Sarah’s Got A Gun, Plus: Cool Cops, Himes Happenings And School Progress

Good gravy, Sarah Palin, I take back everything I said about you. All of it. Every word. Now I realize why John McCain put you on the ticket. The red meat you dished out Wednesday night has its advantages, in more ways than one.

Anyone catch McCain’s speech Thursday night?

Don’cha just love these two pictures of “Sarah?”

Palin queen
Sarah Palin fake

Lennie, get a grip. Okay okay, just when I thought we’d have a little fun with some Sarah photo exclusives, my cousin, who happens to be an expert in identifying phony photos, let the air out of my sails. “They’re fakes, Lennie.” But why should that stop us from showing you the phony versus the real thing? I’ll let you decide. Wanna pull the trigger?

The following three pictures are real. A little Photoshop magic, and you too can try to embarrass your favorite candidate.

Sarah Palin fake pictures
Sarah Palin real picture
Sarah Palin real

These aren’t happy times for Mayor Bill Finch and members of the police union seeking a pay increase. A few weeks ago, picketing the mayor’s golf charity event, members hurled unspeakable insults in front of children at the mayor which did nothing to help their bargaining position. They’ve decided to take a break. See Finch news release below:

City, Police Union Call for “Cooling Off” Period

Negotiations to Resume

Mayor Finch and the city’s Police Union today announce they have entered into a “cooling off” period. A specific date had not been set, but good-faith negotiations could resume as early as next week.

The city and the department’s union have been at odds for the past few months in light of the city’s financial difficulties and the recent call for a reduction in police overtime.

“The city is eager to move these negotiations forward while being respectful of the officers’ needs. Resuming discussions is in the best interests of the citizens of the city, and for all parties involved, in order to reach a resolution as soon as possible,” said Mayor Finch.

The city’s police union president Frank Cuccaro said, “The police union is looking forward to sitting down at the table with the city and moving in the right direction.”

What’s up at Himes HQ?

Is there a staff shakeup in Jim Himes’ congressional campaign? Word is, with all the money being pumped into the race from Washington, the outsiders aren’t thrilled with how the insiders are running the show. In addition, on a local level, a number of Bridgeport Democratic political operatives are concerned the Himes’ campaign isn’t doing more to bring them in. A bunch of them have complained to Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa that there’s not enough effort to juice a huge turnout for Barack Obama that could carry in Himes. Local operatives always whine, no matter what the situation. You aren’t doing this. You aren’t doing that. Translation: pay me.

I don’t miss those times when every gypsy, tramp and freeloader came to me for a payday. I’ve placed calls to the Himes’ campaign to ask, but no official word. Hopefully, if there’s a change, Himes’ campaign manager Maura Keaney will stay on board in some capacity. She’s worked hard trying to get to know all the players. Staff shakeups, on this level, are not unusual, especially when a race is winnable. Dems believe if they’re ever going to take out 21-year incumbent Chris Shays, this is the year.

 School Progress

The Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition conducted a press conference Thursday to announce major improvements in several city schools. BCAC does a nice job as a watchdog for education issues. Staff generally doesn’t sugar coat stuff. See results of a BCAC study in a press release below:

Five Bridgeport Schools Rise to the Challenge
Schools make substantial academic gains despite budget constraints

Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition (BCAC) has released its latest report that identifies the five Bridgeport schools that overcame tremendous hurdles to record substantial achievement gains over the last five years. The report also looks at their strategies for success.

Marilyn Ondrasik, Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition Executive Director, released the report, “Five Bridgeport Schools Rise to the Challenge,” today. “Despite the challenges of huge budget cuts, large class sizes, lack of textbooks and instructional supplies, five schools excelled,” Ondrasik said. “They are BCAC’s Honor Roll of schools.”

The five schools are Columbus, Beardsley, Hall, Hallen, and Winthrop. Two other schools, Read and Roosevelt, received honorable mention for notable improvement. This report represents the first of its kind for Bridgeport Public Schools.

“We have high expectations for every student,” said School Superintendent John J. Ramos, Sr., at the press conference held jointly by the Board of Education and Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition. “Like most urban districts we have our share of challenges, but we are pleased that BCAC’s report shines a light on what is possible with a committed effort by our administrators, teachers, parents/guardians and supporting community, who are truly committed to educating our children.”

