Stratford Mayoral Candidate Rejected Bradley’s $5K Quid Pro Quo For Jobs And Influence–A Pattern Emerges For Troubled State Senator

Bradley thumbs up
Stratford mayoral candidate Stephanie Philips: thumbs down to Bradley.

By his own admission Dennis Bradley enjoys playing on the edge, a mantra now building layers of quicksand beneath his personal and political future.

Five months prior to his March 15, 2018 announcement for State Senate, the centerpiece of federal investigators’ campaign finance fraud charges, Bradley texted a $5,000 donation offer to Stratford mayoral candidate Stephanie Philips in exchange for support for his State Senate run, a paid position for himself and a job for a campaign hand. A piece of Stratford is included in Connecticut’s 23rd Senate District that Bradley represents.

Ironically, that’s the same campaign consultant, Bieu Tran, who questioned Bradley mixing law firm business with his campaign announcement at Dolphin’s Cove in the East End that has created a messy spot for Bradley.

“Wouldn’t that be illegal?” questioned Tran. Bradley did not listen to his adviser who in Bridgeport circles is well respected. Tran is not implicated in the indictment against Bradley but he’ll likely be a witness if it goes to trial.

Bradley’s Oct. 4, 2017 text overture was a party line that included Philip supporters Shelton Police Chief Shawn Sequeira, whose roots are in Stratford, and town committee member Emma Brooks. All three took Bradley to task in the exchange.

Bradley’s swap offer made the rounds quickly among Bridgeport and Stratford pols creating strong whispers about Bradley’s priorities and potential radar for law enforcement action. He was then a member of the Bridgeport Board of Education. The text exchange became the focal point of a State Elections Enforcement Commission complaint brought by Aaron Turner, Bradley’s 2018 primary opponent.

Turner’s complaint in still an open case. SEEC is a watchdog agency that has civil oversight of state and municipal elections, but no criminal authority. It can, however, refer investigations to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Philips, as mayoral candidate, was just four weeks from the general election faceoff with Republican Laura Hoydick who prevailed in a close contest. Philips didn’t waste any time putting Bradley in his place. “Dennis. This group text is very inappropriate and I am surprised you would handle yourself in this manner. I will not comment further.”

Philips, an honest broker, wanted nothing to do with Bradley.

When Turner’s complaint played out in the primary campaign, Bradley brushed it off indignantly as something taken out of context fanned by a desperate opponent. His political supporters did the same, castigating news accounts of the complaint and defending Bradley’s veracity. Some are still doing the same thing after his indictment.

Questioning Bradley’s motives, decision making, political positioning comes now with mountain ranges of examples, such as his recent maneuvering in support of political cronies, including three on the City Council, who sought a public takeover of the University of Bridgeport. Bradley wrote letters to the Department of Justice and New England Commission of Higher Education questioning Goodwin University’s takeover of UB supported by Governor Ned Lamont.

Bradley had been part of the months-long political cabal planning the misplaced takeover of UB’s assets.

The attempt was rejected by the City Council.

Bradley’s quid-pro-quo text from 2017:



  1. “Wouldn’t that be illegal?” questioned Tran. Bradley did not listen to his adviser who in Bridgeport circles is well respected. Tran is not implicated in the indictment against Bradley but he’ll likely be a witness if it goes to trial.”

    Lennie, how did you come to the conclusion that ” Tran” is not implicated in the indictment? He is surely implicated in the investigation and played certain role. He was supposed to let his client know whether or not the process was legal and according to the rules. It doesn’t sound like he made a good effort to address his concern of compliance with the law. Did he report any if his concerns to SEEC? Did he ask SEEC for clarification as to the do’s and don’ts? Don’t tell me Dennis Bradley was the Candidate, Deputy Treasurer, and Legal Counsel for his campaign. On a related topic, there was a point where the well went dry and certain people were not paid. Was Tran one of them? Did he get paid in full? When and how much? Why wasn’t he charged with conspiracy? The Grant Money was to benefit any and all paid staff, no?

