State Money For Marina Village Redevelopment

Governor Dan Malloy on Monday announced a $1.5 million grant to the Bridgeport Housing Authority, also known as Park City Communities, to help redevelop the troubled Marina Village housing complex, 400 Iranistan Avenue, into a new affordable housing community. The existing structures will be demolished and replaced with multi-family residential units and community space. The announcement was part of a Connecticut Brownfields program.

Park City Communities has announced a multi-phase redevelopment of Marina Village which has been plagued by crime and flooding issues.

In May, Malloy  announced funding for the first phase of the Windward Commons, a $25 million redevelopment of Marina Village in the South End, covering 60 units: 48 units of housing for households with incomes up to 60 percent of Area Median Income (AMI), including 15 project-based Section 8 rental subsidies, 12 supportive units and 12 market rate units.

Financing was approved by the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority.

Windward Development Associates is a Stamford-based private company whose principals include Todd D. McClutchy, developer of the Crescent Crossings mixed-use housing initiative on the East Side.

The new Windward apartments will be developed on the demolished portion of the Marina site where it borders Park Avenue, according to McClutchey. The project is a collaboration between McClutchey and the housing authority which owns the land. The block is at the nexus of Railroad, Park, Johnson and Columbia.



  1. “These kinds of properties that have been vacant for decades are causing blight in neighborhoods, draining local resources and having a negative impact on towns and cities,” Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said in a statement announcing a former hat factory in Danbury and a public housing complex in Bridgeport are among the sites that will share $13.6 million in state funding announced Monday for the cleanup of contaminated properties. “We can add value in our communities by making smart investments that repurpose these properties, resulting in a boost for local economies and spurring growth and private investments.”

    This is what Joe Ganim ought to be doing in Bridgeport. Instead he is wasting time pursuing a hopeless gubernatorial campaign. 

    Thanks a lot, Joe.

  2. You are some kind of stupid. Thing about it, You said “This is what Joe Ganim ought to be doing in Bridgeport. Instead he is wasting time pursuing a hopeless gubernatorial campaign.”

    What things? The things the “governor” did. but Joe is wasting time running for “Govenor” SMH

    Again, You are some kind of stupid.

    1. Robert,

      You’re still a stupid asshole. As mayor Joe Ganim should be working toward making Bridgeport more liveable. As mayor Joe Ganim should be addressing the industrial contamination fouling the air, ground and water here. If you actually read several dozen of my previous posts you’d know that is a concern.

      Your mother must be oroud, she gave birth to a stupid asshole.

  3. Yes my mother is “oroud” of me.

    I will read some of your posts. I’m sorry. After reading them you are not ‘some kind of stupid”. You are “some kind of F$%KIN Stupid”


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