BCAC used a rigorous methodology to measure academic gains. It analyzed CMT and CAPT test scores over five years from the 2002 03 to the 2006 07 school year.

“We focused on schools with the greatest improvement rather than the highest performing schools,” said Marge Hiller, Co Chair of the Task Force and Director of the Bridgeport Public Education Fund. “We thought the examples of schools with substantial improvement would have more meaning and show that all schools can make such significant improvements. In any one year, test scores can go up or down, but BCAC wanted to highlight those schools that showed substantial and sustained improvement.”

The schools on BCAC’s Honor Roll ranked first, second, or third of all schools in the study in improvement on CMT scores in both reading and math for all students or a racial subgroup of students.

“Teamwork proved to be a critical and common element in the five schools,” said Hernan Illingworth, District PAC President and BCAC Task Force Co Chair. “Raising student proficiency takes the coordinated effort of principals, teachers, and students working with parents and the community. No school can make these kinds of gains without teamwork.”

Besides teamwork and data teams, BCAC found that class size, school readiness, math and literacy coaches, and availability of tutors were among factors that made a difference in these schools’ success.

“Each of these five schools has strong data teams that analyze student assessments and test scores to monitor student performance and shape teaching strategies,” Illingworth said.

What other factors created success? At the Honor Roll schools, students and parents shared responsibility with teachers and administrators, and learning was fun. Community partnerships helped improve student achievement. All five schools have community partnerships with businesses, churches, civic organizations, hospitals or universities.

Key elements of the astounding improvement in the Honor Roll schools include:

o Two schools showed an increase of 40% MORE of their students reaching Proficiency and above over the five years.

o Two schools showed a decrease of more than 30% of their students in the lowest performing category, Below Basic.

o One school improved its test scores for African American students so much that no African American student scored at the lowest performing level, Below Basic, in 4th grade math.

o Two schools showed improvements for their African American students that exceeded the state requirements for 2006 07.

o And while national data shows 8th grade a particularly challenging time for students, one school showed significant improvement for its 8th grade Latino students.
Funding for this report came from the William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund and The Perrin Family Foundation.

This report follows another education report, “Denied, Delayed, Diverted: Problems with Funding School Repair Projects in Bridgeport,” from one year ago. That report found serious problems with the city approval and funding process for school repair projects that resulted in deteriorating Bridgeport schools. The Mayor and the Board of Education made changes this year to address concerns identified in BCAC’s report.

The Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition is a coalition of organizations, parents, and concerned individuals committed to improving the well-being of Bridgeport’s children through research, advocacy, community education and mobilization. The Task Force has worked for many years to publicize and address inequities in state funding for education distributed to Connecticut’s cities and towns.



  1. It saddens me to say this but I have heard from people that the “N” word has been uttered in the kitchen of Testo’s many times. Not by Mario but by others when discussing some city councilmen. I would HATE to think that Mario is not going full out because he doesn’t want to elect a black man as president. I have heard first hand by some other DTC members that they won’t vote at all because they won’t vote republican but they won’t vote black either. Disgusting in this day and age but racism is alive and well in the cob.

    Jay Leno said last night that the RNC looked a lot like the plains of Alaska…nothing but white.

  2. Looks like the union chicks invented another alter ego. Who cares about HUGH CARES. More of the same blah blah blah.

    Velvet Underground – everything you have read here from me, Badboy, Meatball and URBANKAOS about Tony D is true. The evidence exists but the city is choosing to ignore it. I have a feeling we have not heard the end of this by a long shot.

  3. Jeeze I did not want to get into the race thing but here goes. While I do believe that there are people out there that won’t vote for a black president I also believe there are people out there that will vote for Obama just because he is black. I believe that both groups are wrong if those are the only reasons that they are voting.

  4. Lennie … Cheap shot with the photos.

    Many of my friends and almost all of my family are avid, sometimes rabid Democrats. I have told them they are way too condescending and demeaning regarding the GOP VP candidate. These photos are another example.

    When will we see the same PhotoShop treatment of Obama?

  5. Denis

    Chris Shays already did that with his picture with Obama.

    Better watch out Lennie may photoshop you in a Speedo.

    McCain and Shays can run, but they can’t hide from their Bush-was-see legacy.

  6. That’s Entertainment?

    Dole on Ice! I was disappointed that the Elephant party forgot one of their own. Another great American and war hero, Bob Dole. He would have been a big hit with the electile dysfunction set. They could all be singing: “I’m a Dole Man!”

