Save The Date, June 20, OIB Anniversary Party

In the summer of 2007 Tom Gogola, then the editor of the Fairfield County Weekly, asked me to come up with a column concept for the Weekly’s new website. I could write about anything I wanted. One person trying to be all things to all people generally doesn’t work. Maybe if I focused on a niche folks would show up. Only In Bridgeport (the title of a book I first penned in 1986) with a focus on government and politics was born. OIB isn’t just about things Bridgeport. It’s also about things that impact the state’s largest city. We began a quirky dialogue about how stuff works in the entertaining world of city politics and opened a window into areas that impact lives. Six months after the launch of OIB I took it solo as an independent webzine. OIB now has thousands of regular readers each week. We’re peculiar but cool. It works only because you show up. It’s time to say thank you and throw a party!

So mark your calendar June 20, 5:30 p.m., Black Rock Yacht & Athletic Club, 3074 Fairfield Avenue The party will be on the first day of summer so we’ll have plenty of daylight to serenade or denigrate our favorite pols over an amazing array of food and drink. Ya never know who will show up at an OIB party. A few years ago a guy named Dan Malloy showed up. Ever hear of him?

Read CT Post reporter Tim Loh’s profile of BRYAC here.



  1. L.E. self description as “stubborn, stupid and silly” is probably accurate and enough said on that subject.
    I also assume there will probably be more drinking than “winking” (wink, wink) at the party for “the peculiar and cool.”
    Noting the event is on the first day of summer when things begin to steadily warm up and the event is in Black Rock, about 10 days before the new tax notices will be due (another burning subject) leads me to wonder whether some readers may find your event too hot to handle. Time will tell.

  2. My late son would have been 25 years old on the 20th of June. You sure know how to pick a date, Lennie. I missed the last OIB party, so this one is a must for me. Is the Black Rock Yacht & Athletic Club next to the Black Rock Lagoon?

    Hmmm, Dan Malloy? Oh yeah! That’s the guy who decided to change his name to Dannel P. Malloy after meeting the OIB bunch.


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