School Board Member Taylor Pinched For Attempted Kidnapping At Gunpoint, Impersonating Officer

For lightning rod Board of Education member Chris Taylor, it’s a bizarre twist to Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

City Board of Education member Chris Taylor was arrested after police said he posed as a police officer and attempted to kidnap a Seymour man at gunpoint.

Taylor was charged Friday with attempted second-degree kidnapping with a firearm, conspiracy to commit second-degree kidnapping, third-degree assault, impersonating a police officer and risk of injury to a child.

His wife, Stacy Ramos Taylor, was also arrested. She was charged with impersonating a police officer, conspiracy to commit second-degree kidnapping, risk of injury to a child and criminal trespass.

Both were later released after each posted $100,000 bond pending arraignment in Superior Court in Derby on Monday.

Full story here.

Taylor issued this statement (see video above) to News 12:

“This was an isolated incident involving a family member with a substance abuse issue,” Taylor said. “When the full facts of the case come to light, everybody will see the incident in its proper perspective and have a clear understanding of exactly what happened. Meantime, my family and I are putting our faith in God and holding our heads high.”



  1. I think Bridgeport is taking this second chance shit a little too far. I know the narrative will be a person is innocent until proven guilty, but being an elected offical and a representative of the City of Bridgeport you are supposed to be held to a higher standard of excellence! Is there any wonder that the school system in Bridgeport is one of the worst in the State! You’re electing malcontents and a board that is surrounded by sycophants, so one has to wonder how anyone would expect our children to get a quality education.

  2. Don, the BBOE has been so dysfunctional for too many years, fights about a boycott, the BBOE voted to give up control and wanted the state to take over, fights over who would be running the City’s school system where new superintendents didn’t stay long. The losers are the 21,000 plus school children. Black and Hispanics children are already behind in life plus they are not getting a quality education in order to be a positive member of society.

  3. Exactly who is responsible for Chris Taylor serving on the school board? None other than Mario Testa and the subservient Republican Town Chair, Mike Garrett.

    Mario Testa wanted him on the school board because he was supposed to take me on. It wasn’t because he was passionate about public education or our 20,000 students. Mario Testa couldn’t care less about endorsing BOE candidates that are qualified. The endorsement and/or support for Chris Taylor, Jessica Martinez, Albert Benejan and more serves as evidence to support my position.

    Next time Mario Testa should selects someone with intellect not someone who is a lifelong criminal if he wants them to take me on.

    Chris Taylor suddenly married his wife Stacey in a civil ceremony. My guess it was in the hope that as his wife Stacey could not be forced to testify against him.

    Stacey’s ex-husband is Carlos Ramos who is Portuguese. We have been in regular contact since he physically assaulted me at Aquaculture School.

    Where is the Republican Town Committee Chair, Mayor Ganim and other elected officials on Chris Taylor ?

    All you can hear is pure silence.

  4. Chris Taylor loves to tell people he has been arrested over 100 times but only has several misdemeanor convictions

    Chris Taylor has serious felony convictions. Not only is it unlawful for him to simply own a gun, he is being charged with using a gun in the commission of a felony.

    Mark my words,,Chris Taylor is going to prison for a multitude of crimes.

  5. Let’s see if I have this straight…has a stepson who needs help, so grabs a gun, conspires with wife (son’s mother) to impersonate police officers, breaks into stepson’s apartment, attempts to kidnap stepson at gunpoint, get the bum’s rush by stepson, and this was the best idea he could come up with? Show of hands here…how many of you would have thought this was a good plan?

    This same man makes decisions affecting the education of Bridgeport’s most vulnerable, our children. And he has defenders. Everyone should be demanding he stepdown immediately.

  6. No wonder why people leave bridgeport in droves for the mere fact they dont want there kids attending school here. These are the people making decisions for our youth smh

  7. I’m not surprised at the actions of this asshole clown. It was only a matter of time before he fell into yet another personal fiasco made up of his own doing. The tragic part of this story is what Mr. Walker stated: that “he has defenders.”
    Many of Testa & Ganims friends, allies, accomplices and cohorts all have similar traits in that they scheme the system with the help of their political friends. A list should be compiled of all of these people who are corrupt in some manner or who have received their positions and benefits through corrupt manuevers and bad decisions which are directly attributable to the Testa organization.
    We have Taylor with this and other incidents along with the whole residency thing. Also the Ayala’s residency and ballot issues. The police chiefs appointment after the “nationwide” search. The forcing out of all the other police personnel and costs relating to all of those cases. More scandals with the scrap metal issue and firings- which is not over yet. The D C police chiefs report still not released. The voter fraud/ballot issue in 133rd involving the bartender/councilman-Defilippo, and of course his 4 year (as yet unsuccessful battle) to open his liquor store.
    Compile the list and show the costs that these terrible choices have burdened the city of Bridgeport with. Maybe a small paperback book could be published about all of it.
    Lennie- you could write it!
    “Only in Bridgeport- a guidebook with real life examples of how NOT to run a city”.

