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 Sunday July 22, 2018

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Santiago To DeJesus: Get Out

February 1st, 2015 · 25 Comments · City Politics, News and Events, State Politics

Americo Santiago

Americo Santiago says Ed Gomes is common cause.

State Rep. Ezequiel Santiago has expressed reservations about Richard DeJesus, now his pops weighs in. From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Americo Santiago, a veteran of Bridgeport Democratic politics who is influential in the Latino community, has been monitoring the troubled state Senate campaign of the party’s nominee, Richard DeJesus, while visiting Puerto Rico.

“Rick should get out,” Americo said. “He has a lot (going) for himself. He’s a very nice individual. A good business person. He needs to take care of those personal issues and move on.”

Those issues being DeJesus’ hefty tax debt and questions about court documents that seem to indicate DeJesus owed child support for several years.

Full story here.


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  • Bob Walsh

    Thank you, Americo.
    We may not always agree on the same candidates but I know we both share the same basic principles of the Democratic Party and a desire for better days for Bridgeport.
    You have demonstrated true leadership by publicly speaking out on this untenable situation.
    Thank you.

  • Lisa Parziale

    I thank you also, Americo. While I consider you more of a personal friend than a political one, I have known you since your incredible son was born, and you raised him well. You are one of the smartest politicians I know and I have a feeling, hopefully, you’ll accomplish by example an amicable solution to this unfortunate situation. Whoever was responsible for causing a divide between our Hispanics and blacks should pay the price. We should be way beyond that.

    • Andrew C Fardy


      • Steven Auerbach

        Very sad, right? I think Andy you actually commended Finch for taking Santiago off the Board of Bridgeport housing. Corruption galore. The good old days of political corruption in the Democratic party. Notice how she discusses a divide between blacks and Hispanics … beginning white, that is priceless!!!

        • Andrew C Fardy

          Yes, I did.

        • Donald Day

          Steve, Mackey has told you numerous times you know nothing about the black community. There is indeed a rift among the black community and the Latino community when it comes to politics. You know absolutely nothing about the mood of the black community.

          • Steven Auerbach

            Okay Donald, I’m not going to argue. As a white Jew with friends of many colors from many different nations, they don’t know about a black/Hispanic divide. Now, if you are talking about black and Hispanic politicians, that I cannot speak to. If you are talking about which group wants to wield more power, again I cannot attest to that. I only know the black community as I observe, conversations I have and friends and neighbors I socialize with. I pretty much get a well-rounded idea of where they stand politically. From a local political point of view, honestly I could care less. Let them waste their energy through a racial political divide. When I cast my vote for a black candidate or Hispanic, I am voting for an individual who will serve the entire community and I believe we should all be striving to see ourselves as Bridgeporters and vote for the best possible candidate.

  • Steven Auerbach

    Surprise, Surprise, Surprise. A career politician kicked off the housing board by Mayor Finch is supporting Gomes. Now, that endorsement may not be so impressive, though I can understand GOMES supporters are excited with the endorsement.

  • Lisa Parziale

    Andy, I respect and like you and you know that. However, I do go way back with Americo and our interaction was on a personal level. His politics are his business. I don’t get involved with his, and he doesn’t get involved with mine. I’m responding to you because you matter. I don’t respond to the haters.

    • Steven Auerbach

      Lisa, you pretty much disgust me. I couldn’t even look at you. I used to tolerate you but now you just plain disgust me. Now when you call me a hater, you will accept it is only you and you alone. I do get a bang out of your sycophantic rants when someone agrees with you and it is disgusting your brand of politics that assumes there is a racial divide amongst blacks and Hispanics and you are going to crusade for them. You make my stomach turn. You used to remind me of Ann-Margret when I was under the spell of honey. Now I see you for exactly what you are. A political whore like your friend Americo Santiago.

    • Local Eyes

      Lisa Parziale responded to me with hate, that’s why I’m calling her a sugar-coated witch today.

