Speedy Gonzalez Races For State House

Joel "Speedy" Gonzalez
Speedy wants your vote.

No one can accuse former City Councilman Joel “Speedy” Gonzalez of lacking a sense of humor. Twenty years after he chopped off his trigger finger on the steps of the State Capitol to make a statement in support of gun control, he’s engaged in a long-shot political gunfight with Democratic incumbent Ezequiel Santiago for Connecticut’s 130th State House seat.

Speedy will be running on the Peace and Progress line come November 4. See his Facebook page. If there’s one family Gonzalez feels has too much political power, it’s the Santiago family led by former State House member and City Councilman Americo Santiago, dad of Ezequiel, who was recently bounced from the Bridgeport Housing Authority Commission by Mayor Bill Finch. The BHA has lotsa issues.

Speedy’s like a man on a mission these days, reviewing campaign finance reports of Santiago-based campaigns looking for impropriety. When he’s not posing as Speedy Gonzalez, Joel is a custodian in the city Police Department. He’d like to powerwash city politics. Ah, if nothing else, Speedy makes politics fun.



  1. Speedy,
    There are no subjects that escape your interest here in the City. Instead of disregarding your reporting and assuming your opinions are taken with a grain of salt (or sometimes with a salt shaker), you provide a public service in the City and you have a memory and the tenacity to make important connections.
    That being said, my friend, is it not unfortunate for you to be sporting the designation 4F? Does it stand for four fingers, your military classification, or the line on which you will be listed? Peace be with you. Time will tell.

    1. For over 30 years, Americo Santiago has been acting as the self-appointed leader of the 130th district. He has been taking advantage of his political clout for personal gains. He has been able to put together a group consisting of family, friends and political associates. For the past 13 years, Mitchell Robles and Americo have locked out many good potential leaders and have only allowed people they hand-pick the opportunity to serve. The best choice they made was back in 1995 when with their help I got elected to the city council in the 131st district. Since 2007, it’s been obvious they will not allow anyone other than family and friends to properly represent the 130th district. Bad leadership has been the norm in Bridgeport lately. Most of them deserve at least 1 F as a grade. Ezequiel Santiago and those who support him deserve not just 1 F, they deserve 4 F. Peace and Progress Party is the justified way to VOTE.

    1. Bob, Joel works hard, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss his ability to get votes. Joel, the problem is they have sold themselves and their community short for so long and for so little, none of them really have anything to show for it. While they continue to look at the never-ending horizon in the hopes they can someday rest among the elite, one day they will realize the elite wants no part of them and their community would rather them somewhere, anywhere else.

  2. Bassick High School

    Cesar Batalla School, State Stree & Howard Avenue

    City Hall, 45 Lyon Terrace

    Barnum School, 395 Waterview Avenue (Go down Hamilton St. off E. Main)

    I need volunteers outside these four polling places. The unions, special interest groups, the Mitch Robles & Santiago crew, will all be concentrating their efforts here. This is where you can make history and meet my three cousins–the Speedies. Just about all other candidates are shoo-ins. Call 203-360-6094.


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