    1. Rich, everything that you stated was known to the voters in Bridgeport but they still said that they wanted that type of government and they voted to put him back into power. What is sad is the fact that even knowing what Ganim and Mario were doing and how it hurts the City there those on OIB who were making Senator Marilyn Moore as the enemy and their fight was not against Joe and Mario. The voters got what the voted for and their still isn’t any plan to stop anything for the next four years.

  8. You’re absolutely correct Ron, a lot of OIB contributors were more outraged and concerned about Senator Moore not getting the signatures for the WFP ballot spot then the continued subversion of ethics and morality from Mayor Ganim and Mario with respect to the BBOE! Chris Taylor is a disciple of Mayor Ganim and Mario and those same individuals that excoriated Senator Moore knew this and now they have the temerity, the unmitigated gaul to now complain about him and his tenure as a member of the BBOE! Stop it, you got what you voted for and that was the continued status quo.

  9. Let me state that I am posting this statement at the request and approval of Carlos Ramos, the father of the 21 year old victim of the assault, attempted kidnapping, who Chris Taylor pulled a gun on.

    Carlos Ramos is the ex-husband of Stacey Ramos Tayor who recently married Chris Taylor.

    Both Stacey and Chris located the 74 year old super of this large apartment complex. Both claimed they were undercover police officers that urgently need to locate the 21 year old. The 21 year old victim’s 10 year old brother was in the back seat of the car. Both Stacey and Chris told the super the 10 year old was the 21 year old’s son when he was really his little brother.

    Chris Taylor waited in the vehicle with his 10 year old stepson. The super let Stacey into the building and into her 21 year old son’s apartment.

    The 21 year old was in his room and heard voices in the living area. He exited his room to find his mother Stacey and the super. His mother looked at him and said “are you ________. You need to come with me.” He had no idea what was going on. She repeated the statement again. He followed his mother and super outside to find his 10 year old brother sitting in the backseat of the car. Chris Taylor was sitting in the drivers seat. The 21 year old opened the rear car door to hug and speak with his little brother.

    He then closed the door and turned to leave to go back into the his apartment. His mother grabbed him and said that he had to come with them. He refused and as he was engaged with his mother Chris Taylor came up behind him and wrapped his arm around the 21 year old sons’ neck.

    A struggle ensued in which Chris Taylor repeatedly yelled out “I am upholstering my weapon.” Chris Taylor pulled out his fun and pointed it at the 21 year old. Stacey repeatedly yelled they had to get out of there.

    This occurred in front of the 10 year old and the super recorded it on his cell phone.

    The 21 year old son went back into the building and immediately called his father, Carlos Ramos. He then immediately called the police.

    Carlos Ramos called me approximately two months ago when this happened and informed me that warrants were going to be issued for both Chris Taylor and his wife.

    Carlos Ramos also told me a detective stated Chris Taylor has a permit to carry a gun and owns several. I don’t understand how any convicted felon can possible have a gun permit.

    Rich, I would appreciate your input on this.

    Once again, Carlos Ramos asked me to post this information and he has approved the content. His only request was that I not identify his two sons by name.

    1. From what us described above it’s obvious that Taylor is and should be in deep shit. The fact that this was a warrant adds credibility to whatever the case is based upon the charges. In other words, a judge agreed and signed off on the fact that there was sufficient probable cause to arrest based upon the facts as presented. As far as the gun possession/felon thing, if that’s true then he’s in deeper shit. However one still has to wonder that if there is any credibility to this incident then why, as Mr. Walker stated: he (Taylor) “still has defenders”, but, as is proven over and over, it is Bridgeport etc.
      What should be offensive to all is that no action is taken by Ganim or whomever to remove this jerk from the BOE.

  10. In addition, Chris Taylor called Channel 12 News yesterday demanding airtime. In the news story Chris Taylor insinuated the 21 year old has a substance abuse problem.

    Carlos Ramos wants everyone to know this is untrue. This is an attempt by Chris Taylor to negate the negative press he is receiving and portray the victim in a negative light.

    The 21 year old son resided with his three siblings and mother at the Southport residence. Both he and Chris Taylor had a contentious relationship. Shortly after he turned 18 years old both Chris Taylor and his mother threw him out of the home.

    He has had ZERO contact with Chris Taylor and almost no contact with his mother over the last three years, therefore neither would have any idea if he had a substance abuse issue..

    In closing, Chris Taylor would not be someone who woukd be able to approach him about assisting him with any issue.

  11. Where do I begin???
    First of all Chris Taylor should be suspended from the Board of Education immediately. If the city says they cannot do so, ask the state.
    His behavior is inexcusable.
    Secondly, Carlos Ramos should not be having Maria post the item about his son. He should post it or his son. Even if this is verbatim it loses a certain amount of credibility having Maria do so. Or have Lennie do it. Everyone knows the history of Maria and Chris and I am sure many people have their doubts immediately as to its veracity.

