Resource Hub At P.T. Barnum Apartments Brings Residents, Police Together

Grand opening of the P.T. Resource Hub at the P.T. Barnum apartments.

From Tara O’Neill, CT Post:

With the opening of the P.T. Resource Hub on Thursday, residents will now have a place to go to get clothes, food and coffee, tea and snacks–in the police post in the P.T. Barnum apartment complex.

The grand opening of the hub–which will house a cafe, pantry and clothing closet–was made possible through a partnership with LifeBridge Community Services and the police department’s community services unit, a news release said.

The hub is in Building 15, apartment 103 of the P.T. Barnum apartments. The goal of the hub is to serve as a “unique collaboration between residents, the community policing division of the Bridgeport police and LifeBridge Community Services,” the news release said.

The cafe is meant to be a place where residents can grab a coffee, tea or snacks. The space will be available to host workshops.

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    1. I was at the last grand opening in the same apartment 3 years ago with Joe. I’ll see if I can find the pictures…… How many grand openings are their gonna be? Smh

  1. “In addition to the pantry & clothing closet,it will be a place where residents can gather and sign already filled out absentee ballots during election cycles”

  2. The sad truth is all of the above “cynicism “ is true. Just like the street paving and flower planting and saying that there will be extra patrols etc etc etc.
    It’s all about the votes.

  3. This program is being run by LifeBridge. It is a highly respected Bridgeport non-profit. It was formerly known as Woodfield Family Services.

    1. Good odds there will be other “resource hubs” opening at the other housing projects in the city. On election day all of them will be serving pizza from Mario Testa’s restaurant.

    2. WHY is this being run by Lifebridge. I agree. Lifebridge is a highly respected and trusted member of the Bridgeport Community. HOW MANY MILLIONS of dollars are going to the POlice Department and the BPD cannot even support “something” that looks like Community policing.

  4. Harvey’s first comment was spot-on.
    Next will be ‘Trumbull Gardens’ complete with voter registration for the Democrats’ absentee ballot database with an assigned ‘manager’ on the payroll.
    Any candidate for office challenging the DTC should request supervised absentee ballot oversight for all nursing homes, pubic housing projects and site-based section 8 certificate housing.


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