    New disco theme song for the Republicans is “Drill, Baby, Drill!” It’s an environmental inferno.

    Musical group Heart has a hard-on for Sarah Palin and Republicans for using their hit song “Barracuda.”

  7. Denis, feel free to poke fun or take cheap shots at Obama any time you like. The GOP certainly has and will, led by firebreathing Sarah. If Sarah’s going to hold herself out as someone that can hunt, shoot and fish with the best outdoorsmen on the planet — and release images of herself at rifle ranges — I’m sure she can take a little ribbing. By the way, how’s your golf game? Mine sucks. Let’s play!

  8. Can I caddy?

    A good article in the Monroe Courier about Michele Mount and DebraLee Hovey, regarding new teen driving laws. Big dispute over back to school night coffee klatch. Could become a big political brew-ha-ha for Hovey, who can’t multiply. (See search — DebraLee Hovey)

    Hovey, who voted against the legislation, wants to present the new legislation to kids and parents. Mount and her Moms for Mount supporters felt it was off base politicizing the school and felt the public would be better served with police presenting new law.

  9. Lennie … Point well taken.

    I must also admit, the photos, real or doctored looked pretty good!

    Who knows … Maybe that’s what was missing in the diplomacy efforts between Putin and Bush–Condoleezza!

    Golf still sucks. Haven’t played all year.

  10. For those of you who are interested:
    “Revaluation” letters will go out around the middle of November and hearings will commence during early December for those who wish to contest their valuations.

    This information was very difficult to ascertain, so appreciate my having given it to you.

  11. The photos are kool & Palin’s legs & body are hot! As a pro-life advocate who voted to cut funds in Alaska for special-needs children & birth-control programs, at age #44 it seems to have come back to haunt her by having a down’s child at a late age and only now is she in favor of Fed. help for Alaska for that cause! McCain whom I was thinking of voting for ’til the Palin choice, also needs a lesson in morals & standing by your woman after she waited for him while he was in Nam as a P.O.W. After he got home, since she didn’t look the same after #3 kids & the accident, he started chasing tail. Thus comes the 2nd Mrs. McCain whom they have #4 kids with. You didn’t see any pictures in the video of the first wife in a wheelchair & their #3 kids, why? Anyway, I’ve changed my mind & now will be voting for “Obama & Biden”.

  12. I cannot believe that my fellow democrats would actually vote McCain just because Obama is black! That is Nonsense! I urge all unregistered voters that read this blog to register and vote for Obama!

  13. re: Denis OMalley // Sep 5, 2008 at 10:03 am

    “When will we see the same PhotoShop treatment of Obama?”

    We already have. Fake pictures of Obama are out there (including one of him in a Speedo). I couldn’t immediately put my hands on the Speedo one, but here’s another one just for you:

    The fake picture (Obama holding the phone upside down):

    And the real picture:

  14. Con

    Thanks for the heads-up. The letters may be going out in November, but will the numbers be available on Oct.1, 2008? Will they be open for perusal at City Hall?

  15. Lennie wrote:

    “I don’t miss those times when every gypsy, tramp and freeloader came to me for a payday.”

    You would be missing those days even less if you had to pay with your own money, Lennie. Himes has a tough decision to make – to give or not to give more money to the Bridgeport Democratic Machine. The last thing that the Bridgeport Dems. want is Chris Shays back home and face the possibility of Shays being the Republican candidate for mayor of Bridgeport. If Himes turns over more money to the Bpt. Machine, there is no guarantee that they will be out there in full force pushing for Himes.
    I was in one of the meeting when Destefano came to Bridgeport and there was a concern that the Bridgeport delegation was not doing enough. I was honest with Destefano and let him know what I was seeing taking place. Even the Farrell camp was pushing her candidacy only and It was clear that Destefano wasn’t anyone’s candidate of choice for Governor. If Himes gives the Bridgeport Machine any money, most of the money will be set aside somewhere for the next Bridgeport City Council race. Factor in the Citizen’s Campaign fund money and you have less dependency for Hime’s money.

  16. Tom (#15):
    I didn’t ask that question. After having made so many calls to City Hall only to get an intercept “leave your name and telephone number and we’ll get back to you” I was so frustrated that I didn’t think to ask for more information. Sorry.

