Speaking Of The South End, Help Us With This Survey

South End community activist Andrew Martinez has shared a link to a community survey (anyone can participate) for issues regarding the neighborhood. According to Andrew, the information will be “analyzed and priority areas will then be identified.” He will present findings to candidates running for the State House seat that covers the district to comment on these issues of concern. The candidates are incumbent Democrat Ezequiel Santiago, Republican David Goodman and petitioning candidate Joel Gonzalez who represented the neighborhood when he served on the City Council. Feel free to answer the survey even if you do not live in the district because the South End is a key city neighborhood frequented by many. Survey here.



  1. A very basic and brief opportunity to comment on several issues that are part of life in Bridgeport in the second decade of the 21st Century.

    Vote your feelings; after all, how many times do you have a chance to “gross up” your groaning with other members of the community?


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