Stuff Your Bird With Election Stats

While digesting your turkey, feel free to check out the final certified results from the November 4 general election by town here. Also the constitutional amendment question about early voting that was supported by a majority of city voters, but defeated statewide, here.

The defeated question:

Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to remove restrictions concerning absentee ballots and to permit a person to vote without appearing at a polling place on the day of an election?

The question would have empowered the state legislature to set guidelines for early voting. Currently Connecticut’s form of early voting is by excuse-only absentee ballot. Most states have some form of early voting. Some voters say they were confused by the question while others said they did not want to give the legislature more power. So status quo as future votes go.

Statement of vote for all races here.



  1. Thank you for this info. Happy Thanksgiving.

    What were the citywide results regarding the ballot question on whether to give the City Council some, it seemed, broadened powers?

    1. Peter, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, as well as all OIB readers and contributors. The ballot question I believe you are questioning had to do with providing the CT State Legislature with broadened powers over elections and voting. I believe voters in Bridgeport approved the measure but the vote in the rest of CT declined to approve the question.
      With the continuous referrals to the S.E.E.C. and the slow or no responses, in general, to the complaints as well as the assumption that absentee ballot handling in the City, especially at certain City locations with high density occupancy, is out of control, is there any hope voters becoming more informed and using their ‘valuable’ one person, one vote right more deliberately will become a reality? Time will tell.

  2. I am so encouraged by Malloy’s troubling results in Bridgeport and in my opinion, Malloy’s election results point to potential re-election issues for Mayor Finch next year.

    Malloy received approximately 18,000 votes in 2010 and Foley received approximately 4,000, therefore Malloy beat Foley by a 14,000 vote margin.

    In this election Malloy received 16,863 votes and Foley received 4,623, therefore Malloy only beat Foley by 12,240. Malloy lost approximately 1,700 votes in his margin of victory over Foley.

    After the amount of money Malloy poured into Bridgeport and his constant presence here during the campaign, his margin of victory over Foley was approximately 13% less than in 2010.

    I am wondering what some other opinions are on this less than impressive showing by Malloy.


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