  17. I’m posting here because I’m confused about something I read in the Ct Post yesterday about the Aging Department losing grant money because the director got her grants in late. The article also said that the city was making up the money lost for a bus driver. With the city budget as bad as it is we cannot afford to be losing grant money.

    I think someone should look into what is going on at the Aging Department at the Eisenhower building. It is a very large building but no one uses it. There are very few programs and very few senior citizens. The director is a senior citizen herself and she does not have the will or the energy to do anything. She sits around in her office or with the ceramics teacher. Sometimes her sons are there having breakfast and lunch.

    If the city needs money then I think they should close the Eisenhower building. The city would save money on the employees and the utilities. Other senior centers have many more programs and the seniors could go there. I am making this suggestion because I care about Bridgeport. Also I am sad that the Eisenhower building has no programs for the seniors and it is a waste of money to keep the building open for nothing. And I like the bus drivers but I don’t think it is a good use of the city’s money because they only pick up a few seniors and it is the same people all the time. Someone should look into this.

  18. Booty – I saw that photo last year only the picture was of Bush holding the phone upside down. With him it’s believeable. With Obama it is not. Obama is an extremely educated man, editor of the Harvard Law Review. These stupid picture tricks don’t work with him.


  19. I have the answer for Bridgeport’s budget. Hire a bunch of Tony DePrimos and Robert Kennedys and you will not have the money problems any longer. There will be no money left. Oh yeah, let’s not forget Larry Osborne. The Backbone of Labor Relations! God help us!

  20. Don’t know much about Kennedy but DePrimo and Osborne are two people we can certainly do without. Osborne is in so over his head it is a joke. With all the evidence he had on Tony it is unthinkable that he is coming back. I hate to keep playing the race card here but if Tony was a black man would he have been fired? Three cases in point:

    1. The black man at the parks dept who was caught putting city gas in his personal car…FIRED

    2. The woman from the rec dept who was caught falsifying her time sheets and putting in for false overtime (sound familiar?)…FIRED

    3. The black woman who managed the block grant money who had a messy office and didn’t deposit federal checks in a timely manner…FIRED

    Tony DePrimo, white male who was caught on camera and by several PF employees and the public stealing, lying and carousing on city time…given a 3-month paid summer vacation and his job reinstated.

  21. I believe that if a person is aware that a crime has been committed against the City and taxpayers and does nothing about it, this makes the person an accessory to this crime. Especially if these persons are in management positions! Estrada, Graybars, Kennedy, Osborne; even Fabs were all informed. So if you can’t trust these individuals what do you do? State Attorney’s Office or F.B.I.?

  22. Estrada says he gave Nick’s carting a waiver to dump with no tipping fee for Spring Clean Up. So George, how do you explain Nick’s dumping up until July of 2008 with garbage from a Company located in Trumbull. I might have been born at night but not last night!

  23. Con – did you know that there is a movement underway to fire the Tax Assessor and his deputy? That dept is known for the worst customer service in city hall. You’re lucky you got any information at all from them. Red Rooster Gomes and his CitiStat should take a look at that office.

  24. Meatball that is because Fab and his boys think they did a great job. All their heads got as big as Fabs big “Ass”. Yes George is a thief just like greaseball Tony, his job fits him. He is in garbage; he could be mistaken for what people dump at the transfer station but they couldn’t, he smells like he should be at wpca on Seaview ave.

  25. Meatball – I believe the spring cleanup was done with federal block grant money. That’s how Fabs had the bulk trash pickup during an election year without using any city money. So any offense would be a FEDERAL offense which is BIG jail time. If Estrada gave Nick & Dick a waiver it’s because they were one of the outside contractors. But they were paid to dump BRIDGEPORT bulk trash items and that’s it. If George gave them a waiver then he is just as guilty as Tony. This is a scam in the worst way.

    They must really think the public is STUPID to put up with this shit.

  26. Crystal Balls – You want to know who cares about Hugh Cares – YOU DO!!! I guess it is only fair for you to bring up your stupid gossip on what is wrong with the city and the employees. Well, I remember asking you last night if you knew of all this illegal activity that has been going on as you say, your answer to taking care of it is to blog about it.

    Put your money where your mouth is and tell it somewhere it will make a difference. You seem to know all the higher-ups in the city, I’m sure if what you are claiming is true, you would have done something about it by now.

