Stallworth’s Mayoral Campaign Launches Community Conversation

News release from Democratic mayoral candidate Charlie Stallworth:

Charlie Stallworth today launched his Community Conversations program to engage residents of Bridgeport’s neighborhoods for a revolutionary grassroots campaign.

“We’re going to meet with small groups of residents all over the city–in their living rooms, in their kitchens, and across the city, from small groups in McDonald’s to the bakeries, cafes, and sandwich shops we all use every day,” said Charlie Stallworth. “This campaign will be powered by the people!”

On Sunday, Charlie Stallworth held his first major organizing event, bringing together over 150 residents to plan out the campaign. “For far too long, we’ve been a top down community. Developers pour money into our downtown, while ignoring our neighborhoods. We need to move in the other direction; we need to invest from the bottom, up. That’s why I wanted my campaign policy to come from the people. Together, we’ve set a course for this campaign that starts with the people,” said Charlie.

“Charlie didn’t want a generic campaign platform of Schools, Safety, Seniors, and Taxes. Politicians have been running on those issues for generations. It’s time for a real campaign, defined by real issues. Charlie wanted his policy to come from the people–the same people who have been failed for generations by City Hall. The people have better ideas: fix our potholes, fix our streetlights, invest in afterschool programs, buy-up blighted properties from absentee landlords, and create apprenticeship programs that create pathways to employment for regular Bridgeport residents,” said Campaign Treasurer Bishop Theodore Plummer.

Charlie will continue to meet with residents in small group settings over the next month to hear from them directly. Together, we will have a campaign platform that is written by the people of Bridgeport for the people of Bridgeport.

Charlie Stallworth is Pastor at the East End Baptist Tabernacle Church and State Representative from the 126th General Assembly District.



  1. Bridgeport needs to be taken back by someone who lives in Bridgeport and who is for the people..and Mr. Charlie Stallworth is the voice of the people. My prayers are for you throughout this is campaign and beyond. Charlie + Community = Hope for change ..


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