Sports Betting Key Negotiation For Lamont, State Legislature

State Rep. Joe Verrengia, chairman of the state legislature’s Public Safety Committee, is trying to simplify Connecticut’s convoluted gaming policy by introducing a bill to legalize sports betting at tribal casinos, some CT Lottery locations and off-track betting sites including one located in Bridgeport operated by Sportech, the legislation also wants to make online sports betting more available, so that people can freely check the fantasy basketball rankings!

From Alex Putterman, Hartford Courant:

“It’s narrow in scope. It doesn’t include all of these other things that tend to become complicated,” he said of his proposal. “When we’re talking about iGaming and casinos, that just brings up so many other questions, and I don’t think we’ll be able to accomplish that in a short session.”

Verrengia’s proposal is narrower than that of some Senate Democrats, who would legalize sports betting with the Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot tribes as the exclusive operators, while also authorizing a Bridgeport casino and extensive online gambling.

… Richard McGuire, CEO of Sportech, the company that operates off-track betting in Connecticut, said he supports Verrengia’s narrower approach to sports betting.

“It’s a noble ambition to resolve all gaming issues at the same time, however given the respective interests of numerous parties it’s a huge challenge,” McGuire said in an email. “Separating sports betting from the broader gaming initiatives is a realistic and deliverable success for Connecticut, and the solution is simple.”

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  1. This provides for the best fiscal and political solution. It incorporates the four, long term, state licensed, gaming partners coupled with the mobile platform. It also serves as a takeaway preventing interlopers from poaching these existing businesses with legal maneuvers.

    The white man did speak with forked toungues but the Tribes on this issue want to eat with two forks.

    It’s not only a revenue wager but a two team parlay for jobs.

    Let’s Get This Done!

  2. There is no way this should be approved with the Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot tribes as the exclusive operators. This doesn’t lend its self as being in the best interest of the residents of Connecticut, rather, what’s in the best interest of Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot tribes.

  3. What makes this any different with the deal the tribes has now? They hold the monopoly on the slots and are quick to remind the people of Connecticut that they do.

    1. Once they go off the reservation it changes the dynamic. By allowing the Tribes, Lottery and Sportech to participate it takes out the 14th amendment argument put forth by MGM. The above mentioned entities already possess licenses. If they just allow the Tribes , the lottery and Sportech could take the state to federal court with greater standing argument than MGM

  4. This cannot be!
    What happens to the bookies?
    Unemployment increases?!!
    Winnings are taxable AND….. big winners will have their names placed in the Ct. Post without their permission!
    What will the neighbors think?!
    I say referendum!!!!!!

    1. Rich ,“bookies” aren’t going anywhere. Big differences between “ legal” gambling and using a bookie?..
      1. With bookies, you don’t have to put up any money up front, you place the bet, and only have to put up money if you lose.Obviously with legal gambling, you have to put the money up when you bet,and you get it back with your winnings if you win.A lot of people may say what’s the difference?, but for most gamblers it’s a huge difference.
      2. The biggest reason ever, no taxes have to be paid on your winnings with a bookie.

      1. Harvey. Some good points but technology, driven proposition bets and greater 5G bandwidth will make your phone a greater bookie. You still will pay the traditional vigorish. The platform operators will pay the taxes. Only difference is that they won’t break your legs#

          1. He’s in the phone booth on the corner of Main and Jewett. One of Bridgeport’s Greatest Hits ! Danke Schoen.

  5. Anyone here remember “The Brass Guitar” downtown? You could go see some entertainment,have a drink or two,and pay Nick Debrizzi for a bad bet,all within an hour.The good ol days in Bpt.

    1. I made some deposits but no withdrawals at the now Peoples United Bank. Two doors down from Jack Prince’s. It later moved to the dead end of Middle Strret.

  6. Antitrust laws protect consumers by creating a competitive marketplace. They restrict monopolies, ensuring that no single business can control a market and use that control to exploit customers. They also protect the public from price-fixing and dangerous products.

  7. “Antitrust laws protect consumers by creating a competitive marketplace. They restrict monopolies, ensuring that no single business can control a market and use that control to exploit customers. They also protect the public from price-fixing and dangerous products.”

    Tell that to Lamont and the DPUC, Jim! The “regulated” public-utility monopolies in Connecticut have been allowed to expand their monopoly control beyond their original businesses (Eversource/NE Utilities now owns Aquarion/Bridgeport Hydraulic…) even while they have been given virtually free rein on rate increases and saddling consumers with “stranded costs” and other charges related to their unjustifiable business ventures (e.g. monopolistic mergers/expansions, etc….). So, of course, with gambling/sports betting this state — with its tradition of corruption-based, business-policy decision making, will find a way to do the wrong thing for consumers/taxpayers, Tribal prerogatives notwithstanding…

  8. On Ch-12 today Tuesday Febuary 11th there was a report that said the indians have been paying 90 billion dollars to Connecticut for the past 30 years. It is unlikely no one wants to do anything that would jeopardize this revenue. Too bad this type of deal was struck from the beginning, the money superseded any forethought into future gaming anywhere else in the state. It is time to put the matter of a casino in Bridgeport to its eternal rest.
    Come up with another viable idea for the Steele Point property that people can live with, create jobs and enhance the area.

    1. It’s almost 9 billion over a 27 year period based on the 25% compact agreement. The peak revenue was 430 million in 2007. The leakage n the market has brought it down to 250 million per annum.


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