Shoutin’ For Boughton–Danbury Mayor Endorsed For Governor At GOP Convention, Herbst, Obsitnik Qualify For Primary, Walker Ends Bid

Bridgeport resident David Walker came up short for the 15 percent delegate support necessary to qualify for a primary. Walker announced he has ended his campaign for governor, declining a labor-intensive petitioning effort to make the ballot.

From Hartford Courant:

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton collected the Republican endorsement at a raucous party convention Saturday, providing him with a key boost for his quest to become Connecticut’s 89th governor.

Boughton beat back a fierce challenge from former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst and a surprisingly strong showing from tech entrepreneur Steve Obsitnik. Both men plan to challenge Boughton in a primary.

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    1. Ron,
      I will say that any candidate that is supported by Mike Garrett and the lazy dysfunctional BRTC would have better luck going for a swim with a ships anchor around their neck. If Walker distanced himself from this group he would have done much better.

    1. Don’t wish Tim on us. It’s time he stops feeding at the public trough and gets a real job in the private sector.
      We don’t need the gun toting bully on the public payroll anymore.

        1. @localeyes………….
          He wasn’t guarding it. Look at the untold thousands paid to his former employer: Owens, Schine and Nicola and his new employer: Cohen and Wolf.
          The untold thousands lost on legal fees suing, Bridgeport, Monroe, Barbarotta. Defending against the lawsuit by his wronged Brother-in-law.
          The Millions wasted buying 4 houses for a senior center not built.
          The $70,000 he paid Michael Bolton not to perform.
          The millions spent overpaying downcounty Republicans: Lynn Arnow, fired by Stamford, McCarthy fired by Westport, Hassenkamp fired in Norwalk, The HEalth Director fired by Norwalk.

          The *)K per year savings he lied about getting by dissolving the Trumbull-Monroe Health District which actually costs Trumbull an additional 50K per year.

          BULLSHIT>……he didn’t guard the publics funds, he squandered them, The rainy day fund was raided. Maintenance on schools and parks defereed. He sent out tax bills marked to be determined. Counted $1 million in revenue for tipping fees that were NEVER approved by his rubber stamp Republican lackeys on the Town Council.
          You just keep drinking that Trumplican Kool-Aid.

  1. We pontificate here, right?
    Here’s what Only in Bridgeport has taught me: if you own a Danbury-themed website, you’re still relevant.
    This blog puts me on the sideline-any better, and I’d be in the game!

  2. I could not nor will not vote for any professional politician. They have no concept what it’s like to struggle for a job and make ends meet. They give lip service to the poor and try to empathize but unless you have been in the condition of struggle nobody can feel the pain.

  3. Owen, there’s a reason why Republican are called Elephants. It’s better to deal with the devil you know than the devil that you don’t know. Lee Atwater, remember that name Owen, Lee Atwate.

  4. Oh Owen, what a fool you are. Mackey and I are strong Black men who broke the chains of oppression, physical, mentally and psychologically years ago and that’s what bothers you. If you don’t know you better ask somebody or Google me. Go to the Supreme Court decision in the case of Ricci v Stefano and read the minority decision written by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and see what she had to say about Day and Mackey. Again, if you don’t know you better ask somebody.

  5. Quick calculation followed by a cost-effectiveness analysis?…

    I think that when everything shakes out of the Republican equation in the next few months, David Walker will realize that it might have been worth the risk of hanging in the race…

    It would seem that maybe there was a bit too much in the way of emotionless number-crunching and cost-effectiveness analysis in the Walker campaign. Maybe there is a Plan B in the Walker campaign for re-entry into the race in the event that the Republican Party finds that it needs a Plan B later in the campaign? (With the cast of Republican characters now in the race, it wouldn’t seem far-fetched that they could wind up needing a back-up between now and November…)

    In any event, good luck to David Walker — wherever he might land in the future…

    1. Charlie, while he’s a professional politician Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton said there isn’t enough adequate data on whether tribal or commercial casinos are in the people’s best interest, but agrees that gaming expansion could be beneficial.

    2. Connecticut GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Talk Casinos, Urge MGM and Tribes to Work Together

      April 05, 2018 By Devin O’Connor

      Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton said there isn’t enough adequate data on whether tribal or commercial casinos are in the people’s best interest, but agrees that gaming expansion could be beneficial.

  6. *** O.D is a racist sheep @ heart in wolf’s clothing who uses political haggling to spue his most inner feeling’s on his little neanderthal mind. However, it is America & he’s entitled to say & feel whatever is in his black kool-aid pumping heart, no? *** “GOD BLESS AMERICA, WHERE TRUMP, O.D & HIS KIND WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” ***NOT***


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