Reorganization Of Local NAACP On Monday Night

A reorganization of the Greater Bridgeport NAACP will take place Monday 7 p.m. at Messiah Baptist Church, 210 Congress Street, according to branch President Carolyn Vermont. Scot Esdaile, Connecticut NAACP State Conference president, will chair the meeting ordered by leaders of the national civil rights organization. The National Board of NAACP ordered “all elected officers and executive committee members be removed” and the local branch reorganized including an election of new officers following dissension within the ranks of the local branch as well as accusations of non-compliance processing financial information.

Roger Vann, Chief Operating Officer of the national NAACP, sent a certified letter dated March 11 to Vermont who’s been embroiled in a dispute with several officers and executive committee members of the local chapter including Board of Education member Bobby Simmons over access to financial records. The memberships of Simmons and branch officers Keith Williams, Jeff  Baldwin and Delores Crawford-Carey were suspended by the national headquarters for directing People’s United Bank to remove Vermont and the Treasurer Errol Earle as signatories of the branch bank account, in violation of NAACP policy.

Simmons, who is appealing the suspension, insists he and the others were within their rights to remove Vermont and Earle as signatories because “Vermont and the treasurer repeatedly refused to release the financial information” requested by the group.

“I certainly think that the measures undertaken by the Branch’s Executive Committee were appropriate in view of verifiable accusations that fundraisers were being held in the name of the Bridgeport NAACP Chapter; however, no reporting as to the receipts collected were disclosed and reported to the Branch’s Executive Committee and General Membership by Vermont and/or the treasurer,” Simmons, a certified public accountant, wrote to OIB several weeks ago.

Vermont disputes Simmons’ assertions, saying she is compliant within her responsibilities as president.



  1. *** This organization locally and on the national level is in dire need of positive change from top to bottom. They want to expand their minority membership across the nation yet after one pays their membership fee, you get one letter or email of thanks and never hear anything again concerning the party except sometimes during an election period. This is far from what the NAACP overall agenda should be if they intend to continue being a force in the advancement of minorities in general, no? *** STILL WAITING ON MY RENEWED MEMBERSHIP I.D. ***

  2. Mojo, I hear you; but with any organization it is only as good as those who attend and those who attend make the decision. I am a member of the NAACP but I never attend any meetings.

  3. *** Ron, without any info, communications, etc. about meetings or anything period, one cannot get involved or attend meetings, no? *** ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN ***


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