    One more thing…you seem to have an issue with these “union chicks.” I wonder why!

  27. Lennie,
    I’m glad to see you’re finally giving Palin a chance. I was starting to think you are intimidated by strong pistol-packing women. The pictures are a cheap shot. I don’t recall seeing any pictures of you in a speedo at the charity event earlier this year. It’s time everyone stops being an Ass or an Elephant and puts our country first.

  28. I don’t give a shit about the union chicks. I just like provoking them. As far as Tony, if you have been following this at all you’d know that this was brought to labor relations who did a 3 month “investigation” while Tony took a paid summer vacation. Prior to the paid suspension, they watched Tony for months and documented everything that was said here. This should have been a slam dunk. But Osborne was either 1) too incompetent to conduct the investigation or 2) was scared away by Estrada and Fabrizi. I think the next step is the FBI or possibly Blumenthal.

  29. Crystal Balls – Sounds like this guy Tony gets under your skin. You said Osborne was scared away by Estrada and Fabs. Estrada doesn’t work for the city anymore, and Fabs isn’t the Mayor right now. If the investigation was under way this summer, you would 1) have to blame the Finch administration for botching it or 2) assume it wasn’t a slam dunk and maybe they didn’t have anything on him. It seems a bit much to involve the FBI or Blumenthal for calling out sick and getting overtime for it. There are bigger fish for the FBI to fry in the city.

  30. State of Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice, Public Integrity Bureau. The Public Integrity Bureau investigates and prosecutes Public Officials who abuse their offices as well as public employees who commit crimes against the agencies they serve. Office of the Chief State’s Attorney 300 Corporate Place Rocky Hill, Ct. 06067 Tel#(860)258-5805 or Confidential Hot Line 1-888-742-2726. Drop them a line. I did!

  31. Hello Everyone.

    I am the real Tony DePrimo and have witnessed this severe attack on my name and character for some time. I am blogging to set the record straight.

    I have never ever done what some of these persistent bloggers have accused me of, nor would I. I have given the residents of this city, along with my superiors, and the current and past administrations 110% of my time and effort to move this city forward and to provide a most professional and ethical service.

    As well, it is disturbing to review the attacks on such honorable employees past and present who have provided and delivered services that were and are very challenging.

    As for crystal balls, meatball, Political addict, badboy, and a few others, your blatant attacks on my career and personal life are as meaningless as it gets! You have not succeeded in your task to eliminate me or ruin my name, nor will you!

    I look forward to my return, to service the residents, the dept, and the administration. You will not break me! What I have just experienced has made me stronger, not weaker!

    Now, I am calling each of you out to state your real names for the record! I have done so because I have nothing to hide. Do you?

    As for the so many people who entertain this blog for politics, I must apologize for the ignorance these bloggers I have mentioned. Obviously, with their constant attacks on me and other management figures in the city, I am sure it is getting old, and interrupting your views on future elections or candidates running for office.

    Mr Grimaldi, I would suggest you better police this blog, as every attempt on my name and character is copied. I do not intend to take the slander on me much longer. If need be, I will explore legal advice and ask for the names of each individual responsible.

    In advance, I appreciate your consideration and assistance.

    Mayor Finch, Charlie Carroll, Bob Kennedy, Ted Grabarz, John Cottell, Larry Osborne, Geri Evans, George Estrada, John Fabrizi and each and every employee, resident, business owner; I am Tony DePrimo, I am reporting for duty, and I am at your service!

  32. To my black, white and brown brothers at Asylum Street – hang in there and watch each other’s backs. This ain’t over yet. And to Jim Holloway, Dennis Scinto and all the other councilmen and DTC members who know the truth – do your constituents know that you looked the other way while the thief Tony D was stealing their hard-earned tax dollars? Shame on you all.

  33. Tony DePrimo:
    Happy to see that you are now center stage and willing to defend yourself. There have been all sorts of allegations against you, from stealing to adultery. These allegations are serious reflections on your character and may be actionable. The spoken word is considered “slander” and the written word is considered “libel”. To recover for slander you will have to show a loss. To recover for libel no loss need be shown. Nevertheless, a certain amount of latitude is given to those people who want to comment on a public figure accusing him or her of criminal activity. Remember however, that if you seek to take action against them, “truth is a perfect defense”. (Offered for whatever it’s worth.)

