Spread ‘The Word’ For New Year

What’s up New Year’s weekend? If you’re looking for a gripping thriller, the award-winning film The Word, shot mostly in Bridgeport, was recently released on Amazon. Order it here.

The film premiered at the Bijou Theatre a few years ago. It follows the story of a father avenging his son’s murder carried out by a sacrificial religious sect. The thriller was largely filmed in the city and stars Tony winner James Naughton and Kevin O’Donnell in a breakout performance. See film trailer above.

The Word was awarded the top honor of “Best Dramatic Feature” at the 2013 Manhattan Film Festival.



  1. Lennie Grimaldi, what are the chances you are not related to this man? Stephen Grimaldi premiered the film at the Bijou. Brilliant for getting it out there. The film made a total of $3800 on one screen and Stephen Grimaldi is the writer, producer and the head of Scarlet Productions. The trailer looks great. For a first production of note, very impressive. Reviews not too kind.

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