Rocky Waters For Yacht Builder

Derecktor Shipyards
Aerial of Derecktor Shipyards courtesy of Morgan Kaolian.

Will one of America’s leading builders of yachts and commercial vessels bail out of its Bridgeport facility? The owner of the company Derecktor Shipyards tells the Fairfield County Independent the economy is killing the Bridgeport operation. Word is that Derecktor Shipyards’ Bridgeport facility could close as soon as this Friday. The Bridgeport Port Authority owns the land where Derecktor has its Bridgeport operation based in the East End.

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  1. Derecktor on the Rocks!

    Part of a post from yesterday.

    “The third biggest lie will drop this week under the guise of “Lights!” “Action!” And all of a sudden Derecktor will yell “Cut!” and sail out of town. If you know what the three biggest lies are then you know the third will speak for itself. It’s time for the Bridgeport Voters to Spit the Bit and vote for Foster!”

    I want to see the Finch worm his way out of this news.

    1. Bill will put on his Tweetie Bird outfit and act like Mighty Mouse and Here he comes to save the Day!!! Maybe it’s a favor to Finch to give him headlines–If they are really leaving that will be very very very sad for all the workers involved. I am assuming MJF is talking to them as she will most likely be elected!!! At least they will know Foster is committed to business retention. Where the hell is the BRBC? I have been running around non-stop, I was totally unaware of this.

  2. Is this guy the worst hire or worst liar in the Finch administration:
    Eversley said that he had not heard anything about Derecktor leaving Bridgeport, but said that even if the company were to depart, the Bridgeport Maritime Complex would remain.

    Derecktor Shipyard has been the long-term tenant at the site, said Eversley, but added that the Bridgeport shipyard is a unique facility that would be attractive to new tenants.

    “New operators would be here in very short form,” he said. “It’s not like there would be a search needed. It would continue to be a viable facility.”

    [Does Eversley know we are in a recession?]

    Derecktor has made no decisions about the fate of the Bridgeport yard. Derecktor is now keeping the yard open on a week-to-week basis, based on the work available.

    “It may close temporarily or permanently. It’s hard to say,” he said. “But we’re not quitting. We’re trying.”

    1. I would suggest Eversley get a new tenant immediately. Mr. Eversley I would like to tell you to your face you have been only one of the biggest disappointments of the Finch administration. Edward Lavernoich and Mike Nidoh could have held down the fort and nobody would have missed your presence. I do not know who is the worst cheerleader for Bridgeport, you or the mayor. Both like LINT!!!

  3. Ouch! They are a tenant of the Bridgeport Port Authority! Are their rent payments current? If they aren’t that was a sure sign something was wrong in river city; something that would warrant intervention, early intervention. The City should have known this business was headed down the drain. They must have known. Please tell me somebody knew.

  4. Look, this administration had to know this business was leaving Bridgeport. My friend is a vendor who sells to Derecktor and he knew two weeks ago.
    Eversley has terminal dumbass. There will be very little left on the site after they leave, watch for a fleet of tugboats to show up, if it can float, it’s gone.
    Where the hell has Andy numb nuts Nunn been? What has he done to keep them here? Better yet did he even know they were moving?
    Finch, add this to your list of accomplishments.

  5. They are sailing out of town just like the Miss New York did almost 30 years ago. tc–Great idea for a terminal. The Dumb-Ass Terminal. We have plenty of big ones that could just back into place for an overhaul.

  6. Why hasn’t Derecktor been given the contract to build the ferries to Pleasure Beach? Bridgeport has received a large commitment from the State to build these ferries.

  7. But wait …
    I thought tourists were going to flock to the restaurants and clubs at Steel Point with this wonderful view of a working harbor accentuated by the Derecktor shipbuilding facility.
    Now what will the customers of all these boutique pubs have to watch as they stare out on to the sound?
    Oh that’s right, RCI Marine can’t even convert the Pequonnock Yacht Club into a restaurant and catering hall.
    And what should Mayor Finch refer to RCI Marine as?
    Another failed restaurateur!!!
    Instead of flocked tourists it’s fleeced taxpayers.
    What the flock!

    1. Go to the town clerk’s office where you can fill out the form, get the ballot and vote. I would call first because as of this AM they claim they had not printed enough forms. It figures.

    2. Go to Testo’s Restaurant on Madison Ave. I understand they are using the application forms as place mats in the dining room and bar.
      And you get 15% off your next meal with the coupon included in your ballot when you bring in your ballot as proof of purchase.
      No need to fill out the ballot. The friendly staff at Testo’s would be more than happy to fill it out for you.

