Stemerman Blasts Stefanowski As RINO, Both Former Dems

Is GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski a Republican in name only? Rival David Stemerman, who is also largely self-funding his race, blasts him in a campaign video for being a Democrat up until last year and making campaign contributions to Democrats. Stemerman was also a registered Democrat more than a decade ago and contributed $2,300 to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2007.

Republicans shouldn’t be fooled by Bob Stefanowski.

Bob was a Democrat just last July–until he decided to run for governor.

Bob didn’t vote for Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, or John McCain.

Republicans have been fighting against Democrat Dan Malloy.

Bob has been contributing thousands of dollars to help Democrats.

The facts about Bob:
· A Democrat last year
· Didn’t vote for Trump
· Contributions to Democrats



  1. In Indiana every single CT Republican would be called a RINO and run off the ballot box covered in Tar and Feathers. Sorry to see the ugly side of Trump Republicans influencing CT voters.

    1. Jennifer, so glad to hear from and once again you are right target. Bob Stefanowski, Steve Obsitnik, Mark Boughton, Tim Herbst and David Stemerman the Republican candidates for governor all gave President Donald Trump an “A’’ when asked about his performance so far in the White House. Connecticut voters, it can’t get any clearer than the direction and the mindset of the Republicans where 45 has made it impossible for Connecticut taxpayers to write off their property tax and their State incomes taxes off of their federal taxes. “Great performance,” for real? Hopefully David Walker doesn’t feel the same way. Jennifer, don’t be a stranger on OIB. You are one Republican that I enjoy listening to even if I don’t agree with you.

      1. Thanks Ron. With few exceptions, your CT Republicans are old fashioned moderate politicians compared to Red States. Hope all is good with you and yours.

  2. What’s completely stupid about this RINO attack is Trump was both a financial supporter of Democrats and a registered Democrat.
    Irony thy name is …..

    1. Jennifer, that shows how low the Republican Party is that they would take a Democrat with no core values about anything who has never had a boss or someone to tell him what to do. He was a draft dodger, filed for bankruptcy 6 times, he’s been married three times and cheated on his first wife and this is who the Republican Party want as their leader. Good luck with that Jennifer and you got Mike Pence 45’s as his mini me right behind him.

  3. A viable, petitioning candidate has until August 8 to submit about 8,000 valid signatures (registered to vote in CT — unaffiliated or any Party) to get on the ballot as a gubernatorial candidate… With the Party candidates all being part of a collective political cluster?”%$, an astute, petitioning, independent-minded candidate with an excellent platform/plan to resuscitate this state, along with a competent, statewide, efficient organization and $1,000,000, could side-step the rest of the gubernatorial-candidate clown-show and make a viable gubernatorial run…

    It would be very uplifting to the Connecticut electorate to be presented with such a choice this election season… Otherwise, it’s off to the Polo Tournament in November and another 4-8 years (at least) of statewide, socioeconomic decline…


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