  34. To Tony DePrimo;

    I would like to be the first one to welcome you back. When you return on Monday, continue to hold your head high and maintain your true professionalism.

    There have been numerous attacks on your character both professional and personal, but everyone who has supported you from the time you took over the running of the operations at the Transfer Station are aware this has just been a vicious attack from certain individuals because of your hard work and dedication in an effort to maintain a high standard of excellance in the employees that you supervise and in the management of the day-to-day operations in order to provide the best service to the taxpayers of the City of Bridgeport.

    I know you will continue to excel because of your honesty and integrity. I wish you continued success with your career and in life.


  35. To Crystal Balls,

    You and your boys have been served by Tony DePrimo! Do you plan to reveal your true identity?

    You in particular seem to keep blogging about him. I have some advice for you…let it go!

    Since this seems to be driving you mad and personally motivated, maybe you should check yourself into an asylum and get some therapy!

  36. Tony I see you mentioned Geri Evans’ support, you forgot your wife. Also if Fabs and George are your character witnesses, we all know how John cried like a baby when he lied be prepared to here them cry again. Most important you know you’re a liar and you will be watched. The end has not been written more to come. You are a good bullshitter because you believe your own lies. It’s easy to bs others but when you bs yourself you are working real hard, not like your job at station.

  37. Also heard GE cried like a looney the other day she will be getting a porn queen oscar for her role in the movie “5lbs of Flower and the Hog” keep on rolling in it.

  38. Been on vacation past couple weeks. I can see I didn’t miss much.
    Regardless of the disagreements between the dccc and the Himes campaign, more needs to be done. Riding the Obama wave is simply not enough.
    Drive by the Himes Bpt HQ. Typically what you see is a bunch of kids in their 20’s hanging outside smoking cigarettes.
    That is not an image community organizers have the luxury to portray. Back when I was an organizer, I had little time to stop and take a leak, let alone smoke a cigarette or grab a bite to eat…there is always plenty to be done.

  39. Badboy,

    You have been served too! Why don’t you come out of hiding? Its so easy to talk shit and throw dirt when hiding behind a blog isn’t it? Your blog name doesn’t serve you any purpose at all. If you were such a badboy you would come out…wouldn’t you?

  40. Crystal Balls:

    I refuse to go one for one with you. However, I must respond to your last posting about “people having to watch their backs.”

    I will not single anyone out nor will I explore retaliation for what I have been through. To all the employees, Pls do not feed into this propaganda from crystal balls! Should everyone do their jobs, which is to provide a professional service to the residents of this city, then you have nothing to worry about!

    My objective is to build a better bridgeport, which is to work on the recycling/trash collection, and continue to improve our already gem of a transfer station. In doing so, keeping each and every employee safe, and free from injury.

    With that said, I have no time to worry about crystal balls and his/her continued attacks on my reputation. My work loyalty, and dedication to this wonderful city speak for itself. I am ready to roll up my sleeves, and work to meet the challenging tasks at hand.

    Trail blazer: Thank you for your support and kind words! It is this type of support that has kept me in positive spirits. I am grateful!

    God Bless!

  41. Hey mr integrity go to The and see how you’re being welcomed back by readers of the post. I hear they’re giving you a ticker tape parade down the canyon of shame. You can ride GE in the parade your trusty hog. It’s in your welcome back from paid vacation story, comments section.

  42. Con Filardi thank you for your advice and “Truth is a Perfect Defense.” We speak the truth here and Tony knows it. He pushed to have his favorite carting company be a contrator in the bulk trash pickup. Then he made a deal with them that allowed them to bring in OUT OF TOWN garbage along with the bulk trash at no fee. Using federal money. I’m sure Tony didn’t do this out of the kindness of his heart. Even after the bulk trash pickup ended, they continued to dump OUT OF TOWN garbage until Dennis Scinto caught them. Dennis asked the driver where is this stuff from and the driver said “Trumbull.”

    We are taking this further even if the city isn’t. There are federal agencies that are very interested in this story.

    And Geri Evans you shoud be ashamed of yourself. You call yourself a professional. When the city was keeping tabs on Tony all those months where was he? Screwing around with you when you were both supposed to be working. Neither of you showed any concern for Tony’s wife or baby daughter. That says a lot about your character.

    And Tony you thank those people as if they are your friends. There were at least 50 men ready to protest your return to work. They called off the protest out of consideration for their union and Mayor Finch. But this is not over. Not by a long shot.

