Rove, GOP Rock Star, Raises Dough For Shays

Karl Rove
Rove, can you hear me coming?

The other night it was an event with John McCain. Tonight it’s Karl Rove. Who’s next, W? Republican scorched-earth strategist Karl Rove will headline a $1000-a-head fundraiser tonight in Greenwich for U.S. Senate candidate Chris Shays of Bridgeport. Trailing in polls, Shays needs lots of loot.

Shays and Bush
Voters believed Shays was a little too cozy with Bushy.

The Shays-Rove relationship is not new. Rove was the architect of George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential win (did he really win?) and reelection in 2004. Shays, who had earned his stripes with voters as a congressional budget hawk, won the adulation of Bush and Rove for his unyielding support of the war in Iraq. Along the way, as Fairfield County voters came to the conclusion Bush and Rove attacked the wrong country in response to 911, Shays began feeling the fallout. As the economy tanked in 2008 and Shays declared “the fundamentals of the economy are strong … no one can argue with that” a majority of voters viewed the once-admired Congressman way out of touch. Democrat Jim Himes defeated Shays in 2008 led by the Barack tsunami that hit Bridgeport.

Shays wants to go back to Washington, this time as a member of the Senate. GOP-endorsed Linda McMahon is in his way and they’re headed for an Aug. 14 primary. Trailing two to once among GOP voters in the latest Q Poll, Shays must bank and spend a bundle of cash if he’s going to persuade Republican primary voters to make him their nominee. From the Shays camp:

The Shays for U.S. Senate campaign today released a statement from political strategist Karl Rove, who is coming to Connecticut today for an event in support of Christopher Shays.

“Republicans can win the majority in the United States Senate this year and Connecticut Republicans can make a big contribution to making that happen by nominating Christopher Shays,” said Karl Rove, former Senior Adviser and Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush. “He’s the Republican who can win in November.”

In advance of tonight’s event, at which Rove will discuss the 2012 election climate, Christopher Shays said,

“Karl Rove has been following politics in America for decades. He knows what it takes to win elections, and he has taken a good look at this race and concluded I can win it. Karl knows American politics better than almost anyone else and his faith in my ability to win the election is tremendously gratifying.”



  1. Drip drip dipping on the floor
    The young blood from the Iraqi war.
    Kids all wrapped in cotton, most not free from torment.
    Shays is coming someone said, with Bush lies, all in his head.
    Tell the people one and all, this Conscientious Objector will have to fall.

  2. You make it seem as if Shays were one of few who voted for this war when in fact he was voting with the vast majority based on information gathered by US intelligence agencies. As to the conscientious objector, Shays has never prevented anyone else from exercising this right, and it is a right–and it should only make you realize he votes for what he believes is in the best interest of his country and not just his own beliefs.
    As to the economy statement, it again was being spouted by the most respected financial and economic minds in America–and if you do your research you will find he stated Freddie and Fannie were doomed for failure long before the meltdown.

    1. Hey Jennifer Buchanan. Fluck’s Research Dept.

      But back in 2008, Shays appeared on the Brian Lehrer Show and said “the fundamentals of our economy are strong.” He admitted his statement back then was wrong as well and probably cost him the 2008 election.

      1. I understand your logic and reasoning; however, if he had run as a NO War congressman–I would agree with you, To my point, very very few people are COs–Shays did not prevent anyone else from being a CO–and he voted for what he at the time, based on evidence on what was best for the country–not for what he believed in as a person–therefore he put the needs of his country before his individual beliefs–I give him HUGE credit for this.

  3. Vote Shays if you want a bloodstained guy who likes to hold hands with another war dodger named Bush, who has the sincerity of a pile of dirt; although I thought the ear-licking as pictured in the NYTimes, to Bush was classic photo of ear licking. YUCKing around.

  4. *** There were many mistakes made by a bloodstained ill-informed government. However right or wrong, once there supporting our troops had to be priority one! ***

  5. Mojo, Shays wasn’t supporting our troops, he helped send them in to die, he supported his voting record, after the fact, that he essentially said let them bleed, I’m Chris Shays I never had to go to war, “I’m a C.O. I’m in Fiji no blood only coconut juice. There are fools in the south seas and southern CT and I voted for him once upon a time, so I’m also a fool.

  6. Chris Shays early on in his political career was a real”moderate” but then he became a “war hawk.” Just look at his 14 trips to the war zone, he was now riding shotgun for the “right wing.”

  7. *** The past is just that, the past. Time to move on towards the wacky future with someone who has the experience and guts to vote bipartisan if needed during these anti-Obama times! He’s the right choice for the right job, especially when you consider the other candidates running, no? *** C. SHAYS IS THE TICKET! ***


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