Sandra’s On The Kase

From Linda Conner Lambeck, CT Post:

Bridgeport is Sandra Kase’s second chance to work with Paul Vallas and this time she didn’t say no.

The smartly dressed, diminutive New Yorker who has helped turn around dozens of failing schools, was named Wednesday as acting chief administrative officer for the district, on a one-year assignment, to help Vallas, the district’s new interim schools chief, improve the state’s most needy district.

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  1. Does it matter?
    Most city departments and especially the BOE will be sold off in private chunks all masterminded by John Stafstrom and Paul Timpenelli.

    The city just hired a political castoff of the BOE for the sole purpose of combining the fed. budget into the greedy hands of our so-described MACHINE.

    ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS a year and not a high school diploma to be had, just a GED. Many layoffs looming to pay for this political favor.

    Bpt is a island of corruption and greed, with no end in sight.


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