State Bond Commission Approves $1 Million For New East End Library

News release from State Rep. Andre Baker:

The Connecticut State Bond Commission awarded the Bridgeport Public Library a $1 million grant for the construction of a new, larger Newfield branch library.

The commission approved the funds at its Feb. 16 meeting. The project is estimated to cost $6 million. Funding for the project is expected to be provided by the $1 million state library construction grant with the remainder being raised locally.

“The Bridgeport Public Library’s Newfield branch is slated to become a flagship facility in our community, serving as a resource for our children, families, students and seniors. This funding paves the way for the continued enrichment of our residents and will have a lasting, positive impact on our neighborhood,” said state Rep. Andre Baker, D-Bridgeport. “Thank you to the Connecticut State Bond Commission for recognizing the importance of this project and for making this proposal a reality.”

The Bridgeport Public Library is planning to replace the 4,000 square foot Newfield branch library with a modern facility of approximately 15,500 square feet. In addition to collections, the library will offer a children’s play space, a story time room, computers, a makers’ space, a small conference room and a large community room available for library, neighborhood and city meetings. The estimated total project cost is $6 million.



  1. This is fantastic news for the 139th district and it residents. Great job Andres Ayala. I have been told that this is going to be quite a facility. Next they will get a Magnet school in the 139th to be a source of pride for the community and the students.

  2. This is great news as it is new money from the State for one of the two people priorities in Bridgeport – Library and Education funding. Two or three locations in the eastern parts of Bridgeport have been on the drawing boards for more than two years. This is one but $1 Million of a $6 Million project with “the rest to be raised locally” does not sound like a shovel ready project? Can someone from the Library establishment provide some real sense of the timeline or steps towards a timeline?

    And Steve, since you have been “told” or read in on this facility as well as one through the BOE a different provider of community facilities and projects, perhaps you will share the source of this info? You specifically salute, Andres Ayala. What is his role these days in such planning and execution? Thank you. Time will ell.

  3. State Rep. Andre Baker. I apologize.

    Kudos to State Rep. Andres Baker. Thank you for bringing money to our city. Sorry Lennie didn’t catch it sooner.
    Andre Baker
    Andre Baker
    Andre Baker to the 10th power
    Thank you

    Thank you JML for bringing it to my attention.

  4. JML- I made an error in giving Kudos to the wrong Andre.I think that was clear to anyone reading this blog. Speaking of Andre Ayala, I have always respected his contributions to the cityas a respected elected official and as a teacher at Bassick High School and Waltersville School. However it was Andre Baker that I meant to praise. I am also certain that Enida Martinez and Ernie Newton have e pushing for this and supporting Andre Bakers efforts. Yes JML it will be a gorgeous facility. That I do know.

    One last time , Kudos to Andre Baker.

  5. That will be a great addition to that area and should provide a safe haven for the kids in that neighborhood.great
    I have a question for these people on the library board/ For 2 years you have had a large sign proclaiming the new branch library will be at Louisiana and East Main St what happened. there is so much grass growing in the parking lot it needs to be mowed.Where is our great do nothing State Rep Stallworth? Where are our 2 councilpeople


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