Shots Fired Near Mayor While Visiting Family Of Homicide Victim

 From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

There are times when it seems excessive for the mayor of a city with overtaxed residents and an overstretched police force to have a detective as a chauffeur. Thursday morning was not one of those times.

Mayor Joe Ganim was visiting the family of a homicide victim when bullets were fired near the scene from a passing car.

Ganim, sources said, was hustled to his vehicle by Detective Ramon Garcia, who accompanied him on the campaign trail in 2015 and is trusted enough to serve as the mayor’s security.

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  1. Bring back the Roadblocks the New Jersey Barriers !

    Guns Drugs and Alcohol checkpoints or roadblocks involve law enforcement officials stopping every vehicle (or more typically, every other vehicle) on a public roadway and investigating the possibility that the driver might be too impaired to drive due to alcohol or drug consumption or Guns. They are often set up late at night or in the very early morning hours and on weekends, and on holidays associated with parties (e.g., New Year’s Eve) at which time the proportion of impaired drivers tends to be the highest. Checkpoints are also often set near the exit points of public events where people have been drinking to prevent large numbers of drunk drivers from being released into traffic simultaneously from the event.[citation needed] A roadblock stop is quick action spot for police as well as security personnel.
    Our kids keep getting killed, and the Flucking Mayor and the Police Chief have NO plans – No Answers!

    1. The Mayor can run for Governor till he’s blue in the face, collect money from every vendor who’s working for this State. ( the vendors will be more then happy to give Joe some safe money.)
      Lose the election for Governor and then turn those donations over to Mario and the DTC and Joe will be sitting on a nice War Chest when it’s time to run for reelection.

      So if your thinking of running for Mayor, Start by running for Governor first.


    That was the message on the 3:57 PM press release announcing the meeting in the Mayor’s Conference Room less than one hour later. Fox News, Channel 12, Doing it Local, and at least three reporters from the CT Post were dutifully present. (It would seem that the press story focus was on the hazard to the Mayor rather than on those who serve 24/7 in the field or who live in troubled areas although the scourge of uncontrolled weapons was mentioned.)

    Mayor Ganim, Police and Fire Chiefs,CAO Staley, Council persons Martinez, Feliciano, Brantley, and Paoletto were present and the first two were offered the mike, along with Carolyn Vermont and Ernie Newton. The Mayor met with ministers at 8 AM, and later in the day with folks from CT Against Gun Violence and Project Longevity among others in his pursuit of maintaining safety for the public. After the briefing he was headed to a graduation of the second group of police officers and also happily talked about the third class that is in session. He did not wish to disparage any previous administration, but did indicate that the high numbers of retires had caused limitations on policing but that he was pressing Chief Perez to get the officers onto the streets where they could do the most good. (One thing he did not speak about was why members of the Police Commission are not part of these press conferences and photo ops. With terms expiring and commissioners continuing to serve, might they be asked why they never blew a whistle on retirements that has caused so much expense including overtime?)
    The Mayor was happy that he will have $250,000 sprinkled as he did last year for 14 summer programs with an emphasis on jobs.
    I attempted to ask a question and after the “official press” had their first chance, and before the Mayor exited, I built on his emphasis on data and metrics that provide assurance to the public and asked when the public can receive timely reports on violent and other criminal behavior? Chief Perez knew that I have been pressing that question with his predecessor and with him for the past year. Weeks and months have passed but he acknowledged the assistance of a Captain for purposes of the NAACP newsletter at least previous to August 1. I cannot hold my breath that long, but you know that…..Time will tell.

  3. Action (Block Watches)! Lights! Cameras! (For the 10,000ndth time!) Bridgeport City Hall — for 60 years — has been largely “dense,” clueless, and otherwise deaf… Why should things change now?!

    (I’m grateful that the Mayor or any others weren’t physically injured during this episode of “Life in ‘the Port.'”)

    1. Frank, Ernie can speak for his self but Ernie has known and been friends with the family for years and like others who names were given was there to give support during this tragedy.

  4. In a nut shell, the PD is run by self centered folks whose only interest is lining their own pockets. Look at those crime scene photos. There are lots folks there off hours for no good reason except $$$. The current structure allows for management to bilk dollars at the expense of the worker bees who I bet are frustrated. It wasn’t like this. FOI management overtime and see.

  5. Brian Lockhart of the Post wrote about an overstretched police force. Why is that and how are they overtaxed. Working to much OT both inside and outside . The police department is in shambles and it appears it is run by (can I get my picture taken ) Perez the union president and Ganim none of which know what they are doing.
    A resident wrote that he and is family were being bother at Seaside there were no cops in sight no one on patrol. Where were they? How many cops are on injury or sick leave? How many have received disability pensions? Did the chief and the police board do anything about the sgt they gave a disability pension to who then went to work as a cop in Meriden where he shot and killed a criminal, Is he still getting a pension here if so why.

  6. Perez at the time said there was second-guessing within his department about whether to cover the body before state police detectives arrived to take over the probe into the fatal police shooting. But Perez also swore it would not happen again.
    Perz you are the fucking chief there should be no second guessing you are in charge of protecting the citizens of Bridgeport. Are you telling me that there is no one in this almost 500offcer force that is qualified to do a murder scene with out the state cops>? Perez you have been rewarded enough please retire.

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