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Just under 30 percent of registered electors in Bridgeport voted in Tuesday’s general election that delivered major wins for Democrats across the state and provided Governor Ned Lamont another four-year term.

The official moderator’s report shows 20,263 names checked as having voted in Bridgeport, down sizably from the last presidential midterm election when urban areas were juiced to turn out during the Donald Trump presidency.

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  1. Speey didn’t wnat this to get lost and this post seems lonely. 🙂

    Joel Gonzalez says:
    November 13, 2022 at 2:48 pm
    So much for logic. It’s Lennies logic or at least what he calls logic. It’s a political spin.

    From a G2 reelection perspective, there was nothing really logical on the political front to have three entranced BPD candidates now matter how its spun.

    Politically speaking, you would have thought it was going to be someone outside like Wilbur Chapman to avoid the AJ mess and the situation at hand. I am sure that’s what G2 would have liked. Though you would have thought it would have been illogical for G2 not to pick Garcia over Porter.

    G2 already had overcome Moore whom blacks could gravitate to against his whiteness. The last time I checked, G2 is still white and Moore is still black. So where does the logic come from in the LOGICAL CHOICE?

    Logically, the Guardians are politically marginalized. I mean the president of the Guardians stood behind the Republican candidate, Bob, who was against the accountability act. When the police union endorsed Stefanowski and spoke against the Accountability Act.

    A piece of legislation that was formed essentially for the BML movement, driven whiteness and police/abuse Yet, here you have, well, you expect the “whites” (Rs) in policing to be against it. but to see the president of the black organization within the BPD, who has been making claims of white, now, brown racism in the department, standing behind the Republican candidate, Bob Stefanowski as he talks about eliminating the Accountability Act, is mind boggling.

    Even more so, you don’t even see/hear a peep from the NAACP about the even notion of the Bridgeport police and its union support for a Republican candidate, and the elimination of the Accountability Act. Never mind a person who they have no qualms about being the chief of police of Bridgeport. Over the current “minority” Acting chief over disiplinary action on officers, WWWHHAT 🙂

    Though the NAACP, on the other hand, has more black political clout/voice than the Guardians, and not having the Latino out front as part of G2 asministration could be problematic for him in the next election.

    You have to assume NAACP endorsed Moore four years ago, and G2 was able to overcome a Moore run, at a time when it was a more favorable sentiment with Trumpism in the White House and race on the front burner.

    There’s really know Latino out front in the G2 administration. Gomes is looking like a Manchurian Candidate on that front, to give disenfranchised Latinos over Garica, somewhere to go. But he won’t have a shot. I would bet that comes in the form of a newly appointed Assistant Chief down the road, to walk with, on PR Day.

    This is Rosario’s election for the taken. I’ll give Rosario a high 80% and a low 90% to take that G2 out.

    Ironically, Moore/blacks are going to be a factor in Joe’s winning or losing in the next election. If Moore runs without Chris and goes pretty much head-to-head. Joe wins. Moore has about a 20% chance less than she had four years ago with trumpism. If both Chris and Moore run G2 is still in the high 80% range with DIVIDED vote

    However, if Chris runs and Moore doesn’t, Blacks would vote for brown, Chris, over white, G2, with decent mount of support. The Latinos you would think will definitely gravitate toward Rosario. I’ll Chris high 90s. taking G2 out in that scenario.

    LOGICALLY speaking, Moore/blacks/NAACP can make or break a brown, Chris, taking out white G2. If Chris runs and Moore/blacks/NAACP support him. It’s in the High 90s the next mayor of the Port will be a minority, Chris.

    Or maybe there’s logic to the LOGICAL CHOICE. “anything but Garcia” that DIVIDES the blacks and browns for the white G2, LOGICALLY?

    Speedy, there’s logic to everything, It’s like string theory, basics math people 🙂

        1. Please, why wouldn’t he? You have to be out of your mind to think if Rosario was given the chance/support he would not run. 🙂

          You have the black voting block, Moore/NAACP, Brown, Rosario/Latino voting block, and G2/white. I would say White Blackrock voting block, but IDK.

          Like G2 looking for black support, be it lOGICALLY It’s high 90% for Rosario if Blacks, Moore/NAACP, Gen Now, rally behind Chris.

          Moore’s/NAACP are the ones to watch, for LOGICAL reasons. Chris would have the momentum, without a doubt. Moore’s entry would almost be like a Manchurian Candidate for White G2. It sounds illogical, but if you think about it. Notwithstanding she has her shot, There has been a lot of black and brown divide-race game/cards being played out.

          There’s logic behind the Black and Brown racial divide, in one form or another, in someone’s eyes. You would assume it weakens Moore if she runs sole which ultimately helps G2. If Chris runs and she enters the race she divides/the black votes he might get, so that also helps G2. There is a case you can say Moore gets the black vote and Chris weakens G2 with the Latino vote giving her the win, but math mathematically you would think the same theory applies to Chris with a much larger Latino population.

          Considering these are groups that have been generally against G2 from the get-go, for the most part. I will even include Mario. You would think they would rally being a minority who has the best chance to take out G2. At a high 90%, you know who that is. Rosario.

          So it will be interesting who this election shapes up, and where/who peoples support lines up.

          They say in politics if you want a friend get a dog. If they don’t rally behind Chris, a popular minority over, AKA a corrupt white G2. Something ups and it’s not LOGICAL or is it? 🙂

          To me, G2 was always on borrowed time. JS

          The wonder of it all. 🙂

  2. You have to look at the silver lining in all of this. If the city rallies behind Chris, the white guy loses to a Latino, and the Port gets its first minority mayor.

    G2 who seemed to have always on borrowed time had a job for eight years, “earned” over a 1 million dollars, got back his hair back, and probably his law license too. That’s a trifecta in itself. 🙂

    I am out of here. Peace out I’m done. OBI thanks for the ESL reading and writing lass. I will see how the chips are played next year. 🙂

    I depart apostle Osbourne, ironically most of my entire life I thought it was devil worship music. Until my brain was able comprehended the words. I was like WWWHHAAT 🙂

    Perspective people Perspective.

    P.S I don’t even want to say what I thought when I first read/comprehend the Greek “GOD” Zeus’ shit. Jesus Christ People. SMH

    Good luck Port you’re going to need it. 🙂


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