  • Andrew C Fardy

    I also go way back with this character, he is a professional Puerto Rican and a racist. He will work for the one paying the most money, program be damned. He did it with MJF, left her and went to Finch. He was the person along with that other slug Ayala who talked DeJesus into running for the council and then the senate.
    Lisa, this is not a battle between you and me, it’s just a difference of opinion.
    Santiago wanted and tried to get rid of all non-Puerto Ricans on the 136TC and failed. It did not matter he had two PR council people and a PR state senator all from the 136th.

    • Bob Walsh

      You are really not making any sense here. Americo said DeJesus should drop out. You said the same. You said Americo talked this guy into running for the council and state senate as if that were wrong. But you claimed to know DeJesus and thought he was a nice kid. And then you claimed Americo was a racist because he supported Mary-Jane and then was bought by Finch.

      • Andrew C Fardy

        Bob, it’s not rocket science, Santiago and Ayala talked Ricki into getting involved in politics. The road got bumpy and where does Santiago go but the front runner’s camp Ed Gomes. He does this shit all the time and really produces squat.

  • John from Black Rock

    “Rick should get out,” Americo said.

    “I think Gomes is the right alternative if Richard DeJesus gets out,” Santiago said. “I think we all should support Ed Gomes.”

    To my old friend Americo–Thank You!

  • Baffled in Bridgeport

    Santiago is smart and highly strategic. He’s telling DeJesus to get out so he can save DeJesus’ hide for another day. He also knows the organization Andres Ayala has built doesn’t want to take a loss just when they are beginning to show some muscle. Smart and strategic. He has built an impressive resume crammed with knowledge and expertise and sadly, is known as a liar, a self-described political whore who goes to the highest bidder and, over and over, has used his skill to work with Lydia Martinez in absentee ballot operations. For those of you with history with this guy, knock yourselves out. He isn’t worthy of your respect or admiration.

  • Lisa Parziale

    Andy, I know it’s not about you and me. Almost always I agree with your facts and opinions on a variety of topics. But what I witnessed that Thursday night was so disgusting; I swear I thought I saw it all, but that night proved me wrong. So my comments regarding Americo were because I was so happy at least one Hispanic spoke up.

  • invincible

    Andy, you are correct in what you stated. Americo was behind the takeover of the 136th. Americo and a few others talked DeJesus into running for councilmen. Americo and Lydia love to split even their own people. So to give kudos to Americo … not deserving. If he got kicked out of the housing, that’s because he thought he was all that and more. I gather the tenants were fed up with intrusive ways, this brought on his removal. Which I am glad it happened. You pay Americo big money and he will work for you. When one does wrong, sooner or later it comes back to haunt you. Americo assisted with the removal of two good councilmen from a great neighborhood–Depara and Silva. And for the record, I respect each of you with the relationship you have with Americo. The sad part is Americo has hurt the Hispanic community with his so-called politics. When you want to make a difference in a community you do so by addressing the problems that exist, help to resolve them by working with those who are already there and when Americo stands up and does the right thing, that is the day I will thank him. Otherwise in my opinion and in my eyes a very big cloud hangs over Americo.

  • Maria Pereira

    Americo Santiago is simply sending a message to Finch. You come for me and I will come for you. This endorsement has nothing to do with who is the best candidate. He will use everything and anything to his personal benefit.

  • Local Eyes

    You will never see Americo Santiago here. Why?
    Answer: he’s not qualified.
    www .Solounopuedeserelmejor.com
    I met Americo at Democratic HQ in 2010. He spent his time behind closed doors–hardly a leadership trait. Take note, Bob Walsh.

  • Lisa Parziale

    To all of you, with the exception of the hater (by the way I never called the hater by name so I guess he knows who he is), I did and still am referring to a statement that pleased me. Who said it is irrelevant. I’m glad it was said. SO THERE! After 35 years in politics I have a very thick skin, so to those of you who must, save your ranting about me for someone who cares.

  • John from Black Rock

    Well said, Lisa.

  • Local Eyes

    Lisa, your skin wasn’t thick enough to resist my barbs.
    OIB trivia: Americo Santiago sat directly behind me at a recent The Movement meeting at Black Rock library.

  • Ron Mackey

    Liza, you are one of a few who don’t need any help in defending themselves.

  • Lisa Parziale

    Thank you, Ron.

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