 7. The same procedure is used to determine the winner at the end of the first quarter, half time and the third quarter.

Picking Squares

To pick a square, click the buy button, (there’s nothing to buy). At any time before the board is locked by the commissioner you can take your name off the square or trade it in for a different square.

Why are the numbers flashing and changing?

If the numbers along the top and sides of the board are constantly changing this just means that the final numbers have not been drawn yet. Once all squares have been selected the pool commissioner will lock the board and the final numbers for each team will be randomly selected by our system and the final numbers will be displayed. Be sure to come back before the big game to look up your numbers.

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The link below will get you started. To allows others to view this contest, send them this entire link:


This promotion is for Entertainment Purposes Only.

No Purchase Required!

It’s Fun and Free! Don’t Get Shut Out!!

Limited to the first 100 Players!!!



  1. Lennie, you mean Tom Kelly is no longer a Failed Restauranteur? Is it true all the drivers at Driving Miss Daisy Car Service were trained by OIB friend Driving Miss Crazy? Tom is on to something here. Imagine how his business would really pick up if or when he starts getting calls from taxpayers needing one-way rides out of town.

    Talking about out of town, doesn’t anyone have the e-mail address for East Haven Mayor Joe Maturo? I’d like to send him the link. Just think about it! We can start the process for Maturo to begin to be less pig-skinned. Getting him into Taco Loco can help him ‘mature’ much faster as he rubs elbows with the mature clientele at Taco Loco. Heck, we can have Tom Kelly provide transportation for him.


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