Support For Puerto Ricans Displaced By Hurricanes

From WorkPlace affiliate Engage Staffing:

Engage Staffing seeks to extend a hand up to residents of Puerto Rico that have been displaced by hurricanes Irma and Maria into the U.S. mainland. Engage Staffing wants to be a part of the community solution that creates opportunity for displaced residents and their families to recover their lives and move ahead. With officials predicting that tens of thousands of Puerto Rico residents will come to Connecticut in the near future, there will be a great need for a number of temporary supports including employment.

Engage Staffing welcomes and encourages individuals impacted by these disasters to reach out and apply for temporary work assignments. The agency strives to create opportunity for individuals to work by exploring their full talents and matching them with local employers in need of short-term help or full-time hires.

“These disasters have affected countless families and we are witnessing unprecedented economic loss,” said Michael Morgan, Director of Engage Staffing. “We must work together to build awareness of their special needs and help them to identify employment options to carry them through this difficult time.”

In an effort to serve these displaced Americans, Engage Staffing welcomes individuals who need temporary employment to reach out. Engage Staffing is committed to working with you and local businesses to create pathways to employment, making your transition more comfortable.

We know it is important to make the transition to be with families in Connecticut as seamless as possible. Addressing income insecurity through temporary staffing can be a first step to returning lives to a sense of normalcy. Those coming from Puerto Rico who are looking for assistance with employment, are encouraged to call Engage Staffing at 1-203-953-3742.

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  1. No comment from anyone here on OIB. I think this article needs to be turned around. It should not be a question of one community(Bridgeport)trying to help the natural disaster victims in Puerto Rico who are CITIZENS of the United States. The question is the response of the POTUS and the Government of the United States.

    1. Frank,

      According to the reports in the “fake news media” the people if the United States of America have stepped up to the plate for the island of Puerto Rico. 45’s nonresponse is disgraceful, and vindictive: he lost several million dollars in a failed golf course deal down there.


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