  43. Hugh Cares,
    When it comes to a fish fry the FBI love starting with guppies for appetizers and then work their way up to the sharks and whales. Ask Lennie. He’ll tell tell you how it works.
    If someone has proof of misuse of federal funds, call the FBI. They’ll pick up the phone and listen.

  44. Crystal Balls, Badboy, Hugh Cares and all the other bloggers bashing Larry Osborne. Let’s not forget council member, council president, Democratic District Leader, Clinton Delegate, Finch lackey, Fabrizi lackey, Ganim lackey, and Deputy Director of Labor Relations Tom McCarthy. Why are all of you so quick to criticize Larry Osborne and let Tom McCarthy skate? If everything you say is true and Larry Osborne is this corrupt or incompetent then the responsibility falls to the Deputy Director. Or is Tom just part of your crew?

  45. HEY trailfollower, mr integrity your tongues and fingers busy or does the cat got your tongues? You better check with your godfather don George Corleone bad news coming don’t get too comfy. mr integrity remember work starts 5:00 a.m. not 7:00 a.m. like you usually do and no motorcycle or hogs at midmorning. GE don’t forget to sign in and out you brought this upon yourselves greed and lust.

  46. Tony,
    You should read today’s CT Post. “Sources said that the mayor now plans to lay off DePrimo when a new round of layoffs begins shortly.” So if this really is Tony DePrimo, you sound very cocky for someone about to lose their job. Unless there is another deal in the works and Finch is simply lying again. So what gives Tony?

  47. If the minutes of the Board of Public Purchases are still on line, there were some very shady things going on with private contractors and bulk trash pick-up. Even though the contracts went out to bid and there were respondents, somehow the board reached the conclusion that George Estrada could select whatever firms he wanted and could negotiate his own terms.

  48. Badboy,
    The Deputy Director can go over his boss’s head. That is why government workers are given whistle-blower protection. So I guess your answer is that Tom McCarthy may not do what’s right, but you think he will do what’s right by you.

  49. Grin – cocky is Tony’s middle name. And the federal authorities have been contacted. We did not want to do this because the city does not need another black eye. We didn’t want to hurt Nick either. But the city refused to do the right thing with Tony so we had no choice.

  50. Trailblazer on #57:

    It looks like I’m the real badboy here. Chances of hitting Power Ball are lower than the odds of these folks posting their real names. Tony D. go on with your life there are many folks out there who have admitted to worse acts and they are still working for the city.

  51. ONE at a time here Grin what part of he has to ‘come to work to out your boss first’ do you not understand simply put for you he doesn’t make it to that office much a little simpler I mean Tom has to be in the office more often get it? I don’t think he will do jack shit for us, let me correct myself I know he will not do jack shit for us it serves him no purpose. Remember he is the president of the council taxpayers rep and has not addressed this there. 2nd Joel you’re a real reformer just like McShame with your comment many folks out there who have admitted to worse acts are still working for the city. So its fair to say you give him your blessing like a true reformer, perhaps a la ollie north, scooter libby, dickless cheney and george “internets” bush you are granting him a pardon even before election day when you wish to become one of the republican’s little brown ones as former president bush described his half latino grandchildren in deference to his little white ones. Joel get used to the fact you are not coming to dinner at their house. We brothers are not chic to them only if you’re mowing the lawn. I hope you both get the point. Hablo ingles and espanol, comprende.

  52. Crystal Balls,

    You tell me your name and I will tell you mine. As you can see you have already been served by Tony DePrimo to tell us all who you really are.

    Until such time, I will remain nameless.

  53. trailerfollower now that you and Joel are swapping spit, not only are you nameless you are clueless in BPT. You think this is a game the city is burning and you want to make Tony the patron saint of poor suffering thieves. If he kept his hands in his pockets and not Bpt’s. he probably could have bamboozled everybody like he did George who at one time I had enormous respect for. Immigrant family worked his way up the ladder of success got into politics and fell a few rungs with this Tony thing. George you don’t have to fall on the sword for this dung heap. George knowing what you really know to be true would you let him into your new inner circle. Say what you may about John “Bucky” Marsillio he would have thrown this bum out even if it meant losing his job. Now that was integrity trailfollower, mr integrity. George you had it for a long time, do the right thing for those that will have to read about this in months to come because they are coming to right the wrong. They have been here before (Joe Ganim, Lennie, Pinto and Newton.