  8. Breaking News: A flock of copper thieves are already lining up–supermarket carts in hand–outside Derecktor Shipyards, waiting for the empty security post as the green light to proceed and strip the entire facility of its precious metals.

    1. And there is one scrap thief who has been arrested already several times, caught in the Palace and Majestic Theaters, sledgehammering all the pedestal sinks apart and all the pedestal cast iron tubs apart to get at all the brass piping there. The City is not trying to stop this trashing of our treasure. They don’t install an alarm system. At the very same time they are putting out an RFP for this building. These are assets that would contribute to the restoration of the Savoy Hotel attached to the front of the theaters, a 109-room former hotel. One has to wonder if this trashing is what the City wants to have more excuse to tear this treasure down. That is all they know how to do is tear buildings down. This is demolition by neglect.

  9. Modern Plastics, now Derecktor Shipyard? You’re not a Mayor, you’re a lousy caretaker, Bill Finch. Please don’t let the gangplank hit you in the ass on the way overboard!

    While Mario’s in the galley making pasta for the crew, someone yells it’s an iceberg!

    I can hear the call now, woman and children first! As the band plays Song d’Automne or is it Nearer my God to Thee? As the SS Finch slowly sinks into Long Island Sound.

    1. Forgot about Modern Plastics. Jim Carbone was so committed to this City. It is a shame. All of these little things are beginning to gnaw at Bill. He is trying to climb the mountain to victory but it has become a slippery slope in more ways than one. Just wait, the word on the street in the North End is people are talking about Testa’s son-in-law quietly attempting to go for a zone change which would have given him an opportunity to build another High Rise Dormitory for Sacred Heart. The vote was split down the middle. I wonder what four more years of Finch could possibly do to the Madison Avenue corridor and the beautiful and quiet North End neighborhoods surrounding it. I shudder to think about it. That’s the 134th district. I know they are still pissed. I know Testa is more pissed, having that extra vote would have given him the opportunity to make millions and retire with his family and grandchildren set for life at the expense of the North End quality of life forever. HELLO??? Is anyone listening????????? Glad I had the opportunity to speak against it as well as Caruso and Hennessy and the North End residents. They do not forget so easily and of course I am here to remind them.

  10. It is impossible to believe the mayor’s office didn’t know about this. I used to work for a commercial development company with extensive holdings. When one of their retail tenants was planning to move out they had another lined up in record time. Before the last of the inventory had been boxed up and moved out. If the city of Bridgeport had competent people working on economic development instead of the imbeciles appointed by Bill Finch at Mario Testa’s behest there would be no vacant storefronts downtown, the harbor would be more active and taxes would be lower.

    It’s high time Bill Finch and Adam “Pecker” Wood admitted to themselves and to other human beings they are both failures. (There must be a 12-step program for those two.) Tom Kelly is a failure? Excuse me, Mr. Finch. If you cannot participate in a debate without Adam “Pecker” Wood stage-whispering in your ear I would judge you to be a failure. Now get a haircut and get a real job.

    1. Our aggrieved mayor points out woe is me on the state of the economy and its being the reason no economic development has happened in Bridgeport. If you pay attention to the news you will see in Norwalk, Campbell’s Soup Company is investing 30 million dollars into expanding the campus of Pepperidge Farm and in Stamford, the real Harbor Point is moving forward. I guess our neighbors don’t know how to make excuses.

  11. First of all, Neversley is full of baloney. There may be a new tenant someday but that day is no time soon. Why? It’s not the business climate in Bridgeport per se, it’s the business climate in the State of Connecticut. Thanks to Malloy’s new tax plans, Connecticut is not a favored state in which to do commerce. Personal income taxes are up, property tax is outrageous in most communities, sales tax, gasoline tax ADDED to all of the taxes a corporation must incur for the privilege of doing business in this state.

    Like too many other successful business enterprises throughout this state have done, Derecktor did a due diligence analysis of the costs associated with doing business here as compared to doing business in other more business-friendly states that could accommodate their need for a port with ample mechanicals to facilitate their hauling and repair needs. Where are these ports? In the south … where else? People have less money to spend on luxury boats and commercial craft so Derecktor must find a venue that won’t cost as much as Bridgeport to operate.

    I really don’t think it’s a Bridgeport thing. Malloy has driven nails into any future commercial growth in this state.


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