Suspect Armed With Fake Gun In Police-involved Shooting In North End

Update on this story here regarding fake weapon.

Original story: A police investigation into street robberies in the North End Wednesday night led to a police-involved shooting on Woodmont Avenue in which an 18-year-old armed man was shot in the face, according to police. State police are investigating the incident.

City police say police on patrol came across two armed masked men at Woodmont and Peet Street. An officer told the suspects to drop weapons. One complied, and the other raised his gun.

“This male sustained a single gunshot wound to the face and was transported by medics to St. Vincent’s Medical Center,” Captain Brian Fitzgerald is quoted by the CT Post. “This male was later transferred to Yale-New Haven Hospital to receive advanced care. This male is expected to survive.”

A second juvenile male was taken into custody and turned over to juvenile detention. Both males are charged with criminal attempt at robbery and weapons offenses.

Doing It Local provides a video report above. An initial report said the suspect was shot in the arm.



  1. Very sad. There are consequences. Home grown!!! I would imagine this 18-year-old will remember this day for most of his life. Hopefully, the youngster in Juvenile detention will learn a lesson.

    Most likely, there will be a lawsuit where people will attest to how wonderful this young man was. You know–the Same old crap, different cast of characters.

  2. *** What are these young brothers doing and thinking about these days, stick-ups, car jacking, burglary, etc. And with a fake gun, plus trying to bluff “one time” with it and actually attempting to pull on the “GATT!” *** Sign of the times for young urban youth in America. ***

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