  54. Badboy,

    Can’t help but notice you are nameless too! You are not the real badboy, only those that reveal themselves are…so what are you afraid of? Maybe you should change your blog name because it doesn’t suit you at all.

    The real badboys are not afraid to make it known who they are!

    As you can see, you don’t scare me and no, the cat doesn’t have my tongue!

  55. Badboy,

    By the way, John “Bucky” Marsillio would have thrown you out on your ass by now because he wouldn’t have stood for the crap you’ve been slinging!

  56. “Back when I was an organizer, I had little time to stop and take a leak, let alone smoke a cigarette or grab a bite to eat…there is always plenty to be done.”

    Blue Donkey…maybe if your beloved Caruso followed the same strategy and stopped eating stolen cannoli he would have won his election.

    Go back on vacation.

  57. Hey Trailblazer,
    If memory serves me correctly the Fabulous one thought enough of John “Bucky” Marisllio to put him out on his ass. The only Ganim leftover that Fabrizi was smart enough to toss.

  58. Grin I’m back you mean Tom “smoke and mirrors” Sherwood was a keeper he is the person two administrations have gone to budget with, we’re only $20 million in the hole. Now you’re telling me Fabs was a judge of good qualified people. YOU might be right if setting up a police lineup. Fardy, the Marrero bros. he was seen with Gus C. also.

  59. Hey Badboy, I missed you today. Wonder where Tony D went. Maybe having some quality time with his wife and kid. Or maybe he went to church now that he’s a changed man. Monday will be interesting. Want to bet on how long it takes Tony to leave for a “safety” meeting?

  60. Crystal Balls,

    From what I can see he made his point from the statements he made earlier.

    Still not willing to reveal your identity, eh? What have you got to lose?

    I wonder if all of your comments revealed on this blog, along with your friends I might add, are things you are saying because you are too much of a coward to ever say to him personally.

    Myabe it’s time you find some religion. Better yet, maybe you should be playing with your wife instead of blogging. Haven’t heard you mention her in quite some time!

  61. Tony DePrimo

    Just wanted to say welcome back and nice blog. I have to say you showed integrity by coming out and finally setting things straight. Over the past few months you have really taken a beating on this blog, but it’s nice to see you didn’t let it get to you. Good Guys always finish first! 🙂

  62. Could it be, The real Tony D has stood up to and called all the naysayers out on the carpet?

    Tony GOOD FOR YOU! You have endured a difficult time in the last few months and still you mantain your professionalism and integrity.

    Amazing how evil these people could really be as to attack a true professional like George Estrada, who has enormous respect from both sides of the spectrum.

    As I said before, and I’ll say again, Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves!

    In reading the Conn Post blog, it clearly illustrates the same people blogging that have blogged here in OIB.

    What is most interesting is Mr. & Mrs. S. names have been brought up. Now doesn’t that just explain everything?

    Maybe just maybe they have finally revealed their true colors, and their evil ways! You simply can’t go on attacking people because of jealousy and retaliation, and not expect someday it is bound to BACKFIRE!

    I suspect the real Political Addict has been identified.

  63. Bugsy123,

    I can’t help but notice that they didn’t take the bait or rise to the challenge when Tony DePrimo called them out! LOL

    It’s amazing what people can say when they think their identities are protected by using ficticious names while blogging! Little do they know they’re NOT!!!


  64. trailblazer:

    I am LMFAO! Now Badboy says I sound like Fabs. Just what will they think of next?

    Tony D stands tall, and they continue hiding behind their screen names.

    If we can suspect who is behind the attacks on so many good employees, past and present, I am sure the higher-ups have them for a dead ringer!

    With the insults and attacks on the powers of authority it should be interesting to see just how much more badboy/crystal balls/meatball, and let’s not forget political addict get away with before they sink or dig a hole for themselves!

    Is it me, or have these bloggers cried foul about everyone involved in the Tony D debacle, because the end result didn’t work in their favor? Let me guess, EVERYONE is wrong and Mr. and Mrs. S. are right.

    Let’s also remember the comments made a while back by political addict threatening people’s jobs. In reading today’s newspaper article, doesn’t this sound like the workings of political addict?

    Ignorance from an educated idiot! I love watching them put their foot in their mouth, don’t you?


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