  12. Why doesn’t Maria perform her duties as a City Council Representative.
    Ron harps on the fact that a report is due from the consultant that Ganim hired to look into the Police Department. Has this firm been paid? If so, where is the report. If not, she can start a “go fund me” page to pay for it. If paid, why hasn’t this been made public. And once made public, there should be public hearing to digest and question it findings.
    Is paid for this was paid by the TAXPAYERS not by Joe Ganim. AJ Perez remains head of the department with a new Deputy without the benefit of having the report. This is just another embarrassment to the city and for the City Council.

    1. Bob Walsh, was Maria elected to be the Town Crier, Maria is Bridgeport’s Rona Barrett the gossip columnist. The other 19 City Council members better watch their back because if Maria finds out anything about you that doesn’t look right you are going to be on her hit list and it will in OIB so that I everybody will know your business. Maria knows the real deal on who runs the BBOE no matter what political party they are listed in, Mario and Joe run the BBOE, there’s no way that the amount of money that goes to the school system is going to be run by 9 BBOE. Bob, Maria knew this all the time but she put her time and energy in attacking State Senator Marilyn Moore instead of Mario and Joe. Maria made her bed now sleep in it for the next 5 years.

      1. Ron, I have to differ on your description of Maria. She is not a Rona Barrett type of gossip person. Maria is more like DRAGNETS Joe Friday. Remember?
        “Just the facts please, just the facts”.
        But you are right, the other CC members will and should be sitting on tacks from now on.
        Maria, you should team up with Lennie and write a book describing how Bridgeport wastes money, abuses nepotism and favoritism, garners votes illegally, etc. etc. and the financial impact to the taxpayer of all these antics.

  13. And speaking of hiding reports, where is the report on the theft of scrap metal?
    Again this was paid for by the TAXPAYERS not Joe Ganim. This was supposed to tell the city what should be done to correct and possibly tell us what happened to the missing money.
    I believe it was supposed to be produced sometime in October and it is now January.
    John Ricci will be allowed to retire without the public seeing it. The two individuals most intimately involved are fighting their firing and no report has been made public. Another disgrace and another black mark on the City Council. The CityCouncil should be a check and balance it the mayor but just like always it is defending the city and no one is protecting the taxpayers. But Maria will go on and on about Chris Taylor. Get over it and get doing your council duties.

  14. And guess what?
    Maria is on the Committee on Public Safety and Transportation AND the Contracts Committee. Hmmm, even more reasons to get to work and leave the Board of Ed alone.

  15. Lennie,

    Would I be correct in stating this entire story is about Board of Education member Chris Taylor’s arrest, therefore it would be highly appropriate to post comments regarding Chris Taylor versus reports commissioned regarding the BPD and Procurement procedures?

    1. Maria, you could have been a unnamed source and given the information to Lennie or to the media but not you, it’s
      more important that everybody knows that the information came from you.

      1. Lennie
        Are you saying ‘yes’ I cannot post anything but what you decide is the topic of the days.
        Just want to know for the first time she goes off the tract.

          1. Lennie, if Maria had supported Marilyn Moore it would have been the same result because Maria would not last in her corner. She can never de trusted and is not worth the effort.

          2. Bob,

            The one thing I could have delivered to Marilyn Moore was what you,Mackey, Day,Baraka and more couldn’t. That would be a victory.

            There wasn’t a single person involved in Marilyn Moore’s campaign that could match my lengthy record of wins other than Chris Caruso.

            Not a SINGLE Black District Leader supported Marilyn Moore.

            Not Dr. Ford, not Wanda Geter, and Not Steve Nelson, yet I never hear a peep from you, Mackey or Day about their failure to support your candidate, Marilyn Moore.

            Feel free to continue to portray me as a villain for not supporting YOUR candidate.

            It is actually quite flattering and portrays me as incredibly powerful.

            Please continue…

  16. My bad. I am not intelligent. Therefore I cannot follow the line of thought. Therefore I can post anything I want. Thank you for pointing out why my posting is IK.

  17. If you are so interested in the BOE why didn’t you run for the Board of Ed and not the city council.
    What that Ron? She ran for both. How did that work out???

    1. Bob, Maria knows that she can’t run again in a Citywide election anymore because the voters are tired of her act and she knows that she couldn’t win so her only choice was to run in her own district, the 138th district.

  18. Ron, this is personal with Maria with respect to Chris Taylor and he should be removed from the board. When it becomes personal with Maria she tends to eviscerate the character of said person until she starts to feel better about herself. She has absolutley nothing to do with the BBOE yet she can’t help herself from going for the jugular. Chris Taylor shouldn’t be on the BBOE and Maria should never have been on said board because both are liabilities for the education of the children. City Council get ready for the real Maria and not that smiling, picture taking one that you met. It’s Never Business, It’s Always Personal!

  19. I so thoroughly enjoy getting under the skin of the do nothing, ineffective, incompetent, can’t get my candidate elected Marilyn Moore supporters. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

    1. I enjoy your crocodile tears now about Joe Ganim but you said nothing against Joe Ganim during the entire Democrat primary. Maria, you got what you wanted, Joe Ganim and Mario Testa for the next 4 years, Happy New and enjoy the ride for the next 4 years that you helped to make possible.


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