    1. Joel, cut the anglelic happy horseshit. Read the indictment. Tran’s not part of the conspiracy. As for payment, I reviewed all the SEEC expenditures from the 2018 campaign. I saw only one payment to Tran for $700, as pointed out in the indictment. Former State Rep. Jason Bartlett managed that race for Bradley. My guess is Tran was there for a short time or his role in those types of decisions were eventually assumed largely by Bartlett. Bradley put Tran in a tough spot. A lot of consultants would have said nothing to the candidate who happens to be a lawyer. All the statutory authority is with the candidate and treasurer. Now, Joel, everyone in the cop house knew that AJ Perez was incapable of short listing the police chief exam without help. The whole damn building new, including you. Did you run to the feds? Doesn’t sound like you made a very good effort.

      1. From the bottom up. I admit that I was of the opinion that AJ wasn’t the brightest light in the room as far as the list of Chief candidates went. I had zero idea of what was taking place in the Chief’s Office. From all indications, the activities leading to the federal probe took place during the day and some out of the building. For about 20 years I’ve been hearing stories about the civi service testing process. You ever try giving the feds hearsay information? You sound like my post rubbed you the wrong way. That’s wasn’t my intent. I know you have more details on all of this and some interesting analysis. I read the indictment and it describes the consultants and at least one volunteer as co-conspirators. It’s pretty clear who the key players are. I’m more likely to give you the Juicy Stuff than to the feds-they have more resources, let them use it.

    1. Joel, go back and read Sequeira’s response. He replied “yes I will bring the forms,” presumably donor forms, but then replied …”rest you need a serious discussion” a response backing away from Bradley’s offer.

      1. That depend on how that discussion went. If it went like: Dennis, are you stupid? Don’t be texting shit like that, as a lawyer you should know what it can lead too. Do you know sign language? How about sending smoke signals?

        Lennie, I heard Laura Hoydick is related to Honey Lisa Parziale.

  2. Hey Lennie,
    Thanks for answering my question.
    What question? Who will broker the deal so that Moore and Bradley don’t run against each other.
    The FEDs, that’s who.

    1. The feds can broker a deal in which neither one can run. All the feds have to do is look into my complaint with the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection against Marilyn Moore’s former nonprofit known as The Witness Project. The complaint raises question about a fundraiser that appeared as if it was a political fundraiser sponsored by former State Senator Kennedy, $20,000 was raised and the money allegedly went to The Witness Project. THE Witness Project continued accepting and soliciting contributions while Inactive in violation of state law. It had also stopped reporting and filing their taxes. Upon examination of their tax reports for 15 years, it appears that over $500,000 is unaccounted for. FBI don’t wait for Consumer Protection referral regarding my complaint, if it hasn’t happened yet, it never will.

    1. Jimfox, did you mean to say a few ‘Himes’ in his pocket? I don’t see much of a way out of this for them. Short of cooperating with the feds he would have to find someone with connections at the Justice Department and have them pull their dogs off of him. It worked for Trump and his goons. All during the Obama years the feds seemed to have been swallowed by the earth. If a friend is a dollar in your pocket, what’s a Himes in your pocket worth?

  3. Apparently Lydia Martinez had breakfast with Dennis Tuesday morning,had to laugh with her take on what the community thinks of him..As far as I could tell,most in the “community” knew he was a scammer,couldn’t be trusted,and never saw a mirror he didn’t like…Lydia,the “community is actually glad he got caught..

    Lydia Martinez said while Bradley appeared to be in a hurry — “he only had a cup of coffee” — she claimed to be unaware of what was about to transpire. She said the federal investigation did not come up during their breakfast.

    “He loves me a lot. I don’t think he would worry me with something like that,” Martinez said, adding, “Dennis is a fantastic person. … The community loves him very much (and) will be very sad if something happens to him.”


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